NORML Election Night 2012 LIVE

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director November 6, 2012

    Tonight, we stand on the precipice of a historic shift in how our country handles marijuana policy. Three states (Washington, Colorado, and Oregon) will be deciding on full legalization of adult use, while three more (Massachusetts, Arkansas, and Montana) will be voting on medical cannabis measures. For a brief synopsis on all the marijuana initiatives at play tonight, consult our Smoke the Vote Guide.

    Below you will find our Election Night Live Blog. Starting early evening on Election Day, NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri will be posting live updates including the latest exit polling, first result numbers, information from our activists on the ground, and more.

    So after you’ve cast you’re own ballot and driven every friend and family member you can find to the polls, stay glued to this page for the latest news as it breaks. Tonight we can legalize marijuana, let’s SMOKE THE VOTE.

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    1. ju says:

      Any hope for Texas legalizing it to?it will probably take care of many issues with drug trafficking on the borders.

    2. waiting says:

      Now if the rest of the country would get involved. we would be alright

    3. Eryn b says:

      When is it going to be ok in ga. Tired of taking pills to feel better

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