If There Were Ever A Pro-Marijuana Video To Go Viral, This Is It

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director November 18, 2011

    THE BEST 4 MINUTES ABOUT MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION YET SPOKEN—Do your part—Help this piece go viral! G.R.

    By George Rohrbacher, NORML Board of Directors, medical marijuana patient

    In the decade that I’ve been on NORML’s board, I’ve worked with scores of bright, accomplished and passionate advocates for ending America’s 74-years of marijuana prohibition. Like never before, these voices are building into a chorus calling for the end of this cruel prohibition, whose penalties are suffered most by the poor, the young and people of color. This disastrous prohibition has led to the arrest of over 22 million Americans on marijuana charges since 1965.

    Last week, dripping with irony, at the very same time the Obama Administration was stiffing the American public’s most popular action petition (for marijuana legalization) and was declaring all-out war on medical marijuana through the DOJ, IRS, etc., at this very same moment in history, we saw the huge verification of the success of NORML’s steady approach, the fruit of decades of work changing public opinion on subject of pot legalization. FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1969, WHEN GALLUP POLLS STARTED ASKING THE QUESTION—50% OF AMERICANS NOW BELIEVE MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL!!

    Reflecting on achieving this auspicious milestone of public opinion, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell gives America the very best 4 min. on marijuana legalization we have ever heard. He asks the question, how public opinion could have grown to 50%, while support in the US Senate for legalization still stays at 0%. How, he asks, can America’s politicians, law enforcement and judges callously stand by while millions of young lives are wrecked by marijuana prohibition?

    O’Donnell, formerly chief of Staff for the Senate Finance Committee, has gone toe-to-toe with the movers and shakers in government many times before. But this time, on the subject of marijuana legalization, O’Donnell does some of his finest work. With arguments as razor-sharp as a battle axe, he relentlessly chops away at the system that gives us marijuana prohibition and enforced by alcohol-sodden public officials stewing in hypocrisy. O’Donnell’s piece should be linked to all marijuana-related communications you send out in the coming year, sent to everyone on your email list, every single public official.

    Please, help this piece go VIRAL, where it belongs!

    134 responses to “If There Were Ever A Pro-Marijuana Video To Go Viral, This Is It”

    1. ron says:

      Way to go!! Two thumb up. so true very true!!

    2. I personally think marijuana should be decriminalized so it will not be taxed/over taxed, but the economy would really be helped out and given jobs to the people that need it the most…. Join The 420 Club on google +

    3. Give me a break! I’d much rather be with pot smokers than drunks! Most drunks want to fight, be nasty, get loud, etc. When people I know smoke, they chill and get the munchies, and I’m 63 years old.
      They are afraid they can’t tax it, but I’ll most of them smoke reefer!

    4. Oh, I meant to say I’ll bet most of them smoke reefer!

    5. Regina says:

      Man, this message tells it all point blank!

    6. bill says:

      he should be awarded for saying all that

    7. aces22 says:

      This is a start on a good path.We need people that have louder voices than us.The little guy!For the people out there that want leaglization need to go about it a new way.Dont show them how much yoou want it show them how much money can be made on it.As im sure u know marijuana can be used for many positive ways.Not just getting high!New cash crop think about it.

    8. Suriken says:

      There won’t be any pro legalization video’s soon if SOPA passes,In my opinion.I believe it’s another ploy to keep us separate,I think they fear us.

    9. Price Charles says:

      Corruption of lawmakers in key positions by Big-Pharma CEO’s. (www.contact-the-ceo.com) Now, if we could only get this same type of info on politicians, these State Corporations would have a much harder time of enacting their Fascism against the intent of a majority of Americans when it involves issues like Medical Marijuana. As always jurisprudence!

    10. Becca says:

      This seems like a spoof video…

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