Tell Obama To ‘Just Say No’ to Joe

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director January 6, 2013

    A White House online petition telling Obama to listen to the voters of Colorado and Washington about the future of cannabis legalization, not the famously anti-cannabis/pro drug war architect Vice President Joe Biden, only needs 7,000 more signatures to be brought to the president’s attention. The signatures are needed by Wednesday, January 9.

    If you’ve not yet taken a moment to let the White House know that you too support the voters of Colorado and Washington, please sign the online petition to put it over the top, and get the White House on record to not interfere with the will of voters in states who no longer support cannabis prohibition and want it legalized and taxed.

    70 responses to “Tell Obama To ‘Just Say No’ to Joe”

    1. Ben says:

      re: St. Nick’s post-

      – and then some-
      1) cigarettes are as addictive, if not moreso, as heroin! (I have a friend who was able to quit heroin and cigs were just as bad to him, his statement was ‘harder to quit than
      2) alcohol affects one’s ability to function more than almost anything else!
      (I have only ever seen 2 chemicals prevent a person from being able to use their cell phone:
      crack and alcohol)

      MORE addictive, and MORE confusion causing
      yet THESE are allowed

      between cigarettes and alcohol
      most other drugs are less bad for user and society, and health, and should therefore be legal-
      let alone that marijuana is about as unhealthy as a bowl off oranges-
      – oranges in too large a quantity can cause some issues, and some are allergic
      but most are fine with marijuana…

      the lack of logic on the other side in this debate is amazing

    2. Barbara Owen says:

      That criminal doesn’t give a HOOT about people or rights.

    3. Jeanie M says:

      Dear President Obama, My mother is in the hospital dying from congenative heart failure. For years she has been prescribed a miriad of drugs to help her deal with chronic pain caused by scoliosis. At 62,I too have the same disease but I refuse to put chemically altered drugs in my system.
      I ask you if this was your beloved mother in law, who was suffering, which would you rather have her using? Something that destroys the kidneys, eats holes in the stomach lining, weakens the heart muscle, jeopardizes the liver and has caused millions to overdose,or something natural, that no one has ever died from. Please take a moment to put yourself in my shoes and let this become legal in my lifetime. The choice should be up to each individual and their physician and not some politician. Tell Biden NO! Thank you

    4. jeff says:

      now sc and georgia please.

    5. jeff says:

      everyone is concerned with debt.make it legal and tax the hell out of it.WE will still pay and we can get rid of synthetics if its cheap and legal to purchases the real stuff.alchohol is proven to be worse for you and the safety of others on and off the roads,Yet we can get it anywhere…WTF…

    6. jeff says:

      some of us are smokers not drinkers…where is our buzz…..we dont want bud light .just the bud for me please….

    7. jeff says:

      when you drink you get into wrecks,fights,bad women lol,and all kinds of trouble.when you smoke you make friends get happy and hungry.which is the one that should really be legal

    8. fishcreekbob says:

      Please Please Mr President take your lips off the spinkter valve of the corperate dictatership.

    9. Closetsmoker says:

      I did my part, my wife just got her MMJ card. We still need to regulate and tax like alcohol….. Free the Weed!

    10. Jim May says:

      C’mon, Barry, let’s go choomin’, don’t be a hypocrite! Free the Weed, goddammit!

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