WA Governor-Elect Inslee: It is the Best Interest of State and Country to Allow Legalization to Move Forward

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director November 15, 2012

    During a press conference today, the governor-elect for the state of Washington, Jay Inslee, defended his state’s recently approved marijuana legalization initiative. He stated that he believes it is the best interest “not only of our state, but in our country” for President Obama and the federal government to allow these recently approved measures to move forward.

    “My belief is Washington has worked its will. The voters have spoken,” Inslee stated, “I was not supportive of the initiative but I’m going to be fully supportive of protecting, defending, and implementing the will of the voter—which will essentially allow the use of recreational marijuana in our state.”

    In regards to the federal government, the incoming governor encouraged their support. “I will be working to a very rational, mature way to convince the administration that it’s in the best interest, not only of our state, but in our country, to allow our state to move forward in this regard.”

    You can view his comments in full here.

    It is refreshing, to say the least, to see an elected official going to bat for the voters of their state and defending the will of the people when it comes to marijuana policy. As always, NORML will keep you posted on the ever evolving situation between Washington and Colorado’s new marijuana legalization laws and the federal government.

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    1. I believe what you said was actually very reasonable.
      However, what about this? suppose you added a little content?
      I mean, I don’t want to tell you how to run your website, however suppose you added something to possibly get folk’s attention?
      I mean WA Governor Elect Inslee: Allow Legalization to Move Forward | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform is kinda vanilla.
      You should glance at Yahoo’s front page and see how they write article headlines to get people to open the links. You might add a video or a pic or two to get people excited about what you’ve got to say.
      Just my opinion, it would bring your blog a little livelier.

    2. DamgeLives says:

      How many more lives need to be destroyed? how many more people abused and treated like criminals? Before we realize that this needs to be done. We need to do it for our children. If you honestly think that your children is not going to be exposed to pot, you are dreaming. Only if you or your own child gets destroyed by the money making machine will we pay attention? We all know what a crime is.

    3. Trevelyan says:

      It is nice to see a governor support the people of their state. When Arizona passed their medical cannabis law Governor Jan Brewer kicked and screamed the entire time during its implementation.

    4. Idontknowtaxes says:

      Guess who has come out to play? All the prohibitionists. Like political media spin artists at their best. The article I just read about Minnesota putting down legalization was a classic. It quoted a University teacher as saying “heavy MJ users experienced a quarter percent GPA decline compared to non users” Ok, hazing and heavy alcohol only killed the non using kid, but the user of heavy MJ dropped his 3.5 GPA to 3.25! Hey, we should immediately imprison him, take away his financial aid, give him a record and make him unemployable. What else, bust down his door with a SWAT team in full gear, of course!!! NO, put him in prison with hardened criminals, hope he catches AIDS or is killed in prison. What else??? Readers Unite, immediately respond to any of the articles the prohibitionists are now spinning. Remember, the establishment will listen to one thing, a vote and a voice. All else they can spin and tune out, or veto or outvote IF they can.

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