Inventor of “synthetic pot” / “K2” / “Spice” says legalize the natural marijuana

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 8, 2011

    We get many comments on our stories about K2/Spice, the chemical “JWH-018” and others like it that the media have dubbed “fake pot” or “synthetic marijuana.” The reason there is even such a chemical is that the scientist who invented it, John W. Huffman, could not get access to natural cannabis to study cannabinoids. Now he’s telling ABC News what we’ve been saying for decades: prohibition creates more dangerous drugs!

    (ABC News) now that “Spice” and other forms of imitation pot are sending users to emergency rooms across America, the retired professor has an idea of how to stem the epidemic. If the federal government would legalize the real thing, says Huffman, maybe consumers wouldn’t turn to the far more dangerous fake stuff.

    Huffman, who developed more than 400 “cannabinoids” as an organic chemist at Clemson University, says that marijuana has the benefit of being a known quantity, and not a very harmful one. We know the biological effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, Huffman told ABC News, because they have been thoroughly studied. “The scientific evidence is that it’s not a particularly dangerous drug,” said Huffman.

    “I talked to a marijuana provider from California, a doctor, a physician,” explained Huffman, “and he said that in California, that these things are not near the problem they are in the rest of the country simply because they can get marijuana. And marijuana, even for recreational use is quite easy to get in California, and it’s essentially decriminalized. And marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as these compounds.”

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    1. Chris in WI says:

      Am I missing something? Why do the prohibitionists say “you can’t pick which laws you want to obey and which to ignore” yet they pick and choose.

      Copy/paste wiki cause it says what I wanted to say and ‘I r lazy’: While the Controlled Substances Act was being drafted in a House committee in 1970, Assistant Secretary of Health Roger O. Egeberg had recommended that marijuana temporarily be placed in Schedule I, the most restrictive category of drugs, pending the Commission’s report. On March 22, 1972, the Commission’s chairman, Raymond P. Shafer, presented a report to Congress and the public entitled “Marijuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding,” which favored ending marijuana prohibition and adopting other methods to discourage use.

      So if the rules were temp place cannabis till Shafer reported back, which he did, and then put it where he said to.

      If I read the reports correctly and heard him correctly in recorded statements; they believe Cannabis should be DE-scheduled and there should be no criminal aspect to the plant.

      So why is this not the focus of everyone’s attention? This was the rule and they chose not to follow it. But that doesn’t make the ruling less valid does it? The US AG should be forced to de-schedule based on the Shafer Commissions report alone.

      Or, like I asked earlier, am I missing something?

    2. ND says:

      Yup. And when marijuana is legalized, rates of alcohol abuse (and thus rates of domestic violence, divorce, fatal crashes, liver failures and other preventable health problems, depression, suicide, accidents resulting in hospitalizations, gun violence, etc, etc) will also decrease.

      The bottom line is that people will always get intoxicated. It’s better that they do so with something relatively safe, such as marijuana.

    3. Little Gypsy says:

      Why would anybody be stupid enough to try fake marijuana? Legalize the real stuff and move on to other pressing matters.

    4. Razor says:

      Even if, Marijuana saved every Congressman’s Mother and Father and every Supreme court’s Mother and Father and eased their suffering and all of mankind’s suffering and turned the economy around and made the World a much safer place. The Federal government still will not change their stance on Prohibition.Why not? Because I truly believe that they enjoy having that control of the misery factor over us.They would rather see all of us homeless,starving,bankrupt,unemployed,killing each other in the streets,you name it,they are not going to change unless we can turn the tables on them.I truly believe the Feds would and will go down on a sinking vessel holding on to their well orchestrated unconstitutional delusions,they will never admit they were wrong.Well the whole world knows how corrupt they are now.

    5. Justin says:

      I wanted to try this but it was illegal by the time I knew it was legal in my state.

      I did try Salvia Divinorium and that trip, even though I think should still be legal, but it threw me for a hard loop. Might have been I took too much (.5 grams in one hit) but I had a “bad trip” I thought I was in some war and the world was going to end. I could look to my right and be out of it all and back to reality, but then I was drawn by something to look left. where I went back into that state.

      It was a nightmare that I was luckily blessed and a friend called and said he had an extra oz. or AK-47 that lifted me back to normal. Still the rest of my day was twisted by that Salvia haha.

      I think the government should stop taking bribes to continue this drug war and quit profiting or sucking the blood out of “True American Life”

      Somethings gotta change.

    6. Truthandconsequences says:

      Marijuana poses a grave danger to the profits of Big Pharma, and for that reason it will never be legalized by legislators, governors, or presidents.

      Legalization will eventually be accomplished by way of referendum or other ballot issues voted on by the people themselves. Then the elected government will try to find ways to thwart the expressed will of the people, as they have done recently in Montana.

      But eventually and inevitably, the will of the people will prevail. There is still a long, long way to go, however.

    7. Chris11 says:

      I used JWH-018 and 122.

      These compounds are far more intense in their effects, but 018 got me feeling waaay too high a few times. 122 makes me feel just right.

      Being an experienced Cannabis user I was able to compare the effects. The reports of users freaking out and having reactions definitely makes sense, because these are powerful substances. That intense effects do not last more than an hour if it happens. It seems like this chemical is processed differently, and you can take too much at once and get nauseous for sure, feelings of doom, etc. Powerful stuff. Humbling.

      I did notice that I’m just not that into smoking weed anymore, at least the stuff I have access to. It makes me too hyped up, too energetic. I feel above everyone.

      With the 122, I feel like I’m with everyone.

      It also treats my depression better than the Zoloft 150mg/day which I also take while smoking jwh-122 exclusively.

      I want to write Dr. Huffman to let him know how much I appreciate his works. Here is his page:


    8. GS says:

      My guess is that government wants to rack up a few fatalities using this fake stuff to promote their agenda. Then they can say this is the reason why the real stuff is outlawed. Of course the sheeple of main st. USA will buy into that lie. In the interim, its sad that I know people that turn to these synthetics for relief not because the want to – but because they are forced to by the threat of a dirty UA (and dismissal) as an employee.

    9. John says:

      I realize this is a pro-marijuana site where we talk about pot in the comments, but can I make the point that the fact that they are including Salvia w/K2 in a lot of instances is absurd?

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