Cannabis On Craigslist: A Prosecutor’s Dream

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director June 10, 2011

    Michigan Medical Marijuana Act: Keep Your Business and Medicine Legal

    By Matthew Donigian, NORML Legal Intern, University of Illinois — College of Law

    On November 4, 2008 63 percent of Michigan voters enacted the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP). Since then the state of Michigan has registered over 75,000 patients, who are now eligible to receive medical marijuana for serious illnesses, including: Cancer, HIV, glaucoma, severe/chronic pain, severe nausea, etc.  Like other states that have passed medical marijuana legislation, Michigan has made it safer for patients to receive the medicine they need. However, marijuana is still far from legal and both patients and caregivers should be sure they understand the limitations of the law.

    Under Michigan law, medical marijuana patients who have been issued a registry identification card are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. Additionally, medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants. However, patients who choose to grow their own marijuana cannot have a caregiver growing for them.

    Caregivers are required to follow laws similar to those followed by patients. Caregivers are required to register with a patient and the state, and if they are not registered as a patient’s caregiver, they may NOT dispense marijuana to them. Caregivers are allowed to register up to 5 patients and may possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for each of their patients. If a patient has registered a caregiver to cultivate marijuana for them, the caregiver may keep up to 12 plants for that patient.

    Restrictions on the amount of marijuana caregivers may possess can be difficult to follow.

    First, it is difficult to know how much marijuana a plant will yield. This can make it difficult to stay under the 2.5 ounces allowed per registered patient. And since the weight of marijuana fluctuates greatly when the plant is being dried it is difficult to know how much a plant has actually yielded.

    Second, many caregivers use clones of plants when growing a new crop, by taking cuttings from an adult plant and re-rooting them. However, the legality of this process is unclear. Since Michigan law only allows 12 plants per patient, and since clones must be cut before a plant has fully matured, it can be difficult for growers to stay under the number of plants allowed by the law, especially if they are already maintaining 12 plants per patient at the time the clones are cut.

    In order to avoid having more marijuana than the law allows, many growers have begun selling dried marijuana or plants to qualified patients via craigslist. It is important to understand that this practice is ILLEGAL. Caregivers are only allowed to sell marijuana to their registered patients, and any other sale could lead to fines and/or imprisonment.

    Caregivers should re-evaluate their business practices in order to stay in compliance with the law. Their safety and the safety of their patients depend upon it. More information may be attained by visiting Michigan’s online resource for the MMMP or by calling NORML at (202) 483-5500.

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    1. mickthefick says:

      did anyone mention that selling illegal shit across state lines is an fbi issue and has nothing to do with your state? I’m pretty sure at least

    2. Jack Moyes says:

      It is a nice point for discussion, A Patient in some region is allowed to have 2.5 oz, you however delivered more than that to someone you even don’t know. Please see here for Craigslist Clone: http://www.ncrypted.net/craigslist-clone

    3. Mike says:

      Section 4E states a Caregiver may receive compensation from ANY registered patient with NO mention of being connected through the registry like it is stated for growing plants for YOUR 5 patients. The Supreme court ruling was for Patient to Patient compensation which has NOTHING to do with Caregiver to Patient Transfers period. The MMMP did not by accident forget to Put in Section 4 E that you have to be connected to patient to receive compensation because a patient is due a uninterrupted supply of medicine and if he cant find a caregiver he or she by law can seek out other caregivers for his or her uninterrupted supply of medicine that the LARA MMMP law says he is due to a sick patient.( sick patients ca not go to dispensaries anymore because they were ruled illegal) Furthermore as a caregiver not a patient you will have overages at certain times and the law cannot except you to throw out you overages thats why Section 4 E is in the LARA MMMP rules and Laws. Patients and caregivers are 2 totally diffferent people(caregivers cannot have drug felonies but a patient CAN have ANY felony and still get a patient card) and cannot be lumped together as the same in a supreme court ruling. Section 4 E was put in the MMMP LARA law for a reason and it does not matter if Schutte likes Section 4 e its there and clearly states A caregiver NOT a patient can receive compensation from any registered patient as voted on in NOV 2008 and passed by a landslide of 63% of Michigan voters, way more people voted for sick patients to have save access to medical marijuana than who voted for Bill Schutte for A.G. Dow chemical is the biggests pullutors in the world and Michigan and Bill Schuttes family and himself are major shareholders in this vile company and A.D. Schutte protects DOW no matter how many people they kill with their poision chemicals that are leaching into re lakes and ground water. look up DOW and see Schuttes step dad was the owner for years of DOW and old Bill protects DOW at all costs even if it means 100.s are killed or rippled by DOWS chemicals..

    4. The LAW says:

      Its only illegal on Craigslist because the police are creating fake Medical cards and tricking people into thinking their legal when they are not. They try to get 3 or more case’s against you and then hammer you. If you get a donation from a legal patient or caregiver while making a transfer, your case should be dismissed. The problem isn’t Craigslist, its the cops that are entrapping people.

    5. John,
      I have an idea that will help. It may not help you, but it will help us, and OUR LAW. The idea is simple….

      Stop being a dumb-ass and abusing our law!

      A PATIENT in Michigan is allowed to have 2.5 oz, you however delivered more than that, to someone you don’t even know, and for top dollar street value at that.

      Call it a donation, call it a sale, call it whatever you want, I call it a huge black mark on OUR LAW, that could have been avoided if dumb-asses like you would stop abusing it.

      Red flags were all over the place telling you not to do what you did. A) you did NOT KNOW THE PERSON! (dumbass-move 1) B) You advertised the SALE OF MARIJUANA on a PUBLIC ***WORLDWIDE*** FORUM (dumbass-move 2) C) he wanted a QUARTER POUND when he was only allowed 2.5 oz. You delivered. (dumbass-move 3) D) He told you he intended to take this “medical marijuana” out of town. Did you bother to worry about him crossing state lines with the ILLEGALLY OBTAINED marijuana that he got from YOU? (dumbass-move 4)

      Really, I could keep going all day pointing out the dumbass moves you made, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t “get it” any ways.

      The best advice I can give you is, either wait for recreational marijuana to become legal, or find another way to support your greed.

      This law was not made for you!

      I’m sorry, but you should simply stop abusing our law, and go vote for cannabis to be LEGAL on all levels – a great cause, that unfortunately for you – has not been passed yet.

      Go vote to change the laws. Right now you are simply breaking them.

    6. john doe says:

      JOHN DOE 21,I am a registered mmmp.i am authorized to possess plants for personal use.i had a harvest and decided to post an add on craigslist to donate the extra amount.i had 4 oz of 3 different types of marijuana.all of the marijuana had just been picked off the tree hours before i was arrested.i recieved a call of a man claiming to be a cancer survivor and he said he was going out of town for a while and would need a decent amount to supply him as he is still in a great deal of pain.he requested 4 oz of marijuana and i replied to him that i do not sell marijuana i will donate it to him.and that i would accept a reasonable donation from him also.long story short a buddy of mine was with me during this whole time and i asked him to drive with 2 oz of the wet marijuana while i followed him to the local gas station where i was to meet the patient.he pulled up,i got out of my car and into his.he then put a stack of money infront of me,i told him i only had 2 oz of wet (not usable) marijuana on me but i can get him more.he agreed to donate $600 for 2 oz.i told him i would have to get the other 2 from a friend that was in the gas station at the time.he wasnt very happy that i had to get out of the car to get the rest.i then went to my friends car and got 2 oz more then gave it to him through the driver side window he gave me the rest of the money i walked back to my car next thing i know 5 cops with masks and guns run up to me and my friend with HUGE guns drawn as if they were hunting a serial killer.they took $1200 cash ,4 oz wet marijuana and my truck.he had showed me his medical marijuana hard card and his drivers liscence.

    7. Jeanne says:

      Well ,you can get every thing and anything on Craigslist, why not medical cannabis.

    8. Sick Guy says:

      I am new to the area and disabled and if it were not for craigslist I would have been suck with my local dispensary. The dispensary charged 400 an oz for bud that would be like cardboard, have seeds or even pockets of rot in the middle of the bud. I eventually made my way to craigslist and got connected with a caregiver that was willing to supply me top shelf meds at half the price I was getting the poo poo for. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Law would have not worked out for me if it were not for craigslist. Go knock budtrader or all the illegal growers in your area or something. Please leave us sick people alone and do proper research before you post such damaging articles…

      [Editor’s note: Just because this legally questionable service has worked for you SO FAR, this is no reason to not to warn other qualified patients about the problematic practice of trying to buy ‘medical’ cannabis online through any outlets…]

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