Labs Testing For Marijuana Use By Marinol Patients

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director December 24, 2008

    By Dale Gieringer, Ph.D, Director, California NORML

    California NORML has recently heard increasing reports that Marinol patients are being drug tested and denied employment for use of marijuana. In particular, we have heard from legal Prop. 215 patients who were denied jobs despite presenting Marinol prescriptions after being re-tested specifically for marijuana. Until recently, Marinol and marijuana were indistinguishable on the standard drug tests, so that patients with a Marinol prescription had a valid medical excuse under federal law for testing positive for marijuana.

    However, special testing techniques have been developed that make it possible to distinguish the two by testing for non-standard cannabinoids that appear in marijuana but not Marinol. Until recently, these tests were expensive and rarely used except in high-profile criminal cases. However, it appears that they are now being routinely used by certain laboratories in cases where Marinol use is claimed. In particular, we have heard reports of such testing being used to disqualify Marinol-using Prop 215 patients by the transportation industry and by Walmart.

    California NORML has accordingly altered its drug testing information to warn against relying on Marinol RXs as a screen for marijuana use: http://www.canorml.org/healthfacts/testing.tips.html

    There is of course no valid scientific or health justification for allowing patients to use Marinol but not marijuana. The only purpose is to enforce compliance with the law. It is a tribute to the power and influence of the drug testing industry that they have prevailed in foisting the costs of this unnecessary and obnoxious procedure on employers.

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    1. I have been in NEURO pain for 15 yrs pain coming from cervical spine , also had cancer lost 1 eye, had 3 stens for heart , I have gone thru so many drugs and procedures I am 79 yrs old and no on CYMBALTa and LYRICA HELPS ALITTLE BUT NOT ENOUGH TO GIVE ME ANY LIFE WITH MY LIFE WANT TO TRY MARINOL ?? i DONT KNOW IF i CAN AFFORD

    2. Gary says:

      I just remembered about Marinol and because I’m on probation thought what apparently many more have before me. Since they don’t honor a rec/physicians statement I would not be permitted to use medical marijuana and must find alternative med for my depression, anxiety,insomnia and relief from the stomach discomfort after years of “legal pharmaceutical poisons being haphazardly dolled out me in multiple combinations when I was younger. I’m desperate and too wonder about the testing specifics as far distinguishing the two…

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