Congressman Steve Cohen Demands The Obama Administration Reschedule Marijuana

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director September 13, 2011

    Tennessee Congressman Steven Cohen (D) is urging the Obama administration to rethink its support for the criminal prohibition of marijuana. Rep. Cohen is a longtime critic of marijuana prohibition (Watch him grill FBI Director Robert Mueller over the claim that cannabis is a ‘gateway drug’ here) and a primary co-sponsor of HR 2306: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011.

    This week, Rep. Cohen sent a letter to Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske calling on the agency to support changing marijuana’s status as a schedule I prohibited drug and to respect the laws of states that have legalized it for its medical utility.

    “There is no evidence that marijuana has the same addictive qualities or damaging consequences as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine,” states Cohen, “and should not be treated as such.”

    He adds: “We should not deny the thousands of Americans who rely on the benefits that marijuana provides. I strongly recommend that this administration allow states that have chosen to legalize medical marijuana to enact strong regulations without fear of prosecution. [W]e should not interfere with the will of the people to enact these compassionate laws.”

    You can view the entirety of his letter below:

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    1. Joey says:

      Perhaps you could show the Obama Administration where Washington (state) is being pushed to legalize marijuana and they figure it will bring in an extra 215 million dollars annually to the state in taxes. I’m sure every state and even the country, itself, could use the tax money. Not to mention, this cuts out all the drug cartels, the illegal immigrants and anyone else sneaking over the border to get marijuana here. If its legal, then they just screws their business completely and there will be no need to sneak it in anymore. I’m pretty sure that saves the country a lot of money too.

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    4. Oppie says:

      All of you talking about the obama needing to be re-elected that way he can legalize MJ in his second term, DONT BE SO NAIVE!

      To those of you that dont actually understand the tea party, dont base your opinion of it off of Sarah Palin and the other goons. Ron Paul is the father of the tea party, and he is in full support of legalizing MJ, he is in full support of all of our own rights, and state rights. Limiting the FEDs power. He is our only hope for the 2012 election. No more talking about what we need to do, and no more whining about how our government wont let me wah wah wah., Get your asses out and Do something about it!

    5. slojoe says:

      I can appreciate what Mr. Cohen is doing but really its up to Obama. He could tell Gil to shut up and listen but he wont becouse he is SCARED. I agree with what david 762 and Jeanne said, Obama needs to show some LEADERSHIP and show them republicans who is BOSS!!! especialy John Boehner!!!

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