Online Cartoon Casts Critical Light On Obama’s Failed Medical Marijuana Policies

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director August 10, 2012

    No matter the media medium, the tragic story of the federal government’s war against a beloved plant and the people who’re keen to it, can’t be told enough times, in enough ways.

    Artist-journalist Susie Cagle’s take on the federal government’s latest crackdown against medical cannabis providers in California is found at CartoonMovement.com

    This unique cartoon medium allows for audio embeds, some offensive language may be heard.

    49 Responses to “Online Cartoon Casts Critical Light On Obama’s Failed Medical Marijuana Policies”

    1. […] medical marijuana has begun to find its way into the American pharmaceutical industrial complex, of potential herbs to be exploited; a new report from the “Indian Journal of urology” shows […]

    2. […] medical marijuana has begun to find its way into the American pharmaceutical industrial complex, of potential herbs to be exploited; a new report from the “Indian Journal of urology” shows […]

    3. Dave Evans says:

      I agree with Nick; but not his style. Mitt isn’t even working with a full deck. We elect him and it will be even worse than GWB!

    4. Elmer Fittery says:

      Nick I won’t vote for Mitt. I wouldn’t vote for you in for dog catcher. You give a bad image to marijuana. Also, your about as much help to Obama as Akin is to Mitt!

      tone it down.

      Huh,… I just had a thought. Yoou are trying to get a gig like Rush Limbugh but for the Democratic side. Most moderates hate the bull shit retoric.

    5. St. Nick says:

      Don’t vote mitt, the peice of shit

    6. St. Nick says:

      There’s more important things at stake in this election than to risk it all voting for the twit just cause he “MIGHT” legalize it. You’re losers if you think that. I want pot legal but we won’t even have a country if satan, I mean, mitt gets elected. They want us to pay 2k extra every year just to give the rich 2% a tax break. We’re busting our asses to pay them and their great lives. They don’t want to help us financially, why should we help them? May the Carrions blanket you if you vote mitt the twit, worthless, pieces of shit. I’m going to donate to the Obama campaign now.

    7. St. Nick says:

      Fuck all you assholes voting for romney. You must be stupid AND have mental problems if you think someone like romney will be better. He not only WON’T legalize pot, he’ll ruin the country worse than bush. The better chance would be with someone who HAS smoked it. You’re probably just rich evil mental retards who live in south to try saying bullshit like you’re saying.

      Seriously, if you vote romney you should be arrested and hung for treason.

      Obama is WAY, WAY, WAY better than mitt the twit and I will vote for Barack Obama again. Why don’t you republicans lie down on a busy highway or something and quit trying to ruin things greedy evil pieces of shit! We’re not going to take it anymore.

    8. Anonymous says:

      Chris is the kind of moron who will vote for Obama. “give him credit” for WHAT? Follow the movement and Obama has done exactly two things for us- Jack & Squat. He is not an ally. You think he is because he seems “cooler” than Romney? You’re an idiot

    9. MotherEarthChoiceNow says:

      For some of you,; This Government has never been for the People it has always been for the wealthy and very rich!

      We the people in our constitution and the IRS is for the Queen of England. I thought we were free of the strings to the English Crown; guess not. Remember the US Government is a Business for England, we are a crown colony, we the people are nothing but hearded cattle for them to kill at will, and experiments in DNA Genetic Engering, and food modification, to plant germs, dieases, & bio logical warfare in our blood systems…

      When we use Cannabis all the bad stuff they put in out bodies from the air, water, and food, get moved out of the body because the cannabis THC, especially the Hemp oil (if you eat the seeds or drink the Hemp Oil)it surrounds the bad chemicals and filters it out of the body!

      Would’nt it be wonderful if the the so called Alien threats, we been getting; that cannabis is a big problem for them to envade our mind, and our bodies. That, the Cannabis that is in our bodies be their biggest downfall!!!

      Look at the people who don’t smoke, and are angry, bitter, selfish, mean and nasty cut throats…they don’t want you to pray for them, don’t talk to them about Yeshua (Jesus), Take your money and tell you to kiss off! Yeah! We know we have hit a nerve.

      Let them get drunk then they want to talk about everything but Cannabis and what God’s WORD says about it Gen 1:29-31…funny how we have God’s word on this subject and people want the bible out of the way..all the way out of their way…because it speaks the TRUTH about Herbs that bear their own SEEDS is good for MEAT!!!

      Could you explain to an Alien visitor how cannabis can be consumed other then smoking to them? LOL! How the Reptilians race, and the Vampires pollute our space with their filth, they are totally against Cannabis use…they can stand it,

      It may not kill them but it will keep them off of us, they will go back to their own spaceual tear in the fabric of time. If you don’t like our planet, and keep polluting, and raping our planet…Go Home!…just leave…We love our planet we treat her right she takes good care of us, as the planet always have…now it’s our turn to GO -GREEN! DAMN THE BLUE AND RED

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