Nashville: Tennessee NORML Launches Pro-Reform Billboard Campaign

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director August 7, 2012

    Tennessee NORML BillboardCongratulations to Tennessee NORML for their Saturday morning unveiling of a new billboard campaign in Nashville supporting now annual legislation in the state to allow patient access to medical cannabis.

    Please join your local NORML chapter, or establish one in your region, because one thing is for sure: The cannabis plant can’t legalize itself!

    26 Responses to “Nashville: Tennessee NORML Launches Pro-Reform Billboard Campaign”

    1. Jarred says:

      Tennessee actually just passed hemp for industrial use the problem in tennessee is all of our lawmakers make decisions for us. As a tennessee citizen they don’t let us vote on much other than the elected officials they put in front of us. Ever wondered why tn won’t let it’s citizens vote on legalizing marijuana? It’s cause it would pass and they don’t want that to happen.

      [Paul Armentano responds: Tennessee’s hemp bill, SB 249 http://www.votehemp.com/PDF/TN_SB2495_2014.pdf is presently awaiting the Governor’s approval.]

    2. Michael says:

      Tennessee is in the Bible Belt. To expect Religious Southerners to be open minded…is expecting too much. I hate to think how long it would take for these people to “wake up.” They don’t mind the Hillbilly Moonshine…but Cannabis? Hell…they can’t even spell Cannabis.

    3. Tim says:

      Fuck that, weed should be legal for everyone 21 and up. Way to aim low and sweep aside the worst and most detrimental affects of marijuana prohibition. Glad to see the best organization capable of endng this “war” against American citizens has sold out to the powers that be. This shit isn’t good enough….

    4. D.B. Walker says:

      I am a medically discharged veteran and was awarded 60% disability. I have gone the pill route for a while and it was killing me. For me to live a life in pain has become my biggest and toughest daily battle. to have a legal alternative to “pills” would be the answer to my prayers. Please help make medical marijuana legal in my state. One way or another thousands of Tennesseans will find a solution to make their lives more comfortable, but we all need the comfort of our help be legal. I know alternatives work.

    5. Norm F says:

      It is about time to be legal cause big drug companies make millions on dope that can make some people feel sicker instead of better & cannibis is a natural pain killer so it should be available for medical use:)After all God made for medication!

    6. Sam says:

      This is great,I just moved from Nashville and could gladly move back. It will also be a good jump start for the south to start pushing towards legalizing medical herb…..

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