Oaksterdam’s Richard Lee speaks out on federal raids of his university and home

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator April 5, 2012

    Oaksterdam founder Richard lee

    On today’s episode of NORML SHOW LIVE we spoke live with Richard Lee, founder of Oaksterdam University.  Click this link to hear the interview.

    Richard told me he’s doing as well as can be expected when federal agents violate your home and business.  He tells us the nature of the federal warrants that were served Monday in early morning raids.

    Richard was “treated well” by the authorities – “they didn’t even break anything,” he told us – and he was not arrested, though that possibility still exists.

    Most remarkably, Richard expressed an optimistic view that these actions will galvanize the public opinion even more in our favor for ending this tragic medical marijuana crackdown.

    Richard reminded us that juries cannot be punished for their verdicts and urged everyone to work hard to get on jury duty so we can begin to dismantle the prosecution of prohibition.

    In closing, he lamented the IRS tax charges being used against him and others in the cannabis industry.  “They can’t have it both ways,” he complained about the government’s claim he owes taxes on something that is illegal.  “No taxation without legalization!”

    Join with Richard Lee and NORML in demanding an end to federal raids.  Make President Obama keep his campaign pledge to not devote federal resources to prosecuting medical marijuana providers that are in compliance with state law.

    68 Responses to “Oaksterdam’s Richard Lee speaks out on federal raids of his university and home”

    1. George says:

      Revolutionary War was a waste of time

    2. steve strand says:


    3. Luis says:

      I will not give my vote to help Obama if he does not stop this BS!

    4. Ll says:

      That’s brilliant!

      The IRS has specific tax rates on nearly everything. Just what exactly does the IRS tax code say is the tax rates on cannabis? I’d like to see an IRS lawyer answer that under oath.

    5. kaimana misshmacon says:

      I’m baffled the bust him for not paying taxes on something that’s illegal and can’t be taxed…That’s our USA

    6. mellissa riley says:

      I wish they would Jus legalize med maryjane.I’m a chronic pain paitient & on all kinds of addicting prescribed legally & here in Florida 6 ppl die every 20 mins of legal prescribed drug overdoses.When have u ever heard of maryjane killing someone? Go ahead I’ll wait for you to answer. U can’t!!!

    7. SaraC says:

      Richard, come to Colorado. We’re almost as nice as Cali and definitely nicer weather than Oakland, not as rainy, and no earthquakes.

    8. DK says:

      If everyone in America stopped doing any kind of illegal drugs for one year, the government would go broke.All law enforcement would lose massive overtime. The private prison system would possibly fail as a business. They couldn’t afford to continue paying police when there was no (crime?) Hey, what the heck, I’ll do it if everyone else does ! One year to see them have to spend time on real crime ?

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