R.I.P: Marijuana Prohibition

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director November 7, 2012

    The beginning of the end…has begun.

    Yesterday’s elections have forever changed the playing field regarding cannabis prohibition laws in America (and probably in large parts of the world too).

    The citizens of Colorado, Washington and Massachusetts delivered game changing victories last night for the nearly fifty year-old cannabis law reform Movement. Massachusetts becomes the eighteenth state to pass legal protections for qualified medical patients who’ve cannabis recommended to them by a physician. Colorado and Washington become the first places in the world, ever, where citizens have cast votes to reject cannabis prohibition, and replace the failed public policy with alternatives like tax-n-regulate models (similar to the control and taxation models widely accepted for alcohol and tobacco product use by adults).

    NORML’s board of directors, staff, chapter network and members congratulate the state-based organizers who planned and worked hard to qualify and pass these important voter initiatives, and we thank the voters of these states for helping to propel the nation to the eventual—if not soon coming—end to cannabis prohibition.

    Will there continue to be fits and starts, federal government incursion into state sovereignty and obstinate politicians?


    However, the die for major cannabis law reforms is now cast.

    NORML will continue to be the central hub of information about all things cannabis and yesterday’s victories ensure that 2013 is going to be another landmark year for needed cannabis law reforms.

    Thanks to NORML Communications Coordinator Erik Altieri for staffing election coverage and keeping everyone informed up to the minute last evening.

    Feeling even better today about the prospects of cannabis legalization? Show your reform pride by making a donation to NORML and your local NORML chapters, receive some NORML apparel, and wear it proudly, letting folks around you know that you’re part of a winning coalition of citizens working to change cannabis laws.

    The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is before us all.

    Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for ending cannabis prohibition laws, which has brought us all to this day.

    Kind regards,

    Allen St. Pierre
    Executive Director
    Washington, D.C.

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    1. Dave says:

      I agree that years from now history books will look closely back at this time as the end of the horrible mistake of mj prohibition, and they’ll try to figure out why the country repeated the errors of alcohol prohibition.

      My local paper today in Illinois reported the arrest of 2 people for mj. It was a reminder of how often these senseless laws have completely ruined lives and wasted taxpayer money. Prohibition cannot end soon enough. You have all our support.

    2. kaisaring says:

      Way to go WA and CO!! Bravo! I never donated to Norml, but I did write the bloodsucking politicians a few times(always with a snobby reply). Keep up the rewarding, although tiring, work! To the affected agencies: How did THAT kick in the (fiscal) nuts feel? 😉

    3. richard toguchi says:

      Happy days are here to stay,thank you stonners for showing the way.Let all those states that have issues concerning medical marijuana begin.

    4. Dan says:


      No matter what anyone says, you were at the helm of the eldest and most respected marinuana law reformation advocay group when the war broke. Could this have happened under someone else? Maybe. But it didnt. I’m not saying that you deserve the most accolades or credit for Colorado and Washington. What I am saying is that no other Dircetor of Norml will ever be able to say what you can.

      My heartfelt thanks and congratulations also go out to those freedom fighters in Washington and Colorado who poured their sweat and determination into making this dream a reality.

      Thank You,

      FAU Norml

    5. Jason Edge says:

      The White Rabbit is a huge supporter in legalizing marijuana. We will do our part as much as possible. Come down to the White Rabbit and do yours as well! Located in Wright City.

    6. Dawn says:

      Only 4613 more signatures NEEDED


      This is the link to sign the Petition to
      Federally Legalize Marijuana on http://www.whitehouse.gov/petitions

      Please sign and spread the word!
      Lets Legalize USA

    7. bb54 says:

      Important message to all Americans: We,the people of Canada,are asking urgently the american army and US air force to invade Canada as soon as possible and destroy the Canadian parliament because Canadians are held hostages by Stephen Harper dictatorship.
      Guerilla soldiers of Stephen Harper have been seen setting afire cannabis and even hemp fields in Canada.We are desperate for weed,help us.Only you can save us and teach us the way to self-sufficiency and deliver us from the Canadian tyrants and please also free us from the false cannabis activists in Canada who only see the $ sign as their religion but who havent helped Canadians at all to free the cannabis plant.

    8. I have such a hard time locating my medicine since I move from California to mass please since we passed our medical maiijuana law is there anyone that would be interested in helping me get a compassion center located here in mass please patient in need
      Many thanks

    9. St. Nick says:

      Can someone loan me money $ so I can move to Washington? I’ll split whatever I get with you! Smoke weed everyday.

    10. knowa says:

      Please sign the White House petition to let Marc Emery complete his sentence in Canada

    11. cptron says:

      Here’s one for ya,I have been a merchant mariner for 33 years,so because I have to be licensed through the fed there is no way I could ever smoke weed,So for my med condition doctors have had me on all kinds of meds instead of MJ.So check this out I am 49 not ready to retire but because of the meds I have been on I am being forced to go on Disability,,weed did the job just fine for years and after 911 they got so tight on security that you can’t even mask it anymore,,So yes I am out but every drunk is still leagal and and drinking on the job WHAT A CONTRY !!!!!

    12. I remember being in Colorado when they voted to legalize. Was a glorious day. It’s about time people gave freedom and liberty a try.

    13. There isn’t a true argument for why marijuana should be illegal. The arguments against it are based on speculation and opinions. Facts are facts. Legalizing marijuana would solve a large number of problems in our country right now.

    14. Greg says:

      Some day kids won’t have to worry about being imprisoned for such petty “crimes.”

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