Ask the Republican Candidates Where They Stand on Cannabis Reform

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director September 12, 2011

    Google and Fox News will host a debate between Republican primary candidates in Orlando on September 22nd. Similar to the “social media townhalls” President Obama has previously hosted, this debate will consist exclusively of questions submitted by the public. This forum provides advocates with a unique opportunity to put these presidential hopefuls on record regarding their position on marijuana law reform.

    NORML has submitted a question for consideration:

    “As president, would you stand up for states’ rights by ending federal marijuana prohibition and allow them to experiment with models of decriminalization and legalization without federal interference?”

    Here is how you can voice your support and promote this question:

    Step 1: Go to Fox News’ Youtube page here.

    Step 2: Click the “Vote” tab at the top of the page.

    Step 3: In the topics box, select “Social Issues”

    Step 4: Click “Video Questions.”

    Step 5: You should see our video question towards the top of the list, look for the NORML logo in the thumbnail. Click the thumbs up icon next to the question.

    The current line up of candidates have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from the current policies of President Obama, yet most have remained silent on the topic of marijuana law reform (that is, of course, excluding Ron Paul). Take a moment of your time to vote up our question, if these candidates want your vote, don’t you deserve to know where they stand on cannabis?

    70 Responses to “Ask the Republican Candidates Where They Stand on Cannabis Reform”

    1. kathryn says:

      I sent one of the HB Petition to my state Rep. Chaffetz, in Utah. He sent me an email back that said marijuana has no know medical uses and therefor would not support any changes in law….go figure. You can bet Huntsman and Romney think the same.

    2. Bongstar420 says:

      The editor is right…End of story guys and gals. Reality is what it is. I commend NORML for their blog policies as it is better to throw in those editor’s notes then deleting off topic comments like “Vote for my candidate” which always includes much more than ending Cannabis prohibition. Period

    3. Marvin says:

      I watched about 3/4 of the debate. Saw no cannabis related questions and assume none were asked at all. Disgusted but not surprised at all.

    4. Owen says:

      As expected, the fix was in. No questions about pot.

    5. Robert says:

      Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are your the only guys you should consider if this is issue as important as I think it is. And remember, when Gary Johnson ran for governor of NM, noone gave him an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning. Watch the debate tonight, he is finally back in. It will be nice to have two pro-cannabis candidates on stage at the same time.
      As for Obama? Fuhgedaboutit. He has shown himself to be a total hypocrite.

    6. mark says:

      I recieved my Congressional reps response, for him to support decriminilization. Dr Tom Price informed me, that he works for all people interests in his district.

      I guess the folks of atlanta don’t smoke pot or do any of the other items that trans-ship through atlanta. We are one of the leaders in narco trafficing. Thus, the K-9 units stationed in and out of the metero area along the interstates.

    7. stoneman says:

      Its one day before this debate and all the marijuana related questions are gone from the list for voting? Someone tell me why? A week ago there were several marijuana law reform questions and now none. How corupt are these people, NORML come on cant we do something?

    8. Amanda says:

      Although I am very happy to see prospective presidential candidates supporting our cause it is quite obvious that they are using Marijuana prohibition as a way to get single issue voters to vote for them.

      I Support their cause in marijuana reform but let us all realize that this is not the only issue that is important in a candidate.

      Questions should ask about their support of the HR2306 bill.

    9. Dr. Greensleeves says:

      Linking this article to a Fox News related YouTube site is both insulting to the intelligence of the people here and a slap in the face towards our goal. How can you be unbiased about this issue when Fox is consistently one-sided? And it’s not OUR side either. This is rather embarrassing. Imo, Fox “Views” and NORML shouldn’t even be used in the same context as one another.

    10. KevStr says:

      Okay, I just searched and could not find your question anywhere in “Social Issues” category! This is B.S.

      Also, to the Editor, you are way off base about Ron Paul. He is electable, his popularity is growing every day and although he has not received alot of votes in the past, a large part of the independent/Republican base are starting to agree with his ideas now about limiting the Federal government. Furthermore, unless you want to be saying, “President Perry” after the 2012 election you should change your tune. Obama is a fake and a liar. Even the most liberal of my friends are registering to vote in the Republican primaries for Ron Paul to ensure he is the (R) running against Obama. Peace!

      [Editor’s note: NORML is both a long term supporter of Rep. Paul and is a non-partisan organization. Analytically speaking, Ron Paul is both too old and too unelectable to win either the GOP nomination or in a general election against a sitting president. Historically, members of the House don’t get elected president and theirs are usually vanity campaigns to draw attention to themselves and the issues they care about.

      While it does not appear that either Paul or Johnson are getting much traction in the GOP race to date, it behooves cannabis law reform efforts that libertarian-leaning candidates like Paul and Johnson are pursuing the GOP nomination.]

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