Butte, CA Snatches Children from Marijuana Patients

  • by Sabrina Fendrick March 16, 2012


    At 8am on the morning of September 29, 2011, the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force (BINTF) forced entry into the home of Daisy Bram and her husband Jayme Walsh. Law enforcement officers arrested the couple and working jointly with Child Protective Services, seized their children — including their 3-week-old suckling newborn, Zeus, who was violently ripped from his mother’s arms.   He and his 15-month-old brother, Thor, were snatched and placed in a stranger’s home. Neither of these nursing babies had ever been away from their parents.

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    Three weeks prior, on September 7, 2011, after a summer of watching sheriff’s helicopters fly over the area, two Butte County Sheriff’s deputies trespassed onto a clearly marked private road, maneuvered around a locked/gated driveway, and onto the property of Daisy and Jayme’s remote home on a mountain in Concow, California. They were there for a “compliance check”.

    [A “compliance check” is a convenient excuse created by local county law enforcement used solely for the purpose of unlawfully obtaining access to private homes to investigate legal medicinal cannabis gardens for potential arrest and prosecution.]

    During this “compliance check” police assured Daisy’s husband that “…everything looks okay… good luck with the baby.” The necessary and appropriate valid medical paperwork was and is in order.

    The couple has since been charged with eight class A felonies, six relating to cannabis and two charges of child abuse). After a preliminary hearing, at which Jayme Walsh represented himself and Bram, they had the good fortune of retaining attorneys Michael Levinsohn and Jen Reeder.   The child related charges, and one cannabis related charge were dismissed, leaving five remaining criminal cannabis charges. One of the most disturbing factors in this nightmare is that there has never been any attempt by prosecutors to verify the validity of their status as qualified patients in the state of California.  Both Walsh and Bram have legal state-recognized recommendations for medical marijuana.

    UPDATE [3/13/12] – Butte County Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Greeson, re-filed felony child abuse and misdemeanor child endangerment charges, against Daisy Bram (www.freemybabies.org). Daisy and her husband Jayme Walsh are medical cannabis patients in Butte County.  Their 3 week old and 15 month-old children were taken and held by Butte County CPS for more than four months, following the parents arrest for cannabis.

    Tamara Lujan, NORML Women’s Alliance Community Leader for Butte County issued the following statement:

    “Considering the felony and misdemeanor charges were dropped, and are now being re-filed after public outcry and the filing for a Grand Jury Investigation, we can come to no other conclusion except this is a retaliatory measure, from the Butte County DA’s office.”

    The outrage over this incident has driven several local residents to come forward with similar complaints regarding the misconduct of the BINTF and Child Services Division of Butte County (which leads all of California’s large counties in the percentage rate of permanent removal of children from parents).  As a result, the NORML Women’s Alliance has filed an official request for an investigation by the Grand Jury in Butte County (including a financial audit).  On Friday March 9th, the NWA, along with Butte County residents, put forward a complaint to the Grand Jury of Butte requesting an investigation into the County Children Services Division for the agency’s perceived and widespread misconduct.  The findings in the people’s request include numerous testimonials from directly affected persons, submitted herein via the GRAND JURY COMPLAINT FORMS, which specify various and detailed claims of CSD misdeeds.

    To see the full press click here.

    “We thank the Grand Jury for its time, consideration and diligence in pursing our request. Only when government agencies have proper oversight can we as a community rest assured that corruption, abuse and other misdeeds are kept in check and deterred. Together We the People of Butte County and the Grand Jury can make these necessary strides of investigation and oversight to ensure all Butte families are truly served well, and are safe and secure at home.” – Tamara Lujan (NWA Butte County Community Leader)

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    137 responses to “Butte, CA Snatches Children from Marijuana Patients”

    1. Lori Emmons says:

      This is absolutely outrages, I cannot believe what I heard. The Arrest. I hope they file a civil suit. This should NEVER have happened, especially in this way.

    2. Danial says:

      To take peoples young children away like that for cannabis let alone under medical prescription is cruel and uncalled for. These government agency are put in place to protect us not traumatize us, our children, or violate our rites as US citizens and more importantly human beings. Especially if the agency violently removed a 3 week old from their mothers arms due to how dependent the mental and physical state of a child that young is upon their mother.

    3. Fireweed says:

      Two steps forward, one GIANT step back…the fight goes on. Too bad small children have to pay the price. What harm could come? The children accidentally eat a few leaves?

    4. Galileo Galilei says:

      Drug War cruelty.

    5. Guest says:

      This shit has to end now!

    6. The Jazz Cat says:

      Perfect example of how knowing your legal rights (or what is left of them) is so important in this day an age. I don’t know specifically what the medicinal laws are like in CA, but unless there’s a provision that says you automatically consent to a search of your home by having a license, those cops definitely broke a lot of laws. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter after the fact.

      Remember kids: You do NOT have to let a police officer in to your home without a warrant. In fact, you don’t even have to answer the door. If they have a legal right to come in to your house, they will break the door down regardless of if you answer or not.

    7. Pam says:

      gawd, that made me so sick to hear! An infant, ripped from his loving mother’s arms over a plant. A PLANT!!! What has happened to our society?!!! Near the end when the mother asks “do you feel good about this?” I can’t help but feel a bit sick to my stomach and think that yes, they the cops probably DO feel good over their actions because they’re ignorant and cruel. They’re a heartless bunch who don’t care about the people they’re supposed to “protect and serve”, they’re just on a damn power trip and this type of garbage lifts them up.

    8. fishcreekbob says:


    9. jared says:

      I wonder how much good they think they do, taking away kids for 4 months. Congratulations on psychologically fucking up innocent children for life, over a plant. But as much as I like smoking pot, whether they use it medicinally or not, they shouldn’t have their kids around stuff that is still federally considered illegal. As stupid as that is, it’s something I would have a hard time doing as a parent. We all know it ISN’T dangerous, but corrupt government agencies have no qualms fucking up people’s lives over a plant. It’s the reality of America unfortunately.

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