World Record Set By United States Marijuana Patient

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director November 21, 2009

    November 20, 2009 Irvin Rosenfeld, a Florida stockbroker, set the world record for the consumption of cannabis cigarettes.

    The United States federal government has supplied Rosenfeld and three other US citizens for decades with a smokable cannabis medicine. Irv Rosenfeld has received his medicine for 27 years and is the longest known cannabis patient.

    One of four patients intensely tested  in 2001 by Patients Out of Time as part of the “Missoula Study” Irv was found to be in excellent health for a man of his age. All physiological systems were examined by neutral investigators since the US federal government had never required or requested such a complete overview to discover the efficacy of the plant product they were medically administering under the “Compassionate New Drug Program”of the FDA.

    Irv will consume his number one hundred and fifteen thousand  “joint” or marijuana cigarette sometime on November 20, 2009. All 115,000 cigarettes have been prescribed by US federally approved medical doctors from cannabis plants grown at the University of Mississippi in a test location and prepared for consumption in the research triangle area of North Carolina.

    Speaking as a cannabis patient and Director of the cannabis patient advocacy organization Patients Out of Time Irv stated, “I cannot fathom the reluctance of my federal government to allow the use of medical cannabis for the sick and dying of the US. My experience of use, the calming of my negative symptoms, that has allowed me to be a useful, contributing member of society must be extended to all the ill based on the judgment of medical professionals and not guided or restrained by the dictates of law enforcement who have no empathy for the ill nor the education to appropriately enter into doctor-patient relationships and treatment options.”

    115,000 and counting. When do the sick not named Rosenfeld, receive their cannabis medicine?

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    1. alex says:

      the crazy part to me, is the guy is still smokin J’s of weed that is like 10 years old…at least that is what was on one of those med pot documentarys

      its the equiv of super high me being medicinal, its not, its entertaining, but it doesnt cover anything major medically.

      I just wonder how he wouldve done, if say they gave him DIFFERENT strains over all that time, we all know the different from one to the next, so I just sort of wonder…if he had a kush, then a sour D, its a completely different expereince/pain relief spots..
      Actually im surprised they didnt just give him tincture amounts instead of joints.

    2. alex says:

      robert as one with Charcot Marie Tooth(close to the MS family…neuropathy) I totally understand what you mean…I am far more sensitive to this whole thing, it has me looking at WHO should be getting this medication…Im one that now cant support rec use, till people like myself, and those with MS(montell) and parkinsons can get RELIEF…no one understands our plight….I was given oxy, then I got kidney stones by 20…

    3. GaryC says:

      Robert in Ohio: 13 states have medical marijuana laws already, and several more are getting close. If your situation would permit it, I suggest you get the fuck out of Ohio. I left Nazi Texas for Compassionate California, and life is gooooooooooood.

    4. LLLou says:

      I really do not understand how EVEN ONE government official can continue to support the bogus “war on drugs”and allow Cannabis to be kept at schedule 1 (no medical value) while the US gov. supplies Mr Rosenfeld with HIS drug AND the US gov. holds a patent on Cannabinoids / Cannabis….How can any sane person work within a system of lies ????

    5. Heebosis says:

      Damn Irv you must be gettin high as balls.

    6. Kasado says:

      Here is solid proof that cannabis is not detrimental to human health.
      I hope he and other weed warriors use it as such against the repressors.

    7. charlie says:

      GO IRV! keep up the good fight for all those whose voices that can’t be heard.

    8. theserf says:

      I liked the part that his health is perfectly fine. Whoops, more government propaganda exposed. Sorry DEA, but keep up those helicopter flights doing nothing but pulling up pot plants, I frankly love watching you get your hands dirty.

    9. Ryan T. says:

      I just wanted to say that as a child I had been plagued with a.d.d. and a.d.h.d….and also depression and increased anger…For these reasons I have been placed on numerous medicines…patches..narcotics(mainly ritilan)…many depression medicines. The depression medicines never really worked…and although the ritilan calmed me down, at the same time it added many other problems(anxiety, insomnia, major loss of appetite,) For a lil part of my childhood my mother called me ethiopian child…me being calm for her was better than me being “normal” but only at a cost to me. I almost committed suicide from one of my depression medicines….luckily I talked my self out of it..and they thankfully took me off the medicine. About 17, I decided enough was enough…I had very few friends..I wasnt eating right..and all I was doin was sitting in the house. I had never smoked marijuana before the age of 18 and hated drugs and the people who used them. I was even a dare graduate. So in my senior year my friends oj and anthony invited me over and they talked me into smoking a blunt with them. That day I realized something…I realized I could have a way to be “normal”, to be calm, to be happy, hungry, and just plain content. From that day on…May god strike me down if I’m lieing…my life started getting better. Before then my life outlook was bleek, my friends were obsolete, and I hated my life. Granted this was because of my hyperactivity and my sadness…but the point I’m trying to make is that we dont need these powerful narcotics and crazy depressions medicines to help make you better…when there is a much better and safer way. In about 15 yrs of being drugged up by the medicines the government said i needed…I had no positive effect…Now its about 6 yrs later….I’m happy, healthy, and im able to keep friends. Honestly, Im just happy i can be me. With all those governmental medicines I may have been calm and quiet..but I would rather be happy and let my personality shine through. With this being said, why haven’t doctors looked in to marijuana being safer alternative for hyper active children? If they take the time to look into this, I think they will come to an interesting conclusion…..trust me.

    10. Crazy Leg5 says:

      I too am a patient with muscular dystrophy and marijuana is the only medicine that really helps me without the side effects and allows me to live a productive life. I am glad to hear that they finally are willing to see that this helps people and like many that this is a viable option. And that we are not just trying to get high, That myself and many others have said over and over that its the only relief for alot of us.

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