Holy Hemp! Pat Roberston Supports Ending Cannabis Prohibition In An Effort To Get ‘Smart On Crime’

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 22, 2010

    Break out the recorders! Don’t let this one get away!

    If I didn’t watch it with my own eyes I might not believed it possible: Televangelist and former Baptist minister Pat Robertson making a cogent argument on alternatives to arresting and incarcerating citizens who use drugs, with a clear emphasis on legalizing the possession of a few ounces of cannabis.

    The 700 Club segment on alternatives to crime helps promote a new right-of-center organization that seeks to actively lobby for reform of the criminal justice system principally as a poor use of scant public funds called Right on Crime. Notable conservative activists such as Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, American Conservative Union’s David Keane and Prison Fellowship Ministries’ Pat Nolan are spearheading this important new front in the now 40-year-old effort to reform cannabis laws.

    Also, with unbelievable karmic timing, Pat Robertson endorses ending Cannabis Prohibition for possession of a few ounces at the 4:20 mark of the video.

    Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

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    1. ray says:

      I’m so confused. I’m not supposed to agree with Pat Robertson on anything! It’s great to have conservatives like Beck and Robertson somewhat on our side. It’s gonna take a lot more examples of this to let the Bible Belt know it’s ok to disagree with our drug laws and at the same time be smart and tough on crime.

    2. CDXX says:

      If you consider how many [numerous] times I have insisted that God is the solution, you might understand how elated I am to see this post on NORML. I completely understand that this post suggests that faith can lead one away from drugs,and as far as hard drug addiction is concerned, my spirit is equally lifted. I’m still whirling with amazement that some prohibs have finally taken this position on our Holy Sacrament…Thank God!!! So! for those who do believe in God and God’s Holy Sacrament, it would be appropriate to view this with all the seriousness of a heart attack. God’s gift is the answer. Genesis I:29,30,31

    3. KC says:

      Further proof that the legalization of marijuana isn’t a liberal vs. conservative issue. Liberals should want it legal for taxation and regulation purposes, and conservatives should want it legal for civil rights and personal freedom reasons. Can’t we just do this already?

    4. BryanF says:

      This is encouraging to see a largely conservative media source such as the 700 club hint at rational cannabis policy. Older and socially conservative segments (700 club audience) of the population have received argueably the greatest deal of cannabis propaganda throughout their lifetime. For the audience to be exposed to sound cannabis rationale from one of their own is a strong step.

    5. Joel: The other Joel says:

      Maybe Pat Robertson will debate against some well known prohibitionist over this issue on his 700 Club. I’m sure he will get a lot viewers.

    6. David Kemp says:

      Finally compassion is shown from mainstream American religious leaders. Maybe they’ve been reading Dr Weil. I say recommended theologian studies should now accompany getting your mmj card. God only knows how much a lack of ethics exists even in the current underclass of mmj patients and supporters, much less the society as a whole. Everyone should be familiar with Tillich, St Augustine and Luther! Great going Rev Robertson! Now if only the Pope would get on board would I actually believe in Santa Claus.

    7. Weedshouldbelegal says:


    8. claygooding says:

      wow,I gotta quit vaping before looking at stuff like this.
      Now I have to wait 4 hours and read this again.

    9. Lagosa says:

      Well that will be seen by the Religious people sitting on the fence and may push them to our side!

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