Thankful For Marijuana Moxie in Texas

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director November 22, 2012

    Beyond the obvious blessings of good health, being a member of loving families, living in a free country and pursuing one’s muse, on this Thanksgiving…I’m thankful for Zachariah Walker (a member of University of North Texas NORML) and his pro bono team of Texas lawyers from NORML’s Legal Committee.

    In the wake of our recent elections, where voters in the states of Colorado and Washington have chosen to end cannabis prohibition, I’m thankful that Zack has the moxie in Denton, Texas to face down a possible six month prison sentence for the criminal charge of possessing two grams of cannabis. I’m thankful that when confronted with a plea bargain (which is how 90% or more of cannabis-related cases are legally dispatched from the criminal justice system), Zach just said no.

    I’m thankful that NLC members David Sloane, Jamie Spencer and Jamie Balagia possess equal moxie and commitment to personal freedom by stepping into the breech by providing Zack with pro bono representation in challenging such a ridiculous waste of the local government’s resources and taxpayer dollars: Tens of thousands of tax dollars, in the middle of crushing recession and tight municipal budgets, to arrest, prosecute, pee test and incarcerate a young man for 180 days, who, should otherwise be working, spending money and therein adding taxes to society.

    With over 750,000 annual cannabis-related arrests in America (approximately 90% for possession only), if more citizens charged with cannabis possession offenses regularly challenged their arrest and possible conviction, like the way Zach is in Texas, there is no doubt that the criminal justice system in many cities and counties across the country will come to a grinding halt—forcing both bureaucrats and elected officials to re-evaluate and likely support at a minimum cannabis ‘decriminalization’, possibly legalization.

    With these crucially important changes of law and custom pending in Colorado and Washington regarding ending all criminal sanctions for adults who possess a little bit of ganja, citizens charged with minor cannabis-related offenses and their legal counsel from around the country can and now should challenge more and more of these petty cannabis charges—juxtaposing and educating judges and juries all along the way that in some parts of the country the ‘offense’ before them is not only no longer a crime in some states, the product is actually regulated and taxed.

    How much longer will cannabis prohibition last in America?

    Not much longer if we all demonstrate the moxie of Zach and his NLC legal team.





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    1. Joshua Kirpach says:

      Does anyone have an update on weather or not zac was convicted? i am facing a similar charge in Denton, Texas. I’m 23 work hard and support my family on a $10 an hour wage. It is my first time getting in trouble with the law in Texas and they are telling me i may not be eligible for a pretrial diversion program. I was considering going to trial as well.

    2. Ryan says:

      I live in San Antonio and have been on the governments form or “Marinol”. I can validly judge the difference between fake pills and real Mary Jane. There is a huge difference besides the legality. I will state that I do smoke pot but only for medical reason and it’s a lot better/stronger then this Marinol stuff. Texas NEEDS to catch up with the rest of this country and legalize this wonderful drug! Did you know there are still confused individuals that think marijuana has harmful side effects? Alcohol is more harmful and it’s 100% legal for anyone 21+! I even read an article by the state representative here in Texas that paraphrases marijuana causes severe health risks and legalization would cause car accidents to go up. Ha! Are you kidding me? Most stoned people I know rarely ever leave the couch when under the influence!

    3. David Black says:

      I have been standing in front of this man since the 1960’s as Hemp grower’s have since 1930. Unbelievable that it has taken this long for States citizen’s to stand up and say enough is enough million’s of family’s killed over reform, billion’s of dolars spent to control something that God put here as a natural healer for the world as well as being all organic and goes back to the earth to heal it as well. deplorable that it has taken this long for law to be changed now not later! geez!!!.

    4. john says:

      I was told in galveston texas the jail contract is funded by keeping the jail 70% full. so we just run around with drug dogs at playground and kids birthday partys to see who may have been around drugs. then go break up a family. just to have a big new jail that me must not need if we are doing this sad time to live in texas.and now texas is putting up a wall around the state so soon all of texas can be in jail.

    5. Jessie says:

      I am from Denton Texas. I love my state, and I am very proud of our rich history. I allso support every orginization there is trying to end prohibition. Like the rest of you, I to am held hostige when it comes to marijuana. I am allso a republican. I even where a cowboy hat and boots. I would do about anything I could to end this madness, short of trashing my state. I am Texan and proud of it.

    6. ANON says:

      This scares the crap out of me! I’m a CO res and mmj patient (mmj cuts my narcotics needs in 1/2), but spend months at a time in this area of TX. I have to wonder, if I were arrested with a couple grams, in my condition would they really put me away? And then after that revoke my ability to get a red card in other states?
      You have to understand, that until a few years ago, there was actually a dry county/town within minutes of Denton — these people have no logic.
      I am so happy there are people there who are willing to help. I have an acquaintance in a suburb over from Denton whose dr. refuses to prescribe his medications if he tests + for mj, so he uses the legal garbage herbs from the head shops to help with his pain — and the only reason that crap helps is because it makes you completely incoherent, so you don’t remember your pain (or any other aspect of life).

    7. ali says:

      I’d sell texas back to mexico for a dollar…

    8. ali says:

      I’m in Cali and very thankful for the liberal medicinal cannabis laws. The puritanical hypocrisy of anti cannabis laws is staggering. All while supporting alcohol which kills 40K people yearly and tobacco that kills millions yearly…

    9. Swedesrule66 says:

      Here in Texas the law enforcement is still saying the sky is falling. You just can’t argue with ignorance!

    10. amfortas says:

      ‘m in Texas. Yes, we’re pretty stupid.
      Potheads should take a page from the Gay Rights Movement…come out of the closet. Just like it’s harder to hate Queers if you know a few Homosexuals…it’s similarly, harder to hate on Potheads if your Brother/Dad/Cousin/Co-Worker, partakes of the Noble Weed.

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