As Washington Voters Begin to Receive Their Ballots, Marijuana Legalization Initiative 502 Still Holds Solid Lead

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director October 18, 2012

    Washington, as you may know, is a vote by mail state. As such, the official fall ballots will be arriving in Washington voters’ mailboxes over the next several days. With the votes about to begin flowing in, Washington’s initiative to regulate marijuana is still holding a solid lead in two recent polls.

    First, a survey conducted by SurveyUSA and KING 5 NEWS showed 55 percent of voters were planning to vote YES on I-502, which would decriminalize and regulate marijuana use in the state. Only, thirty-six percent said they oppose it and 8 percent remained undecided.

    Other data just released by KCTS9 Washington, has I-502 ahead among both registered and likely voters. 50.9% of registered voters support the measure, with 40.8% against it. Likely voters back I-502 by 47.1% with 40.1% opposed. Unlike many marijuana initiatives, I-502 has strong support among female voters, 49.5% of whom support the initiative and only 39.9% oppose it.

    Keep up to date on the latest from the campaign on their official website here. You can also learn about all the ways marijuana policy comes into play during this fall’s election by visiting NORML’s Voter Guide, Smoke the Vote.

    If these poll numbers can hold strong, we will likely be celebrating Washington as one of the first states to end cannabis prohibition come November 6th.

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    1. OH says:

      Stoner Hippies Routed the supposedly ultra-competent square pro-hibitionists. Maybe next time the prohibitionists should have some cannabis so they can think more clearly. Hempfest did it, Vivian and them, they recognized the importance of faking good relations with the police initially, they had good karma so taking the wrong turn on endorsing the thing ended up being a good strategy. Dont get stoned yet – weed is still illegal temporarily – wait till the new state law takes effect!!

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