New Strain Of Medicinal Marijuana Announced

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director April 9, 2010

    First Unveiling of New Strain To Redefine The Medical Cannabis Industry

    New Released Scientific Data Supports Medicinal Value, U.S. Government Ignores Scientific Data

    Next week’s Patients Out of Time (P.O.T.) conference in Rhode Island features numerous speakers and interesting topics, but the announcement by Harborside Health Center of the development a new Cannabidol-centric strain of cannabis I suspect will be of great interest to patients, medical providers and cultivators.

    I think it also a shining example of why the Drug Enforcement Administration should not bust and harass laboratories contracted or operated by cannabis wellness centers that test and analyze cannabis that is sold into the medical collective for the very reason that these forensic labs provide necessary patient information regarding potency, purity and medicinal effects based on plant strain.

    Oakland, CA – The availability of a new type of medical cannabis strain will be presented for the first time by Steve DeAngelo, who has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and The New York Times as Executive Director of one of the nation’s top model and non-profit medical cannabis dispensaries, Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California.

    DeAngelo will announce the availability of this type of non-psychoactive cannabis that has been lab tested with California strains with CBD (Cannabidol) at the 6th Annual National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics on Friday, April 16th at 12PM Noon at The Crown Plaza Hotel, 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island.

    Conference information can be found at: www.medicalcannabis.com

    For three decades, DeAngelo has been an engaging speaker as he cuts through the stigma, and delivers the true facts about cannabis. His exciting and important presentation will include results of the first large scale analytical study of California’s medical cannabis supply, which revealed that one of the most medically efficacious cannabinoids—CBD—has been bred out of plants grown primarily for psychoactive effect. Only within the past year have CBD-rich cannabis varieties been identified, thanks to an analytical chemistry lab that DeAngelo helped launch.

    Recent research has demonstrated that CBD is effective in slowing or reversing a number of different types of cancer; as well as other serious illnesses. In response to the shortage of CBD rich cannabis varieties, Harborside has initiated a program to identify such strains, and encourage growers to propagate them. Because CBD modulates the psycho activity of THC, some patients respond better to varieties of cannabis which couple low THC levels with high CBD levels, because they enhance medical efficacy while reducing or eliminating psycho activity. This is particularly true for cannabis-naïve patients, who have no prior experience with it, prior to receiving a recommendation from their doctor. “Ultimately, there will be greater demand for CBD-rich cannabis, than there is for cannabis that just gets you high” predicts DeAngelo. “Only a small percentage of people enjoy the psycho activity of cannabis, but almost everybody can benefit from its medical properties”.

    The 6th Annual Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics is the only one of its kind in the United States for health professional to learn about the many benefits of cannabis therapeutics. Medical professionals can receive their CME (Continuing Education) credits for attending this forum through the University of California, San Francisco.

    The New York Times: “Harborside Health Center, a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, Calif., is looked upon as a model of how others could operate.”

    Contact : Gaynell Rogers/Media Relations



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    1. john williamson says:

      man just imagine if it where legal you could use this beautiful god given plant with out any worry of being harrased and have a legitimate social lubricant that doesnt make people clumbsy, careless, sick, throwup,hungover, diseased and has no negative after effects. i kind of think the short term memory thing is a myth and users mistake natural incidences of forgeting something for having something to do with their cannibas consumption. i believe this is such a demonized and shunned substance we are not even quite yet capable of understanding all the possibilties and positives this wonderful herb beholds. this is one of those issues where alot of us still believe the world is flat and we need to inform people more on what this stuff actually is rather then just labeling it a “drug”.

    2. hemp protein benefits…

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    3. da real poop says:

      What a brilliant way to sell stupid people shitty weed….

    4. “I’d rather have no pot than have today’s drug murders. My high is not worth your death.”

      now, remember: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dilemma

    5. Oh yeah, I forgot!


    6. Robin Salmansohn says:

      Waring gangs love money so much that they are willing to kill for each ton of KUSH. I’d rather have no pot than have today’s drug murders. My high is not worth your death.

    7. Robin Salmansohn says:


      Contraindicated is a medical term.

      In the case of medical marujana high TCH levels trigger seizures. Low or no THC marijuana is indicated.

      In some patients, notably in patients with an balance disorder, or in patients who have impaired fine motor skills, high levels of THC may cause problems for the patient.

      THC is not advised for use by pregnant or in lactating women.

    8. Robin Salmansohn says:

      Contra-indicated is not a legal term. It means medically unwise. If for whatever reason, the no or high levels of THC would be harmfull, you need to choose a low THC level strain.

      Then too, not everyone wants to live stoned.


    9. Contraindicated? For what, exactly? Cushy jobs for thugs with badges and guns? Pork-laden bills with barely disclosed windfalls for private prison contracting firms?

      Bake this: Drug war IS crime. Are cannabis and cannabinoids _lawfully_ listed in Schedule I, having “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision”?

      from the supplied references:


      For centuries Cannabis sativa and cannabis extracts have been used in natural medicine. Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main active ingredient of Cannabis. THC seems to be responsible for most of the pharmacological and therapeutic actions of cannabis. In a few countries THC extracts (i.e. Sativex) or THC derivatives such as nabilone, and dronabinol are used in the clinic for the treatment of several pathological conditions like chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. On the other hand the severe side effects and the high abuse liability of these agents represent a serious limitation in their medical use. In addition, diversion in the use of these active ingredients for recreational purpose is a concern.

      from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10803637

      The selective blockade of CB1 receptors by SR 141716 impaired the perception of the appetitive value of positive reinforcers (food, cocaine, morphine) and reduced the motivation for sucrose, beer and alcohol consumption, indicating that positive incentive and/or motivational processes could be under a permissive control of CB1-related mechanisms. There is little evidence that cannabinoid systems are activated under basal conditions. However, by using SR 141716 as a tool, a tonic involvement of a CB1-mediated cannabinoid link has been demonstrated, notably in animals suffering from chronic pain, faced with anxiogenic stimuli or highly motivational reinforcers.

    10. Robin Salmansohn says:



      It is also been contraindicated in breast feeding.

      One citation had said that MJ was used mostly as an hallucinogen. I suppose, in a round about way it might be considered that, assuming that you were to define euphoria as hallucinating.

      chocolate milkshake from a stoned cow?

      I didn’t say this:

      MJ ‘Bake’. in MJ therapy? Would it make medicinal use less expensive or more effective? Your opinion.

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