Sweet Sixteen: Delaware Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Bill Into Law

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director May 13, 2011

    Earlier this morning Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed legislation to make the “First State” the sixteenth to approve the physician supervised use of medical marijuana. This measure will allow qualifying patients to possess up to 6 ounces of usable marijuana acquired from any of three state-supervised distribution centers. Qualifying conditions for the program include cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder. Full text of the bill can be read here.

    NORML would like to thank all of the activists who contacted their State Senators and Representatives in support of this important legislation. The law must now undergo a one year regulatory and licensing process before the state’s three dispensaries begin operation. We will be sure to keep you posted on Delaware’s medical marijuana program as it develops.

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    1. Jeff says:

      is this really a reason to celebrate..it’s truly a step backwards..sure you will get medicine..but you will also be making dispenseries, doctors and certified growers.LOTS of cash, and well thats a good thing for them..look at what happened in california, prop19..it would of passed if the growers dispenseries and mmj doctors wouldn’t of dumped so much of their cash into voting no..not to mention the alcohol producers and distributers and sports complexs’ with their millions, another state getting medical marijuana is NOT a good thing..i have followed the rules of society, paid my taxes, and basically all i want is to use weed without any strings attached, here’s the deal take a vote for legalization, and do not allow alcohol pushers, mmj doctors dispensery owners or employees, or their growers to vote..it’s a conflict of interest, i would bet my life it would be legal real quick..why do you have to be sick to enjoy what mother nature supplys? what a fucked up ass backwards society, do some thinking..full legalization..no random test..no medical excuse’s

    2. FreeTexas says:

      What this article doesn’t tell you is the EPIC FAIL in the law that doesn’t allow GYO ( that’s Grow Your Own ). How can this even be considered a WIN ? Whoever worked on this dropped the ball…sigh

    3. The American Genesist says:

      An open dialogue is good – but – it is what it is – talk. On the other hand – research is “fact” that you can talk about with certainty. Without the scientific research/evidence talk is cheap – and – is subject to false perception.

      Can you answer these three simple questions?

      1. Why does the government deny scientific research/evidence?
      2. Why does the government over-look the obvious – that cannabis is a wonder drug?
      3. Why is government pulling every dirty trick in the book, spending precious resources and manpower, and disseminating false and misleading information [propaganda].

    4. thomasj says:

      I commend the governor for being signing this bill. Not only will it save lifes, it will also bring reveue to delware. Now we just need full legliazation.

    5. pam says:

      FINALLY! Now, to have it legalized in ALL states. PERIOD. Bye-bye drug lords!!! Bye-bye violence!!! Mexico would like this, too. they’re suffering from the drug dealers’ wars, too. When is the U.S. going to get smart and just legalize the stuff???

    6. Charles says:

      Wonder how many more need to be added to the 16 before they consider rescheduling it?

      Insert sarcasm: Because it has, “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States” right?

    7. Charles says:

      This would be great if it would happen in Texas cause I suffer from PTSD and it works like TNT. Keep up the good work normal one day I will be free of this prosecution and process of elimination.

    8. Randy says:

      Congratulations to the State of Delaware!

    9. JJG says:

      thats awesome norml im glad delware legalized medical marijuana-norml i like to say too that even though spice has gotten off the market that its still being sold there is so many different compounds you can smoke to get you high and you can change the compound even though dea banned the 5 chemicals
      the government will never win
      i like to say too norml and the citizens of the country to help get prop 19 passed it will be going on the ballot again in 2012 so lets try not to get the same results to a compared 46 percent yes to 52 percent no(i think it more of money battle from the last comments i left)

      i am proud person im in the military and hope to move to california when i get out and know that our founding fathers george washington, benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson all grew hemp and would be proud

    10. drew734 says:

      you have to look at the big picture. you(we) are 1 step closer to making it completely legal.

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