Massachusetts’ Medical Marijuana Initiative, Question 3, Maintains Strong Lead

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director September 18, 2012

    Suffolk University, in conjuncture with 7NEWS, just released new polling data for Massachusetts’ medical marijuana initiative, Question 3. The new survey of 600 likely Massachusetts voters had support for the initiative at 59%, opposition at 35%, and 6% undecided. This poll was conducted from September 13th-16th. More details are available here.

    This is an increase in support from previous polling released at the end of August, which had support at 58%, opposition at 27%, and undecided at 15%. Judging from the solid lead and continued upward trend in polling, it is very likely Massachusetts will become the 18th state to have legalized medical use of cannabis this fall.

    Stay up to date on marijuana in the 2012 election by visiting NORML’s online voter guide “Smoke the Vote” here.

    21 Responses to “Massachusetts’ Medical Marijuana Initiative, Question 3, Maintains Strong Lead”

    1. bj says:

      Cannabis is illegal in the US because nylon rope floats and because the “Captains of Industry” (from 1870-1937) decided to choose a “finite number” (oil) as our primary source for energy and mass production of materials! Why? Because financing agriculture isn’t nearly as much fun as financing an industry that requires tons of capital. You may finance a farming operation, but you cannot control the weather, pests and sometimes even be guaranteed of a labor force when the harvest comes due. The point of “the game” is to control supply (read: “price”) and demand (read: “freedom”)
      If the cannabis hemp industry continues to be throttled by the likes of DuPont and political cronyism, America is doomed.
      10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day for the next 19 years. Will they pay cartel prices for pot out of their Social Security checks? Does the US Govt. want this? It sure seems that way. Those of us with cancer intend to go down screaming!

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