Congressman Dennis Kucinich speaks at Seattle Hempfest

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator August 21, 2011

    MOXNews.com was in the crowd at the Main Stage as Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich addressed the 20th Anniversary Seattle Hempfest.

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    1. devin d says:


    2. ron mayberry says:

      that was powerful. the man sounds presidential. great day to hear a politician speak the truth. love you seattle hempfest.

    3. ron mayberry says:

      this congressman has commented on my every issue i feel will either change our future for the better because to fail would be too costly for generations to come.

    4. Chris Hernandez says:

      I am so glad that there are real people in this world, Dennis and Ron being among these. Freedom rings lol

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    6. Jim Rogers says:

      How can we get more people like Dennis Kucinich to speak on the people’s behalf. Why is it that the number of politicians occupying congress can’t understand what we would like them to accomplish. How can we get rid of the one’s who don’t listen to the want’s and need’s of the people. Rep. Kucinich knows, and a few other bold congressmen,but the majority seem to be just plain bought and sold,and paying homage to the lobbyists and not the people.
      Maybe if we all stopped paying taxes like the corporations,maybe they would start listening,and once again we might have a little control over our government.

    7. Jim Rogers says:

      It’s time to bring an end to the Empire of the United States,and rebuild a country of,by,and for the PEOPLE.

    8. Owen says:

      Hey Dennis, this is the Seattle Hempfest. TALK ABOUT LEGALIZATION.NOTHING BUT LEGALIZATION. This is not a presidential campaign.

    9. Timothy E. Williams II says:

      we need to have some sort of rally here in ohio,

    10. Booby says:

      Let’s be like Lybia!

    11. Calcula7ed says:

      I’ve always liked CDK. Good man with a good message.

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    13. Booby says:

      The dea be better off trying to find missing persons than a weed. People are turning up dead when found. Too much attention on one and not enough on the missing. Will this be discussed at the meeting?

    14. Yea he is real. Here in ohio he has been a good leader. Its the media driven by hidden agends that try to make him out to be misguided but people that he has helped kept him in office. But finally the corporate have figured out how to eliminate him. America give him your support. He is real.

    15. barry says:

      Dennis Kucinich is THE MAN

    16. Ralph Carson says:

      Why is dennis reading from his e-device if he is speaking from his heart? Rodger Goodman didn’t!

    17. barry says:

      thanks Russ

    18. Sammy says:

      Freedom is not being afraid to use Marijuana .In this Country you are arrested for it . You’ll be jailed by a Government who will not give you your freedom . In America you’ll be jailed for selling lemonade .

    19. Little Gypsy says:

      He sounds like a politician. Long winded. Edit out the eight minutes that did not relate to marijuana.

    20. Brandon says:

      Any early analysis of how big the crowd was?

    21. Graeme says:

      Anybody know where I can find a transcript of Kucinich’s speach?

    22. The Road Runner - Meep! Meep! says:

      Government is bankrupt of morals and ethics – and – it is hardly in a position to defy the will of the people. We “must” make it sit up and pay attention – and – quit its odoriferous actions. Would it seem possible that it is intentionally picking a fight with the American people – or – could it just be its elitist arrogance. Is it raising its ugly head and showing its ugly face with an agenda.

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    24. david says:

      I would love to thank CONGRESSMAN DENNIS KUCINICH for all that he is doing for the weed and for the people.I just wish every one in office was like him in ky and i have kin people in ohio lots of them that i am going to tell what a great job he is doing to help get ower wrights back so we all can use weed for medican or what ever.I would love to have one of those marches in ohio and ky,I live in ky and had cancer surgery and the pills where killing me faster but i decided to use the weed for my medican and not the pills for them dam pills where killing me and now that i went back to smoking pot i am doing 100 times better on the pot then i did on the pills,If i would have keep taking those high powered oc 80 mg. pills for pain i would be dead.Why can not ower goverment see that pills like they have me on kill people every day in ky and every state those pills kill people and you get hooked on them.It just about killed me even trying to get off those pills.Pot i can smoke every day for a month then just stop with no problem but you nor i can do that on pills.I see now why the crim rate is so high in ky once you get on them pills people will kill to get them,pot is not like that pot heals you and pills kill you and i learnd that the hard way from taking the pills that my cancer dr, gave me but i will never take those pills no more for they just about took my life and i thank GOD every day for helping me get pot to use as my medican now i am pills free,I would rather be in jail then to ever take pills again and I am going to use pot for my medican legal or not for i love my life better then pills.PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING FOR OWER WRITES SO PEOPLE LIKE ME IN KY CAN ONE DAY SMOKE IN PEACE AND NOT HAVE THE WORIE OF JAIL.

    25. Shmuck says:

      This schmuck is wondering

      why is cannabis illegal

    26. Shmuck says:

      While I await for the moderator to decide, and figure it out, might I consume a little bitty bandwidh to say


    27. Shmuck says:

      If Pray for your only soul

      When you come in front of The Highest Court

      Offer some Cannabis

    28. GS says:

      Just hope that the government doesn’t give him (Kucinich) the Marc Emery treatment…. (Make too much noise and they will find a way to suppress you)

    29. mike says:

      why did Denise vote for OBAMA CARE HIS VOTE VOTE WAS CRITICAL and he left it pass DONT BELIEVE any politician they all lie only looking for votes and do whatever they want or there BUDDIES need a hand making MONEY

    30. The American Genesist says:

      Dennis Kucinich is more than obviously a progressive. They want cannabis to be legal – BUT – they also want our freedom to be illegal. That’s a lousy trade off. Washington is all about “trade offs.” Our problem is – “We don’t have anything to trade.”

    31. Free America says:

      A great speech. Paul / Kucinich 2012!

    32. Joey says:

      @#9, Owen, I agree entirely.

      @#17, Ralph, I was thinking the exact same thing. He went to Grad school for Communication and Speech and he is a horrible public speaker who stumbled over parts of his own speech while spending more time looking at his device than the people. The demand he should be making is for a refund on his education. This was horrible. If these are things he is truly passionate about, he should be so well practiced in speaking the truth that he shouldn’t even need notes for this speech.

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