Alternet: “Five Things the Corporate Media Don’t Want You to Know About Cannabis”

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director September 28, 2009

    I’ve written previously about the mainstream media’s propensity to under report and distort stories that challenge marijuana prohibition.

    Apparently my latest missive has hit a nerve — as it has quickly risen to become the most read story on Alternet.

    5 Things the Corporate Media Don’t Want You to Know About Cannabis
    via Alternet.org

    1. Marijuana Use Is Not Associated With a Rise in Incidences of Schizophrenia

    2. Marijuana Smoke Doesn’t Damage the Lungs Like Tobacco

    3. Cannabis Use Potentially Protects, Rather Than Harms, the Brain

    4. Marijuana Is a Terminus, Not a ‘Gateway,’ to Hard Drug Use

    5. Government’s Anti-Pot Ads Encourage, Rather Than Discourage, Marijuana Use

    Read the full text of the story here.

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    1. KI - Arizona says:

      #38 -Stompeonmyrights

      I LOVE it, herbal gorillas unite!!

      It is said that with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains. I agree with you and say, with the faith of a cannibis seed we can move America.


    2. Stompedonmyrights says:

      #37 KI-Arizona: thanks for the supportive input. I too was ruled by fear until I got an education. I learned that our government is like a wayward child, not at all interested in the rules of fair play, not interested in the meaning of the words in the constitution. I learned that they only give lip serves to the found fathers’ dream of a country without tyrants.
      I’m not sure that any revolution “historically” has or can be totally peaceful but when you think about it, our culture did not fire the first shot, we did not draw first blood.
      I am against violence and war, I know that those who normally pay with their lives in these acts are not the warring folks but the children and others not in the fight, it is those people who become the victims.
      We can fight without drawing anyones blood or damaging the planet. It is simple and I know I have said it before. Plant Your Seeds! Don’t throw any of your seeds in the trachcan, plant them. Plant them in the on the state capital grounds, on foreclosed property, alleys, city planters, divided highway partitions, indoor government planters, city flower planters, the lawns of those in government. Let our seeds march for us. Don’t stop planting cannabis seeds until the government fly their white flag on this issue. Put these plants in their faces. Those people in states where the plant grows wild know that each plant can have thousand of seeds, collect them and sow them in the government’s direction. This will also confuse and strip our nation’s Law Enforcement of their resources. This act can and will draw them away from those real crops and help protect our beloved American Cannabis Growers.
      Be a herbal gorilla!

    3. KI - Arizona says:

      Thank you Stompedonmyrights:

      I agree completely. I do not understand how the people of this country can sit by and watch as one by one our rights are taken away, all in the name of money and power. Pure and simple, big business.

      When I go to Europe I learn more truth and details about our country than ANY news station is willing to broadcast here.

      FEAR is what is instilled in the American people; fear for control. Well for the majority it is working.

      25 years ago a friend of mine, stated that we were headed towards an internal revolution. I believed it then and I believe it now, so sad to say but why is it taking so long????

      I hate violence but –

      Any thoughts on this.. KI – Arizona

    4. Stompedonmyrights says:

      Greed for power, heartlessness, lack of spirituality, lack of compassion, bigottry, and unconscionable behavior all disrcibe the United States Government’s attitude towards their employers. We on the other hand have been more than patient with our employees. We still are waiting for them to do the job they were hired to do.

      Here is an interesting note, the State of Kansas is running out of money and had to cut back at the Court houses. This would be a great time for the prisoner in Kansas beening held on unjust cannabis laws should file writs on the constructive fraud which has abrogated their liberty. These writs would be the sticks that breaks the camels / Kansas Courts’ back. This will pressure the State of Kansas to change their ass backward behavior because they can’t afford their ass backward behavior any longer.
      Please inform any and all those prisoners to get with their jail house lawyers and file these writs exposing this constructive fraud and seeking relief from said fraud.

    5. Stompedonmyrights says:

      unconscionable has been the norm for our government for way too long.

    6. KI - Arizona says:

      My daughter was arrested five years ago for possession of Marijuana, “seeds” in her purse. She was given the usual “three strike” sentence. Drug counseling, UA’s three years supervised probation and fines. (I wonder what a few seeds cost the tax payers?) This was two days prior to her moving to San Francisco. She was written a perscription for Medicinal Marijuana in SF. Not by a back alley MD, but a promonate Physician who recognized that this would bring her much needed relief. She is firmly against phamaceuticals. When she returned to Arizona for court the judge was dumbfounded. They could not put her back on TASC because she lived in California and was prescribed marijuana legally. They had never run into this before. It was all quite amusing and had everyone in the court room laughing, including the judge.

      This however brings me to the culmination of this story. She and her friends hold down respectable full time jobs, some have their Masters Degree and one is about to complete her residency in Emergency Medicine.

      It is unconscionable that we waste such an enormous amount of money, time and resourses on something so harmless as marijuana when we are smack dab in the middle of one of the most serious social epidemics in our countries history. NO – not marijuana, but METH and HEROINE use are at an all time high.

      Crime, murder, overdoses, unimaginable violence; and we choose to show very “gentle” anti meth adds on TV. WAKE UP AMERICA and smell the cannibis. After all, when was the last time someone smoked a joint and said, “Hey lets go rob a store and do a drive by?” No, it’s morelike “where’s the twinkies?”

      WAKE UP – This message comes to you from a LAW ABIDING retired law enforcement officer.

    7. Stompedonmyrights says:

      I am not a lawyer. I have been to many Court rooms for different reasons and stood for myself or my wife as a criminal, civil, and traffic as a Defendant, Plaintiff, and as an interested party. I have study the law of the land and the courts on my own. My college education is in world cultures, world prehistory and cultural histories of America as well as education in human behavior or what was once called mental health. I am a skilled public servant and volunteer worked 7.5 years as a firefighter/driver/operator/ EMT-I/All Water Rescue and Recovery team leader and trainer for my area. I have always smoked cannabis, some 30 years or more now.
      This is where I am coming from, just another simple guy who wants the system to work.

      NOW, For one moment lets talk about the Duty of the Court and the Rights Secured by the People. Here is a few thoughts to contemplate about our Court system and why I say we should attack the Cannabis Laws by class action writ and title actions. This is a peaceful approach left to us by our founding fathers.

      The Courts are not bound by mere forms, nor are they to be misled by mere pretenses. They are at Liberty —- indeed, they are under a solemn duty—- to look at the substance of things, whenever they enter upon the inquiry whether the legislature has transcended the limits of its authority. If therefore, a statue purporting to have been enacted to protect the public health, the public morals, or the public safety, has no real or substantial relation to those objects, or is a palpable invasion of the Rights secured by the fundamental law, it is the duty of the Courts to so adjudge, and thereby give effect to the Constitution. (Related case law: Mugler v. Kansas, 123 U.S. 623, 661)

      It is the Duty of the Court to be watchful for the Constitutional Rights of the Citizen, and against any stealthy encroachments thereof. (Related case law: Boyd v. United States, 116 U.S. 616 (1886))

      Closing thought:
      There can be no liberty if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and executive powers. (Related case law: Searle v. Yensen, 118 Neb., 835, 226 N.W. 464, 69 P 2d 953.)

      Remember this the next time you lite up your joint and enjoy your outlawed liberty;

      Liberty lies in the hearts of the people; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While liberty lies in the hearts of the people it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.

    8. Kharkov Kid says:

      I would have to say that the assertion that marijuana smoke does not damage the lungs as tobacco does may be true in fact but not in essence. Marijuana smoke damages the lungs in its own unique way. And before You jump me, I`ve been inhaling it for over thirty-five years…

    9. David Haines says:

      Well the national debt is almost 12trillion ……….ok enough said i believe its time for a change.. tax and regulate it already for the love of god.

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