Senator Mitch McConnell Thinks Pot Kills – Time for a #RealityCheck

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director March 14, 2012

    “Because of the harm that substances like marijuana and other narcotics pose to our society, I have concerns about this legislation. The detrimental effects of drugs have been well documented: short-term memory loss, loss of core motor functions, heightened risk of lung disease, and even death.”

    No, that is not a quote from 1936’s Reefer Madness, it came from the mouth of current Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and it happened in 2012.

    Prohibitionist arguments have always been quite laughable, the government originally warned of the dangers of reefer addicted jazz musicians and immigrants corrupting our youth and harming women. However, we’ve come a long way since the 1930’s and the fact that a high ranking elected official in the 21st century can say something so blatantly untrue with a straight face is disturbing at best. Centuries worth of use and countless volumes of research prove Senator McConnell’s statement to be nothing more than lies and scaremongering. Perhaps the good Senator should do some research of his own, if he did he’d find that inhaled cannabis has been shown safe and effective in trials using FDA’s own ‘gold standard’ method.

    As long as our representatives in Congress hold such archaic, patently false views on marijuana our efforts to end prohibition will forever be stymied. We need to hold our politicians accountable and if they continue to make statements such as these, they will lose our support come election time. Help us give Senator Mitch McConnell a #RealityCheck by tweeting your displeasure with his recent statements:

    @Team_Mitch: Centuries of use and decades of research say you’re wrong. Deaths from marijuana = 0. #RealityCheck

    More info and a link to the original constituent letter are available here.

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    2. Troy says:

      Weed kills?!?! Holy shit! I need to quit!

    3. cassy says:

      legalize it

    4. cassy says:

      recheck yourself MITCH .POT DONT KILL……………….ACT?IONS DO,marijuana deaths=o if it is capable of curing then why is it being mentioned as a drug that is killing…..wow .you need a reality check senator i argue against that.think about it peoples actions sre what kills marijuana alone is unharmful proven studies noone is capable of overdose

    5. fools says:

      Whoops, dumb phone likes to change my words sometimes. Let’s try that again. We will win, they WILL lose. :)

    6. fools says:

      Most will be happy to know that fools like this are becoming rarer and rarer among us everyday. :). We will win, they willise. Period. Legalize it.

    7. Jerry Cook says:

      Thanks John Silverton, so true.
      For vested interests, the entire legal system & biz of prisons backed by military is huge wasted cost in cash and lives-largest on planet and increasing.
      As you also say, both tobacco & alcohol have big vested interests. Mitch shows his tobacco interests over truth.
      You can also add Big Pharma to that list. And the odd mix of ind. hemp (Anslinger lies made them one, sweet hemp/ganja & ind. hemp) is added due to other fibre makers, plastics, cotton, wood pulp opposing. There are also food interests opposing.

      Thats a lot of money on control lies for truth to overcome.
      But what is happening is that truth is bringing change anyhow. All that money will not stop it inevitably. Its wasted cost. The cartels are the big winners too. This insanity is now being seen.

      The states are forcing change as are other places on planet. The people who learn the truth, you and many of us know already, are being heard louder and larger.
      Truth will prevail and this golden broad use plant will be a part of the world’s lives in all its uses as it was before the early 1900’s, even more so. H Fords idea of uses will happen, and so much more.

      Its in the fastest change right now since 1937 and it won’t be stopped, even by Fed Terrorism of states and people, and those ignorants/bought offs in each state, or huge money control of the Fed.
      The truth, due to the net, and so many of us on Earth, all levels, talking, is the larger wealth, that ends the truth being hidden & legislated against any longer by any buy off money.
      Fewer people will vote for lies and those who support that.

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