Obama To Rolling Stone: We’re Not Going To Legalize Weed Anytime Soon

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director April 25, 2012

    From Politico:

    President Obama clarified his position on medical marijuana in an interview with Rolling Stone, telling publisher Jann Wenner that he can’t “nullify congressional law.”

    “What I specifically said was that we were not going to prioritize prosecutions of persons who are using medical marijuana. I never made a commitment that somehow we were going to give carte blanche to large-scale producers and operators of marijuana – and the reason is, because it’s against federal law. I can’t nullify congressional law,” Obama said.

    “I can’t ask the Justice Department to say, ‘Ignore completely a federal law that’s on the books.’ What I can say is, ‘Use your prosecutorial discretion and properly prioritize your resources to go after things that are really doing folks damage.’ As a consequence, there haven’t been prosecutions of users of marijuana for medical purposes,” Obama said.

    Obama also said in a late night TV appearance Tuesday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, that he didn’t expect Congress to change that law: “We’re not going to be legalizing weed … anytime soon.”

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    1. No yall need to legal weed. In ever state. And how is it against the law , if it a plant that grows on the ground. It was put on this earth for a reason, cause if it wasn’t here,then how did it get here on earth.you dont know were it came from. Cause you know god didn’t put it here on this earth.
      Now in my opinion why have guns if there here to kill people. An all you do is smoke weed and relax. An chill and word.cause you kno cops smoked weed an the gorerments to some were in line.and as in kids you should be only allowed to have two to 3kids and thats its.and out there to all them girls out there layin on your back get ****** by ever dude and having kids for noreason. Thats not kool thats i believe is a *****.that is stupid as **** why do you wanna have some many damn kids..about that baby thing after the girl haves two to 3kids tie her tubes and make it were she cant have anymore kids. Then they would be able to **** an not have no kids.
      As in you obama, have you ever smoked weed before if not or if so i want to smoke weed with you and see why you hate weed so much. And why what do the government has says in it OBAMA your the president. Why is that you got the government sayin you cant legalise weed. When your the president anit. That saposte to be the kind of the world . I dont understand why yall make it so hard for people in life . LOOOOk weed =money and you know what that means more money an it will get all that **** taken care of.

      I had wrote more down but its getting late so if yall wanna know more from. Me look me up on fb dooley bowman. Do you not kno how much the earth would be much more prettier. Im one for right now so write me on facebook. Cause i can keep on writing an telling you things. Ill try to make weed legal… Og Dooley Bowman

    2. neal says:

      look the govt is messed up any ways look at tis how they gettin payed $250000 a year for wat sayin no to tis an that. wat has the govt done good latley ill wait for a answer????? nothin at all. we have no jobs like our parents an grandparents had they graduated highschool mgo work some where for 20 years an retire. we dont have that privalage best job now a days is walmart haha. just legalizing weed would create jobs revenue and who knows wat else. just like tis bamboo is a resource that grows back within 7years it takes a tree double that if not longer. bamboo is stronger than wood so why not use bamboo ill tell u why the govt’s wallet is backed by timber companies an oil companies until shit changes up at the top nothing will get better. the richer get richer while the poorer get poorer. i know there is a bunch of garbage surronding the legalization of weed they (govt) saywell the mexican cartel will attack an we will have problems like the people in california. the reason people r dying over weed out there is cause u goin to legalize it in one state but not others. of course people r goin to attack. now if u legalized nationally all at once an all stores open at once u goin to solve 2 problems wit one stone. no more weed dealers an no attacks. the govt has taxes on tobacco an alchol which kill more americans dailey than bad weed deals thats the only way a person dies from weed bad deals. but in my mind if the govt wants to SAVE AMERICA they have to legalize weed. weed its the only thing we have left that can make a profit for the govt an solve a bunch of issues at once.hey they can even use weed to get people off of mental meds that r bad. but in my mind the govt will never legalize weed cause they are more worried about their (govt) money then the american people they could care less about us. but dont know where it says the american people have no rights and the politicans have all the rights. the american people are slaves and the politicans are our owners. nothing like being the govts bitches. all well life goes on peace out yall

    3. swerve says:

      i think that if one man can do it legaly than the whole USA should be able to we are all made equal right?

    4. 420 says:

      U never hear of people getting high and fighting, killing, or causing any kind of bad behavior like people do on alcohol . I think it’s way safer .

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