Willie Nelson After His Most Recent Pot Arrest: Let’s Start A Tea Pot Party!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director November 28, 2010

    American music legend and NORML Advisory Board member Willie Nelson was busted, again, for possessing cannabis on Friday by a US Border Patrol outside of Sierra Blanca, Texas…about 30 miles from the nation’s border with Mexico. NORML warned cannabis consumers a few years ago about these roaming road blocks.

    Willie’s tour bus had to pass through one of these ‘border’ checkpoints, and after law enforcement claimed to have smelled cannabis, Willie was busted for possessing six ounces of cannabis.

    In his first public interview post arrest, Willie tells CelebStoner: “There’s the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: We lean a little to the left.”

    For years NORML’s founder Keith Stroup has admonished cannabis consumers—the tens of millions of cannabis consumers in America—to stop voting for politicians who support arresting cannabis consumers.

    If enough cannabis consumers get politically active and organize under Willie Nelson’s ‘Tea Pot Party’, voters in future may have a choice to support bona fide office seekers who support ending Cannabis Prohibition as Willie has just started a Facebook page announcing such.**

    **And thereby ending the historical harassment by law enforcement of great musicians from coast to coast.

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    1. Grace Sammy says:

      Let’s Start A Tea Pot Party!
      What about the status of the Tea Pot Party now?

    2. […] on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and creating Willie Nelson’s Tea Pot Party under the motto “Tax it, regulate it and legalize it!” after his fourth arrest for […]

    3. […] harassed/arrested by law enforcement checkpoints in CA, AZ, NM and TX (the ones in TX have nabbed Willie Nelson and other celebrities too), 3) It is not clear what if any legal defense one can employ to challenge […]

    4. Midori says:

      I feel that it is time to give up on supporting the Democrat Party! The Bush Tax Cuts have let that Debt Monster out of its cage! Obama will likely be a One Term President. Obama could possibly regain some of his Mo-jo, if his Secretary of State did in fact give him one of her balls…
      I have heard that over 26,000,000 Democrats did not get out and vote in this last Mid-term election! Young voters were down by 55%. Black voters were down by 43%. Latino voters were down by 40%.
      My take on Obama’s viability is that there is little likelihood that he could ever regain the political support that he had when first elected President. I believe that Liberal Democrats likely feel that if Obama is reelected, so what? Einstein once said “Trying the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result is Insanity”. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!
      Obama has a Naïve notion of Political Bipartisanship. The Obama Administration is made up of Right-Wing Democrats such as Axelrod. Republicans are able to Push Democrats around in Lock Step simply because the Democrat Party has a majority of Conservative Blue Dogs that only support the Democrat Leadership on about 85% of the Legislation.
      Almost all of the Legislators, Republicans & Democrats are “On the Take”! That is, they take money from Lobbyist and Special interest Groups for the work that they do, and they put that money into their own Coffers rather than into the Government Treasury. This money comes from The Republican’s Chamber of Commerce.
      President Obama referred to this Country, “The United States of America”, as a Democracy, and I thought, don’t we wish; let me see.
      1. When campaigning for Election Obama said “No Lobbyist would serve in his Administration”. Obama said “He supported Universal Single Payer Health Care” when he was Campaigning for President. Obama knows how to talk the talk, and he does have a lot of intellect, unfortunately Obama does not walk the Walk! Remember when Obama said Insurance Company Health Care was Unsustainable? Well, $17M from Insurance Company Lobbyist, and viola! “It now makes more sense to build on what works rather than to build an entirely new system”. It is a shame that U.S. Legislators put Lobby Monies in their own Coffers for the official Government work that they do, rather than into the Government Treasury. We the People cannot put Referendums on the Federal election Ballots.
      2. It is any wonder that less than ½ of the eligible Citizens of “The United States” are even registered in any Political Party, and less than ½ of the Registered Voters ever get out and Vote in any election? Obama pledged that no Lobbyist would serve in his Administration.
      3. “I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States Of America, And To The Republic For Which It Stands”!
      It is time to give up on the “Party of Blue-Dogs”! I strongly feel that the Republican Party is poised to kick the Democrats to infinity. How so? Liberals are so poorly represented that many feel; “What is the use of registering, and getting out, and Voting?” I think that we have very few Barney Franks, John Conyers, Howard Dean, and a Democrat Party of Blue-Dogs that only support the Leadership on about 85% of the time!
      I feel that only the Green Party could stand up to the Republican Party.
      I encourage you, and your organization to work with the Green Party to Register Voters!

    5. alanofsac says:

      1 Everybody out there send a dollar bill in an envelope to your congressman / senator that supports progressive marijuana legislation and an empty envelope to the ones that don’t.

      2 Register republican and vote Ron Paul in the primary

      3 Study the wikipedia articles on JURY NULLIFICATION

    6. Brian says:

      Tea Pot Party Now!

    7. Turbo dog at 107. i like gary too. i can’t belivev i wuld vote rep. but he for legalize. as far as i know, the rally point is d.c. on fourtwenty with overgrow.i dont think it matters if congress is in session or not.

    8. Sol says:

      In times of “social web” I think all the people in favor of legalization, would make an international day of protest. In Brazil each state makes a “Marijuana March. ” or ” Marcha da Maconha “. But as I said before, with the use of social networks, we can organize a single day.

    9. Stick Man says:

      There is an ever growing protest happening in DC on 4-20-11, called Overgrow The Government! You can find us on Facebook! Our website is coming soon… We hope to see you all there, and Willie too! Peace!

      [Editor’s note: Congress is not in session the week of April 20…Hard to talk to Congress if they’re not in Washington, DC.

      Might want to plan for a week when Congress is not in recess, which means trying to coordinate better with the 5-10 drug policy reform groups (like NORML, ACLU, DPA, FAMM, SSDP, LEAP, DRCNet, etc…) who’re based in the nation’s capital.]

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