Important Marijuana Study Needs Chronic Pain Patients; Travel and Payment Included

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director November 1, 2008

    Renowned medical researcher Donald Abrams, MD (and the Positive Health Program of the UCSF Medical Service @ San Francisco General Hospital) is seeking a few more patients for a government-funded study that features patients who consume cannabis.*

    Patients accepted into the research program will have travel to San Francisco covered and receive cash payments. This research program is part of a continuum of medical cannabis-related research performed by Dr. Abrams and his staff.

    The goal’s study is to assess whether using vaporized marijuana affects the safety of prescribed opioids in patients treated for chronic pain.

    *To Join This Study You Must:

    Have Ongoing Chronic Pain
    Be 18 or older
    Be on a stable twice-daily dose of sustained-release oxycodone (Oxycontin) for at least 2 weeks before enrollment
    Be willing to give up marijuana for a month prior to entering the study
    Not be a cigarette and/or cigar smoker, or be willing not to smoke for 2 weeks before starting the study
    Meet some additional criteria

    If You Are Eligible You Will:

    Spend 5 days and nights in a clinical research center at San Francisco General Hospital
    Have blood tests and other measurements done
    Inhale vaporized marijuana three times a day

    If you’re interested in participating in this important medical research, and qualify for the necessary research protocols, please directly contact 415-476-9554 (x315).

    Absent these kinds of well constructed scientific research programs to better understand and determine the medical utility of cannabinoids and cannabis, the federal government will continuously oppose patient access to whole-smoked cannabis, therefore this kind of research takes on an even greater sense of concern and scope than just how a specific therapy interacts with patients.

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    1. shawn smith says:

      i was hit by a car wile on a bicycle,and recieved bad head,face nedding facial reconstruck,a plate and have pain strong pain,given strong meds, for long term yet med marajuana,like enjoy my art and musical intrest come back, pain it helps amazingly well for certain areas of my?my day Ican function so much better quality of my life intrest goals all good/please tell me what to do ?hep c the medicine for this desease not eating stomache pain aches liver inflamed not yet scirrosis, my blood comes back to ecceptical levals on marajuana? please help!

    2. Subrina Blubaugh says:

      I have fibromyalgia. I have been in pain since 2009. Tried just about all pain meds there are. I live in South Carolina. Can you help.

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