Gender Differences in Support for Legalization

  • by Sabrina Fendrick August 17, 2011

    In national polls, women statistically are more resistant to the idea of legalization than men. For example, the latest Angus-Reid poll showed male support for marijuana legalization at 57% while female support lags at 53%. More dramatically, a 2010 Gallup poll showed women trailing men by ten percentage points (41%-51%) in their support for legalization. It is arguably impossible to reach strong majority support for marijuana legalization as long as this gender gap remains.

    We as reformers must do more than just acknowledge this gender gap exists; we must close it. To do so, however, we must first understand why women are less likely to support marijuana legalization than men. Specifically, are there particular concerns regarding the legalization and regulation of cannabis that are held by a majority of women but not a majority of men? In an attempt to answer this question, the NORML Women’s Alliance is conducting the following poll. By conducting this and similar polls and by analyzing the results, NORML hopes to find ways to better target women with more persuasive messaging as we seek to close the existing gender gap and continue to move public support in favor of ending marijuana prohibition.

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    2. Raven says:

      Most of the replies above are from men and should be discounted as the question asked is asked of women. As a woman, I’ve smoked for years (close to 50) and have many women friends who smoke. I own my own home, have raised 4 kids on my own, worked enough to receive social security, etc. etc. like very many women. There was/is the fear of having my home, children, etc. taken away because of the illegality of using this medicine/plant. BUT, for me it’s a life saver and reliever of migraine pain, of leveling out anxiety, bi-polar, and when I had them, my period pains (which turned out to be endometriosis – (sp)).

      Why don’t women get together to promote this medicine/plant? Because, men take away. They take away everything for any little infraction of the rules. They don’t pay us enough and charge extra for the same thing. (check out the price of deoderants for men and women made by the same company with the same ingredients – women pay an average of $2 more for the same product). We are hamstrung and are desperately trying to stay safe.

      The way out of second class citizenship is to get involved and stand up to get the rights we are guaranteed(?). After all, we don’t really have those rights right now. Might as well go after them. AND, I realize that there is a very lot at stake, especially when you’re trying to take care of the kids that the men have abandoned.

      I realize that not all men are idiots. But, the laws created by men are idiotic as they try and keep us “pure”.

      Fight back in any way you can.

    3. Jeanne says:

      Men rational thinkers, who are you kidding?? I don’t belive the idea that women are buying into propaganda, that plays on our emotions! We do not beleive everything that is told to us. I really resent that statement, we are alot smarter than you men give us credit for Liberty First.
      We want cannabis legal also,just not medical but also for fun!!!

    4. Jeanne says:

      Women had the power to stop alcohol prophibition, so why not this prohibition of marijuana??? This goverment think women don’t know what is what. This goverment is in for a big shock, when women change this stupid law ,that were put in place by men. Who didn’t even read what they are signing. Sad state of affairs when you just sign you name and don’t know what it is!!

    5. Longtime Puffer says:

      Hey Manford, how you doing?

      I told my wife about this poll yesterday, and she reminded me that many of her co-workers, mostly women, smoke herb. ‘Course that’s just one example; I’m sure there are plenty of examples that contradict that.

      But I’m so out of the loop theze days that I didn’t even realize Coca Cola was still around! lol Hey, I HAVE become quite the light weight!

    6. randy says:

      i think pot should be legal it is solmething god lets grow makes you happpy what the problem it make america richer if it was legal all these druggiest would have to work insteed of ripping people off of here money and controling others with there power wake up america make it legal reap the harvest if you like money if not dont make it legal it just dam weeds thatg can make amerfica rich again

    7. Liberty First says:

      Men are more likely to be rational thinkers and see through the hypocrisy and the damage prohibition actually causes. Women are more likely to buy into propaganda that plays on their emotions.

    8. Joel: the other Joel says:

      During the late 1980’s, politicians boaster loudly in favoring cannabis prohibition. Now the prohibitionist candidates are avoiding the issue. I’ve wonder why?

      Prohibitionist propaganda are specially geared towards women and children. The children are the prohibitionist main target because they are much easier to persuade and to exploit.
      Prohibitionist are recruiting children anyway they can.
      Parents must support or join with the prohibition group to be recognized as a true responsible parent or else be on secret probation.
      That is the prohibition goal for a cannabis-free community.
      Prohibition slogan: “It seems okay if you don’t think about it”

      End prohibition. VOTE!

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