Medical Marijuana: Why I Give My 9-Year Old Pot

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director October 12, 2009

    In the recent wake of Stiletto Stoners, comes part two of Marie Myung-Ok Lee’s brave and revealing account of how medical cannabis helps her autistic 9-year old son. Read part one here.

    090512_xx_Marie Lee

    Marie and her son J. live in Rhode Island, a state where the legislators have both the chutzpah and foresight to have overridden two vetoes from the Governor (and pressure from the federal government anti-drug officials and law enforcement) in the last 24 moths to create the legal and public health framework necessary for Ms. Young and her physician to be able to effectively and safely treat J. with cannabis-oil cookies.

    091005_marielee_AThis essay, and others by women for whom cannabis plays an important role in their lives, are becoming more and more common in the mainstream media to the point where a forum or advisory body about ‘women and cannabis’ is certainly warranted.

    NORML wants to convene such a confab in 2010 and seeks input from cannabis consumers and the general public about what kind of topics should be discussed and who should the speakers be. Please send your suggestions and feedback to: conference@norml.org

    This essay was originally published at Doublex.com.

    72 responses to “Medical Marijuana: Why I Give My 9-Year Old Pot”

    1. David says:

      Excellent story. My cousin is autistic so this article really hits home for me. Its amazing to me that Marijuana is still illegal when it can be a cure for so many things. Keep spreading the word, the truth will come out eventually!

    2. Cindy says:

      You should be in jail, period.

      [Editor’s note: Cindy, if a mother is following a licensed physician’s health recommendation, and is compliant with existing state laws…why exactly should she go to prison?]

    3. bob says:

      liked this Posted to local news

    4. “And the leaves of the tree shall be for the healing of the Nations”

    5. Joshua Duncan says:

      My blessings be on this family and child. Please stop the DEA from restricting their medicine.

    6. Nathan says:

      I’m happy to see the uses of medical marijuana are being expanded. If this natural drug really helps with ailments of any kind that help is needed, then it makes me happy to know it’s being used usefully. I only can hope, that if it truely helps, then this knowledge will be spread with speed.

    7. jay zee says:

      good article! would like to see big news agency pick this up. foxnews, abc, cbs, nbc, comedy central, cnn, and see how the government responds.

    8. samson says:

      Herbal remedies……..that’s all I gonna say……..

    9. Stompedonmyrights says:

      The Cannabis plant is given to us by the creator and mother nature for healing the mind, body, and soul. I am happy this child gets to use this great herb. I have 4 grown children and when my daugther was young she suffered greatly from cramps we offered her some of the best herb we could find and did relieve the cramps. Yes I broke the unjust, unlawful cannabis laws and I am glad I did. At this point I ignor our government and any/all the unjust acts or laws they attempt to apply upon me. I am at my liberty, by my leave not theirs. It doesn’t matter what government does, pull their head out of their asses or keep them up their asses I don’t care. I am at my liberty and I am not interested in giving my liberty up. They may come upon me, they my again put me in prison, they may break my bones, they may even murder me like others but in the end what will they have, my dead body but not my compliance.
      Hey, Cindy, you who is without sin throw the first stone. Go ahead Cindy throw that stone just remember that God knows where each and everyone of those thrown stones came from. You go girl!

    10. David says:

      Wow, I gotta admit, the title alone is a shocker. But as with anything; you have to read into the story and I was enlightened. Under controlled conditions; this child is being given a new chance at life. Best of Health and Happiness! Thank you for turning me on!

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