Final Week Polls Indicate Washington State Likely to Pass Marijuana Legalization

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director November 1, 2012

    In what is likely to be one of last polls coming out of Washington State prior to Election Day, Initiative 502 to regulate marijuana is still holding strong to the commanding lead it has developed over the past few months. Data released from King 5 and SurveyUSA has I-502 leading among likely Washington voters, 56% stated they would vote yes on the measure with only 37% planning to vote no. There are just 7% still undecided.

    This continues a several month trend of Washington’s I-502 leading in the polling data. A poll released last week by Strategies 360 had the marijuana initiative’s support leading opposition 54% to 38%. King5/SurveyUSA’s previous two polls from October and September had I-502 ahead at 55% to 36% and 57% to 34% respectively.

    With just a few days left until November 6th, it seems unlikely the opposition will be able to overcome such a significant gap, putting Washington State on track to be the first state to legalize adult use of marijuana. Though, that may depend on how quickly the votes can be counted. The latest polling out of Colorado had their legalization initiative, Amendment 64, leading 53% to 43%.

    Don’t become complacent because victory appears in sight! Check out NORML’s Smoke the Vote Guide to learn all about marijuana in the 2012 election. You can also read our “7 Simple Ways YOU Can Help Legalize Marijuana” and find some quick and easy ways you can help us sprint across the finish line. One of the most important things you can do with the remaining days is call voters in Colorado in support of Amendment 64 by using SSDP/NORML‘s online phone bank or JustSayNow‘s online program.

    We WILL legalize marijuana. Let’s start on November 6th.

    After publishing this story KCTS9 in Washington released another new Washington State poll. Adding credence to the King5 numbers, KCTS9 found that 55.8% of registered voters were supportive of I-502 with only 36.7% opposed. Those numbers held strong when looking at just likely voters as well, who support the marijuana regulation initiative by 55.4% to 37.6%.

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    1. […] state”s Initiative 502 vote — which would legalize cannabis use by adults — NORML”s blog reports that a recent pool pegs support at 56 […]

    2. Prag says:

      No one will be well served by deluding themselves. C has got it straight. There is still a long way to go, and of course it is is so! Look at the powerful interests that are utterly dedicated to prohibition! This is the opening act in a fight that is far from over.

      There is a great deal of legal wrangling over how these new laws will be administered, there are the glaring tax issues C mentioned, there is the continued powerful lobby for prohibition, and there is of course the question of federal law. Props to C for telling the truth! We got a ways to go, guys.

    3. C says:

      I’m PRO-Legalization! More irony with people here attacking me for being honest.

    4. C says:

      Here is the brilliance of the Washington law which will hyper-tax marijuana into the highest prices ever seen.
      “The Washington state measure includes a 25% tax imposed when the grower sells marijuana to a processor, again when the processor sells it to a retailer, and a third time when the retailer sells it to a customer.”
      If you think this three prong tax formula won’t raise prices to the highest we’ve seen them ever, again, think again. And again, thanks a lot.

    5. C says:

      It won’t become active. First the state will fight the law, then the feds. During this time the law will remain in limbo. It will probably lead to de-criminalization in the end. I’m amazed it even passed, but this is just the beginning of the fight, and anyone that thinks pot is now legal in Colorado or Washington needs to think again, it’s not. What’s ironic is this “almost” legalization will only lead to more regulation, high taxing and higher pot prices. Thanks guys.

    6. Anonymous says:

      “Be real. None of the three states that are trying to pass marijuana legalization will succeed this round, maybe never. If you steer away from these personal blogs which have a one-sided opinion, either for or against, and look at the overall media coverage of this issue along with how regular folks, voters, are reacting to this, for the most part it’s neutral leaning against………”

      blah blah blah, i bet this guy is eating crow this morning.

    7. Bill says:

      Looks like it passed. So since it has passed when does it become active?

    8. cannabisuser says:

      in my experience, I have noticed that the people usually against this initiative are the ones that are making money off of it. I am glad this time the law worked for the good of the masses who purchase it and do not sell it.

    9. Scott says:

      We did it – we actually did it. Here’s hoping the feds leave us alone and don’t sue to stop it – or worse, bust us.

      Congratulations people… fingers crossed.

    10. Sea See says:

      Well, C, it’s been legalized. Why not go outside and try a yummy infused snack under the enticing sunset sky we had this evening! Did you notice the sky? It was truly beautiful!

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