Meet Obama’s Drug Czar, Same As The Old Czar

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director July 23, 2009

    Yes, we know that the Drug Czar is required by law to lie, but given the abysmally low standards set by Gil Kerlikowske’s predecessor we certainly expected better than this.

    Drug czar: Feds won’t support legalized pot
    via The Fresno Bee

    The federal government is not going to pull back on its efforts to curtail marijuana farming operations, Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, said Wednesday in Fresno.

    … “Legalization is not in the president’s vocabulary, and it’s not in mine,” he said. … “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.”

    Most folks visiting this blog ought to recognize Kerlikowske’s first bit of hyperbole; after all, this isn’t the first time the Czar has admitted to possessing a severely limited vocabulary. It’s Kerlikowske’s second allegation — an outright lie — that truly has people flabbergasted. And with good reason.

    Hundreds of scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals now document the therapeutic utility of cannabis. That’s why thirteen states, encompassing more than 25 percent of the US population, have legalized the physician-supervised use of pot. To add insult to injury, the Drug Czar was visiting a medical marijuana state (California) when he made his asinine remark.

    Then again, the Kerlikowske is stunted by his limited vocabulary. So perhaps he is unable to read the findings of the hundreds of studies presently available in the scientific literature. But is that any excuse to deny what is taking place in front of his eyes?

    For instance, a new study published in the Journal of Opioid Management just days prior to Kerlikowske’s foot-in-mouth speech affirms:

    “Clearly, there is a growing acceptability of the therapeutic practice of medicinal cannabis use amongst organized medicine groups. … Estimates indicate that in 2008, approximately 7,000 American physicians have made such authorizations for a total of approximately 400,000 patients.”

    So which is it Gil? Are more than 7,000 US physicians really all just snake-oil salesmen? Are 400,000 US patients actually just suffering from one massive placebo effect? Or are you sir, just like your predecessor, simply full of sh*t?

    164 Responses to “Meet Obama’s Drug Czar, Same As The Old Czar”

    1. Buggsy13420666 says:

      Another puppet of the government conspiracy to keep marijuana prohibition in check. Another UNICORN MAN in action to carry on the the WAR ON DRUGS or EROSION OF OUR RIGHTS as Americans. The propaganda machine on the roll as long as tax payers dollars are rollin in. The AUTHORITARIAN MENTALITY at work to decide that they are right and we are wrong and hide the real truth about marijuanas positive side. They can keep the ball rollin but they are cowering at the change of marijuana laws going in the peoples direction and losing their grip around our freedoms we should already have. THE OTHER PROHIBITION FAILED ON ALCOHOL AND THE ONE ON MARIJUANA WILL FAIL TOO.

    2. Anonymous says:

      149 Bill…..You’re probobly right!

      But remember…the GOP is influenced by the Ultra Conservative Religious Right Wing Pot-phobic Prohibs.

    3. John says:

      Why doesn’t Obama have the courage to just get rid of the ODCP and transfer the functions to Homeland Security?

      This would save a considerable amount of money and kill off this needless government post.

      The ODCP has become a mouthpiece of wingnut conservatism.

    4. ezed says:

      Obama,fool me once…shame on you…fool me twice…shame on me…you won’t get my vote again Obama.I am so disappointed in you.To hell with my help on any of your other plans,

    5. Anonymous says:

      153 John

      Homeland Security…that’s a bigger joke than the ONDCP. Obama has already reduced the ONDCP to a cabinet position. If you’re a gambler…you’ll know the phrase…”Let it ride.”

      Why doesn’t he give the power to U.S. Health and Human Services, which by the way could change its schedule as we speak, then to the state Health and Human Services, then to the state Health Dept, then to the County Health Depts. where it is appropriately controlled right now. Of course…I’m talking about the only quasi legal medicinal cannabis. As it is a health issue…let us recognize that it’s in the right church, but the wrong pew.

    6. Troy says:

      Man really, especially if you smoke weed, we should stop hating and pray for this guy. If your in pain especially, you should be able to do anything you can to ease it, Maybe God can open this dudes eyes!

    7. William says:

      At your will, “Mighty King”, and for no other reason, throw me in jail or allow me to pay MORE fines, but there is no way I will recieve a life sentence…so I will keep on using. Keep wasting time, and I hope you enjoy MY MONEY! Buy yourself something nice if you read this, it’s on me!

    8. nesomania says:

      #155 Anonymous
      “then to the state Health and Human Services, then to the state Health Dept, then to the County Health Depts. where it is appropriately controlled right now”

      I agree with you, for medicinal purposes being under the health department is common sense. Although I feel grateful for access I have, my license for cannabis is controlled by the department of public safety…the police, who don’t even believe cannabis is medicine to begin with.Duuuuuh….

    9. Joe Savage says:

      isnt have a czar in america a bad idea? didnt we have a cold war with a former union that was lead by a czar. thats just something to think bout now

    10. Eff says:

      I ALSO think he’s full of shit..

    11. Rebel with a cause says:


      Maybe it’s time to play a game of chicken!

    12. TokinRightNow says:

      You can always tell which guys never got laid in HIGH School. In Gil Kerlilowske’s case, I’d wager he also made it through college without even a sniff or wet finger.

    13. […] Case #2: In addition to hosting NORML’s podcast and social blog, I am NORML’s Outreach Coordinator. In this position I recruit activists from all across the country (even the US Virgin Islands) to organize NORML chapters. These independent affiliates host events, gather petition signatures, and provide education to the community to counteract the anti-marijuana propaganda from the government (such as our “drug czar” recently proclaiming – in California, no less – that “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.”) […]

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