NEW I-502 TV Ads: Former Federal Law Enforcement Officials Support Marijuana Legalization

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director October 10, 2012

    New Approach Washington, the campaign behind Washington State’s marijuana legalization initiative (I-502), has just released two new television ads that began airing today. What makes these advertisements even more notable is that they both prominently feature former federal law enforcement officials. The importance of this is perfectly summed up by former NORML Board Member and writer for Washington’s “The Stranger,” Dominic Holden:

    This is a big deal: The new ads for Initiative 502 that begin airing today, which encourage Washington to become the first state to legalize marijuana, star former federal law enforcement.

    I know—if you watch politics around here, you know they’re on board and their endorsement seems… banal. Don’t be jaded. Former US Attorneys John McKay and Kate Pflaumer, along with the FBI’s Charlie Mandigo, make the most persuasive case for legalization: Pot laws result in using limited law enforcement resources that should instead be focused on violent crime.

    Every time that pot legalization—even decriminalization—has gone to voters in other states, federal law enforcement have delivered the coup de grace, largely by virtue of their credibility. This time, it’s the opposite. These prosecutors and an agent get in the first word for legalization, and with $1 million in the bank and up to $2 million more on the way, the New Approach Washington campaign is going to hit this message hard. This is a coup.


    You can view the new TV spots below. Please share as widely as possible with your friends and family. Together we can end marijuana prohibition, let’s Smoke the Vote in November. Previous polling for I-502 in September had support for the effort at 57%, help us keep up the momentum going into election day by educating everyone you know about the importance of cannabis reform in the 2012 election. You can learn more about these initiatives and the presidential candidates’ statements on marijuana by reading NORML’s voter guide available here.

    YES ON I-502!

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    You can visit the campaign’s website for more info here.

    44 Responses to “NEW I-502 TV Ads: Former Federal Law Enforcement Officials Support Marijuana Legalization”

    1. jason says:

      ST Nick if you hate wealthy people so much why dont you quit your job it was created by a wealthy person you and your type are the ROT of good times and the path to poverty you make me sick but more than that THIS FORUM IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE WEEDS GET A CLUE DUDE!

    2. St. Nick says:

      I hate when some dumb smokers make the rest look bad. You have to be an idiot retard to vote romney if you’re not a millionaire, even then, that’s the evil greedy choice anyway. People who vote shit r. should be arrested for treason!

    3. jason says:

      I justVaped
      ahit on to kool knives got a tiny vapor and coughed for 10 min, Hi-er than I EVER BEEN! It was to Celebrate the fact that I just Voted Down Party Lines, Not for Osamah bin,denladen and Oh yeah YES on WEED and lol yeah I voted NO on well you know taking away my grandmas right to rent her christian hall to gays in everett for marriges she thinks shed go to hell if she allowed it so well you know I said NO to it, leave my grandma outa it and maybe it woulda been different even though im christian, ok off the point I voted YES ON 502 just now!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      502 is not the great thing everyone thinks it is sounds cool. But what happens in a year when the feds tell the state that the money from taxes was obtained illegally. And the way they are wanting to tax it at every level farmer to processor 25% processor to reatiler 25% retailer to customer 25% it going to be 400 an oz you think everyone is goning to pay that retail. then also the liquir board is in control of how potent the product can be retail Will be SH&T weed. This will back fire because the feds will try to make an example to may fed job are dependant on marijuana being illegal.

      [Editor’s note: Why would the feds try to steal WA’s tax money for legalized cannabis when they’re not doing this right now in states like CO, NM, AZ, ME, etc….? Aren’t they breaking federal laws right now by allowing the sale of cannabis under the guise of medical use? How can the CO Dept of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Law Enforcement Division have collected millions in taxes, patient ID and business fees in the last three years?

      Lesson: If the state passes tax-n-regulate laws, the feds generally leave the cannabis-related businesses alone and certainly don’t raid and take state tax money derived from cannabis cultivations, sales and patient ID fees. If a state does not pass control models by initiative or legislation for medical cannabis, this allows the vacuum for the feds to rush into.

      If the feds do try to stop a state from collecting taxes on cannabis sales–for recreational or medical use–the US Supreme Court will almost certainly get an expedited petition and hear a case where a state (or states) are pushing the feds, not just the reformers.]

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