Indiana State Police Chief: If It Were Up To Me, I’d Legalize and Tax Marijuana

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director November 27, 2012

    The scent of reform and rational marijuana policies must be drifting across the Rockies into distant areas of the country, as today the Indiana State Police Chief stated that he would tax and regulate marijuana.

    Speaking during a budget committee hearing, Indiana State Police Superintendent Paul Whitesell was asked about marijuana, his answer was quite frank:

    “It’s here, it’s going to stay, there’s an awful lot of victimization that goes with it. If it were up to me, I do believe I would legalize it and tax it, particularly in sight of the fact that several other states have now come to that part of their legal system as well.”

    When officials holding upper echelon positions in state law enforcement start calling for the end of prohibition and the implementation of sensible reforms, a nationwide awakening can’t be too far off.

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    1. Jerry Maulden says:

      Here’s one for you.
      I’ve smoked cigarettes since I’m four or five yrs old, started with Dad’s Pall Mall red packs un filtered. The Famous cigarette! Don’t know why…I had to enter the service to learn Marijuana. But by then I already knew how to make un licensed whisky. Moonshine if you will. I helped my dad make it until he was arrested when I was eleven yrs old, the father of seven, he didn’t go to jail. They put him on probation for three years.
      The arrest of my Dad split my Mom and Dad up. They were divorced within nine months. I grew up without my Dad right there were he should’ve been. Dad took us camping, like in the scouts. canvas tents, lanterns fishing poles canoes everything you need to know to survive without a Domineering government oppressing me.
      The Army, My beloved Govt. is where I learned Marijuana, from a Pueblo Indian from around phenix Arizona.
      At this time I’m now 57 yrs old and I wonder, I’ve smoked cigarettes all this time, and quit tobacco several times. Now truly for three yrs. I still smoke Cannabis because I’m afraid not to. Being it anticancerous I’m gonna keep smoking it as a maintenance. I enjoy smoking weed. It is calming and evidently medically beneficial to us so…I wonder if Oregon and Colorado can smoke it in this land of United states, then why can’t I? I’m not hurting anyone, and I believe I am saving the government money on meds by smoking. from smoking and breathing asbestos in grade school I have COPD with intermittent Bronchitis and emphysema. Two bad valves in my heart. From my heart’s pumping I have less oxygen causing several other complaints at 57 I’m fraid not to smoke it. Now here’s the kicker… (I don’t) you’ve made it illegal, they lied to make it illegal. Why don’t I take my citizenship to Oregon or Colorado?

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