President Jimmy Carter: I’m in Favor of Legalizing Marijuana

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director December 11, 2012

    Today, speaking to a CNN panel, Former President Jimmy Carter stated that he is in favor of legalizing marijuana. On the topic of the recently passed initiatives in Washington and Colorado, President Carter said it was in the best interest of the country for those states to be allowed to proceed with the regulation of cannabis.

    “I’m in favor of it. I think it’s OK, I don’t think it’s going to happen in Georgia yet, but I think we can watch and see what happens in the state of Washington, for instance around Seattle, and let the American government and let the American people see does it cause a serious problem or not.

    So I think a few places around the world is good to experiment with and also just a few states in America are good to take the initiative and try something out. That’s the way our country has developed over the last 200 years. It’s about a few states being kind of experiment states. So on that basis I am in favor of it.” – Fmr. President Carter

    The former president further stated that he did not think the ending of prohibition would lead to a dramatic increase in use rates. He pointed to Portugal as a model example:

    “All drugs were decriminalized in Portugal a few years ago and the use of drugs has gone down dramatically and nobody has been put in prison.” – Fmr. President Carter

    As President Obama and his Justice Department contemplate what, if any, action to take as a result of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, we can only hope he listens to the wisdom from those who came before him. Recently, President Bill Clinton expressed his own dissatisfaction with the war on drugs, saying the anti-drug effort “hasn’t worked” in a newly released documentary, Breaking the Taboo.

    “Well obviously, if the expected results was that we would eliminate serious drug use in America and eliminate the narcotrafficking networks — it hasn’t worked.”
    – Fmr. President Bill Clinton

    President Obama, please take the advice from the two previous presidents from your own party. Unlike these two former presidents, you still have time to take action and end the suffering and damage caused by the war on cannabis consumers.

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    2. Gene says:

      Joel, I remember the paraquat days too, had to be careful of what we smkoed back then haha

    3. It’s better than them not saying anything but it does get very tiresome seeing all these EX politicians saying they support marijuana legalisation but who didn’t make much effort towards that goal when they had real influence.

    4. American citizen says:

      If it works for pain!{yes} Is it more safe than pain pills?{ YES] Does it work for anxiety? [yes } Is it more safe than the medication for it ? {YES] ETC.. Marijuana has allot of benefits to it ! My perception on it is its a win win !!! Thin about all the taxes we can make off of it . The fast food industry would increase,more jobs. People say marijuana is a gateway drug i strongly disagree ! Example if im going to a drug dealer to get my marijuana and he or she is out and they say i dont have that but i have this drug ! You take the other drug b/c your worried about getting caught Well if it is legal then you can just keep going store to store to buy what you want because your worry free about getting in to trouble over something that grows from the ground ! Think about how much money we can save of our tax dollars when it comes to our crimnal justice system!!! We would have allot less people we pay for when it comes to houseing , feeding ,clothing, medical care,! When it comes to our police officer they would rather deal with a person is has been useing marijuana They are not viloent , maybe silly ! Their just really laid back in most cases !! With alcohol they are just loose their minds ! Alot more EMS calles ,police calls to much violence,side effects, when it come to the man made items but its more accepted in the world we live in why ? I have no idea!?!? Its just a nasty situation ! Yes giving the difference in human nature people are going to behave in all different ways no matter what ! Legalize marijuana tax it like tobacco, the regualtions like alcohol ! After a whilen people will stop growing it themselfs and just buy it from the store .We just dont have time as americans to deal with all those things it takes to grow it ! GOD BLESS!!!

    5. […] NORML noted Barack Obama and the U.S. Justice Department would be wise to listen to the commander-in-chiefs who came before him: Recently, President Bill Clinton expressed his own dissatisfaction with the war on drugs, saying the anti-drug effort “hasn’t worked” in a newly released documentary, Breaking the Taboo. […]

    6. Dave Evans says:

      Just goes to show how Obama can compartmentalize things. He has no true compassion, he’s like a robot.

    7. Derrick says:

      Uncle Sam doesn’t care about his little peons until his pocket runs dry. With Tobacco, Alcohol,Lumber, and Big Pharma stuffing their pockets, they won’t run out for a while. You want Uncle Sam’s attention? Wave mega millions in his face or you won’t get the time of day.

    8. terry ford says:

      i’m more than willing to pay my taxes with and for it! and does anybody here wanna let me know how and why do you or anybody else have the right to tell me what i can do with my body?

    9. Jason says:

      Amen Mark. How easy it is to look the other way when you hold political office. President Obama has said that he smoked marijuana. Very easily could his life be very different had he got busted for smoking a plant. Millions have had their dreams dashed because of a marijuana arrest – including me. Think of all the wasted potential that society could’ve benefited from had we not been made second class citizens.

    10. Wendy says:

      sign @ We the People your voice in government enough said!

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