BREAKING NEWS: Marijuana Arrests For Year 2008: 847,864

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director September 14, 2009

    Washington, DC: Police arrested 847,864 persons for marijuana violations in 2008, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual Uniform Crime Report, released today. The total marks a three percent decrease in marijuana arrests from 2007, when law enforcement arrested a record 872,721 Americans for cannabis-related violations.

    Marijuana arrests now comprised one-half (49.8 percent) of all drug arrests reported in the United States.

    Of those charged with marijuana violations, approximately 89 percent, 754,224 Americans were charged with possession only. The remaining 93,640 individuals were charged with “sale/manufacture,” a category that includes all cultivation offenses, even those where the marijuana was being grown for personal or medical use.

    Marijuana arrests were highest in the Midwest and southern regions of the United States, and lowest in the west.

    The 2008 marijuana arrest total is the second highest annual total ever reported.

    Commenting on the 2008 figures, NORML Director Allen St. Pierre said: “Federal statistics released just last week indicate that larger percentages of Americans are using cannabis at the same time that police are arresting a near-record number of Americans for pot-related offenses. Present enforcement policies are costing American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and having no impact on marijuana availability or marijuana use in this country. It is time to end this failed policy and replace prohibition with a policy of marijuana regulation, taxation, and education.”

    NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano added, “According to a just-released Rasmussen poll, a majority of American adults believe, correctly, that marijuana is less harmful than booze. The public has it right; the law has it wrong.”

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    1. Anonymous says:

      its hard to believe that you people believe anything thats on this website. the UCR does not record anything drug related. Everything on this blg is false

    2. The Drug Counselor says:

      I am an ex-drug addict/alcoholic who became a drug couselor after a near death experience. I see countless of patients nearly everyday who are addicted to marijuana and other drugs. I have had the opportunity to work in the public school systems for almost twenty years. My observations with working many students who began using marijuana was that many of them gradually developed an “I don’t care attitude” and with time began losing interest in things that were once important to them. Many of these students liked the marijauna so much that after awhile all they wanted to do was get high and chill. Many of them began skipping classes and entire school days just to go and get high. The results of that was that they got behind on their school work and lost complete interest in their education and eventually dropped out. Some of these students ended up on the streets because their families could no longer tolerate their addictive behavior to marijuana. I was raised in a family of alcoholics and drug addicts which included most of my relatives. I have personally seen and experienced the devastation associated with the abuse of marijauna and other drugs. Most of us started abusing marijuana and then went on to harder drugs, that’s probably the reason that marijuana in considered by many to be a gateway drug. I was a Hippie in the late sixties and early seventies and I was there when the drug epidemic started to transpire. There is much more that I can say about this issue from first hand experience. The fact that so many people want to legalize marijuana just sends chills up and down my back. I know what marijuana did to me and what it has done to many others and it is not good. Respectfuly, The Drug Counselor.

      [Editor’s note: Your abuse of cannabis was your problem….but prohibition is a totally failed policy (for example, where did you get your cannabis?) that, thankfully, fewer and fewer of your fellow citizens support.

      You may get chills up your spine that a majority of Americans no longer support the prohibition that failed to keep you from having personal problems with cannabis, but thousands of citizens across the country are working harder every day to finally end the failed policy of cannabis prohibition.]

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    6. Stompedonmyrights says:

      Teach Juries to nullify the law

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