Iowa Democrats Add Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp to Party Platform

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director June 20, 2012

    Earlier this year, the Colorado Democrats announced their support for marijuana legalization in their 2012 party platform. On June 9th, the Texas Democrats endorsed marijuana decriminalization. Last weekend, the North Carolina Democratic Party added resolutions supporting medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Now, the Iowa Democratic party is the latest one lining up to support sensible marijuana laws.

    At their state convention on June 16th, the Iowa Democrats adopted their 2012 platform. Two of the policies endorsed within were medical cannabis use and the industrial cultivation of hemp. You can view the full 2012 Iowa Democratic Party platform here.

    Also worth noting, on June 2nd, the Washington State Democratic Party built upon their earlier endorsement of their state’s legalization initiative, I-502, by adding support for full marijuana legalization and medical cannabis as planks in their party platform. You can view the 2012 Washington State Democratic Party Platform here. Recent data from Public Policy Polling has shown the majority Washington State voters support I-502.

    18 Responses to “Iowa Democrats Add Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp to Party Platform”

    1. Ben says:

      I dont have MS or fibromyalgia, but marijuana does wonders for Acid Reflux and the pain from scoliosis..

    2. dra says:

      Hear ME OUT

      We need to have a add showing what legalization FIXES

      1.The drug dealers— They honestly don’t care if its a kid teen or adult they will sell, one time my guy was out and i was 17, hes like hey man im out but i got some coke if you wanna try, im like im good man. They also half the time have firearms

      2. What do some drug dealers do— they fule gangs and weapons and violence, and honestly being in a poor place, weeds there main source of income.

      3. if its legal here i don’t care what people say people are gonna buy it in the gas stations or what have you its not gonna be illegal, so that means all the money thats taxed (BIG BUCKS) are not going to the cartels big cripple

      4. A younger generation getting thrown in jail for minor possession costing jobs and college time… not to mention if it was legalized i can envision a huge boom in jobs

      5. Not only are these street thug dealers selling shit to our kids, there lacing it to add weight, or if they have crappy shit, they will lace it and market it as high grade shit, ive seen one of my guys shred chalk into weed not cool man…

      honestly now in this time and age… not 50% of all high schoolers cause ive been to multiple high school back in the day, maybe like 70, preps PREPS at BHS in the QC PREPS smoke weed… its time, we are not ignorant, it is not addictive, i used to smoke all day every day when i turned 18 i stopped no trouble, been smokeing cigs since i was 16 whitch btw was my first thing not weed, i smoke a pack a day ive tried quitting so many times its too hard…

      So Lets GET this info OUT now!!! Spread the word get a little bit aggressive ive never seen a more perfect time then now to push push push GO and free the weed!!!

    3. Dan says:

      How did this get to be a partisan issue? C’mon Republicans speak up! All the Iowa legislature has to do is ask our neighbors NE and MN how much they have saved in law enforcement funds by not arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating people for small amounts of marijuana. Iowans aren’t stupid, so why are we still in the Dark Ages on pot laws?

    4. nick d says:

      Iowa is not a “solidly republican” state. Don’t know what your opinion is based on, but it is actually a fairly balanced state. We are nearly always a swing state in federal elections. In 2000 we supported gore, in 2004 gw, in 2008 obama. We currently have a repub gov, but out last two were dems, and the current repub before them.

    5. Mark Krauss says:

      So where does it sit now ??????

    6. Austin says:

      Listen, Iowa is not a place that I love. I grew up there, west side of the state. But Iowa is NOT solidly republican. This will sound strange but they are a relatively progressive state. We were one of the first states to allow women to vote, voting in the right of people in the gay community to be married. We got Obama to where he is. Again, not a fan of the state, that’s why I moved, but please don’t put Texas and Iowa in some type of comparison.

    7. […] to be outdone by the Democrats, whose state parties in Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, and Iowa have all recently adopted pro-reform policies in their […]

    8. Look people we already have over 1/3 of this country actully treating Marijuana as it should be A CHOICE that we make because we want or dont want.The reality is pot is the most acceptible street drug and does not make risk takers out of us like alcohol does.I know i much rather see the effects that decriminalization would bring than what we are faced with.No mater what this country does about this issue marijuana is always going to be here and the people will do what they have to to get it,so i say lets tax and regulate and control to ensure a Better more balance way of dealing such a simple,God given medicne that has little or no side effects .Im sure that most people have seen first hand the ugly results of Laws made from incorrect imformation and good intent.What is in the best intrest of our country?We can keep hiding from the truth as to what is realy hurting our country and its people or we can do something real

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