Federal Judge: Criminalization of Marijuana is “Absurd”

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director September 7, 2012

    Judge Richard Posner serves on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, he also wants marijuana to be legalized.

    During a September 6th speech at Elmhurst College, the federal judge lambasted the war on cannabis. “I don’t think we should have a fraction of the drug laws that we have,” proclaimed Posner to loud applause, “I think it’s really absurd to be criminalizing possession or use or distribution of marijuana.”

    Posner went on to state that our drug laws are “a waste of a lot of high quality legal minds, and it’s also a waste of people’s lives who could be as least moderately productive with having to spend year after year in prison. That is a serious problem.”

    We here at NORML couldn’t agree more and applaud Judge Posner for having the courage to speak the truth from his high ranking position and for setting a bold example for his colleagues. You can view the entirety of his speech below:

    YouTube Preview Image
    (Comments pick up around the 53 minute mark)

    32 Responses to “Federal Judge: Criminalization of Marijuana is “Absurd””

    1. hrt_a says:

      Laurin D., do you support keeping alcohol legal? Why is it ok to have prohibition against POT but it’s ok to sell alcohol everywhere?
      There are certainly more deaths related to alcohol and driving than pot and driving.
      Do you make statements like this when you hear about drunk drivers or do you blow em off because “alcohol is legal”…
      The double standards of people in this country amazes me! Do as we say, not as we do! thats the American way!
      Dupont and the pharmaceutical companies love your ignorence and intolerance Laurin D…

    2. hrt_a says:

      Nice. It is good to see that there are people with a brain and common sense still in public offices… Why is there not politicians this smart in D.C.? Oh thats right, POT has not lined enough politician pockets and coffers yet and the fact the CIA and DEA are taking all the glory and profit from their senseless and wasteful “war on drugs”…

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