Pennsylvania State Senator Prefiles Marijuana Legalization Bill, Pennsylvanians Approve

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director January 9, 2013

    Last week, state Senator from Montgomery County Daylin Leach announced his intentions to file legislation that would legalize the adult use of marijuana, in a way similar to the laws recently approved in Colorado and Washington.

    “I acknowledge that it may take a while, but like same-sex marriage,” stated Sen. Leach, “this will inevitably happen. Demographics and exposure will in time defeat irrational fears, old wives tales and bad science. This bill furthers the discussion, which hastens the day.”

    This legislation, if approved, would help halt the arrest of thousands of Pennsylvanians annually. Since 2006, 24,685 arrests were made for just marijuana possession at a cost of over 300 million dollars to the state’s taxpayers.

    “It is time for Pennsylvania to be a leader in jettisoning this modern-day prohibition, and ending a policy that has been so destructive, costly, and anti-scientific,” Sen. Leach declared.

    Pennsylvania has long been considered a bellwether state, so to see the issue at least being entertained in the state legislature can only be a positive sign of things to come. Let’s hope other elected officials in Pennsylvania join with state Senator Leach to support these sensible reforms.

    If NORML’s Take Action Center is anything to go by, the citizens of the Keystone State want it. In just the first 24 hours of going live, Pennsylvanians sent over 900 emails and letters to their elected officials urging them to support this legislation.

    If you live in Pennsylvania and want to join in the call for marijuana legalization, simply click here and you can easily send a prewritten email or letter to your elected officials telling them it is time to support legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana, not criminalize it.

    PENNSYLVANIANS: Click here to contact your representatives in favor of this bill today!

    Don’t live in Pennsylvania? There is already marijuana reform legislation filed in ten other states, with many more sure to follow in the coming days. Be sure to keep checking NORML’s Take Action Center to see if your state is one of them and to contact your officials!

    Together, we can NORMLIZE CONGRESS. Together, we will legalize marijuana.

    143 Responses to “Pennsylvania State Senator Prefiles Marijuana Legalization Bill, Pennsylvanians Approve”

    1. Closetsmoker says:

      The bud is rolling down a slope that is getting steeper by the day! We will soon see prohibition end……….

    2. Harry says:

      Please look up US Patent 6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” which is assigned to The United States of America, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services.
      With this patent on the books the government can no longer say it is bad and evil; now if the government tries to tell us that it is bad, we know it is not the truth…

    3. Seth says:

      I wish there was more I could do to assist in making this happen.

    4. […] Pennsylvania Representative Prefiles Marijuana Legalization Bill, Pennsylvanians Approve Last week, Montgomery County Representative Daylin Leach announced his intentions to file legislation that would legalize the adult use of marijuana, in a way similar to the laws recently approved in Colorado and Washington. “I acknowledge that it may take a while, but like same-sex marriage,” stated Rep. Leach, “this will inevitably happen. Demographics and exposure will in time defeat irrational fears, old wives tales and bad science. This bill furthers the discussion, which hastens the day.” This legislation, if approved, would help halt the arrest of thousands of Pennsylvanians […] […]

    5. Galileo Galilei says:

      “…destructive, costly, and anti-scientific.”

      “…defeat irrational fears, old wives tales and bad science.”

      This guy tells it like it is.

      When the Republicans start crafting bills like this, we’ll know the time for change has come. Perhaps numbers like the $325 million wasted on pointless government spending will provide an incentive.

    6. sue says:

      If marijuana is medically legal in the capital of these United States, then why isn’t it medically legal for all of us?

    7. Juniata says:

      If this were brought to the attention of educational institutions like Penn State there would be a much higher awareness of what is happening in PA right now. The NORML website does have speakers that you can invite to give talks at college campuses or elsewhere but last I checked it wasn’t free. Are there any alternatives? I know there is a NORML chapter in Philadelphia but that isn’t where I live…

    8. jo says:

      make it legal pennsylvania were going to star wars.

    9. St. Nick says:

      I live in PA, not in his county but I WILL vote for him in 2014 if I see Leach on ballot. I never thought I’d see anything about PA on Norml. I thought Corbett would go on a ruination spree and basically stink up Pennsylvania. We have to take the power from him.

      VOTE IN EVEN # YEARS!!! 2014,2016,2018,2020…

      Take some puffs and keep this up. We’re toppling a 70 year propaganda campaign that originally said that Marihuana had it’s roots in hell, no medical value and’ll cause you to kill and various other BULLSHIT.

    10. Juanita, Great idea. Contact the NORML closest to you and help them set up speaking engagements like the ones you mentioned. Most local chapters that don’t have to spend to much on travel will most likely send a speaker if you ask them.

    11. John McClane says:

      write some editorials all. Also, email reps. Juniata, why not bring in someone like Judge Napolitano? Maybe Gary Johnson?

    12. St. Nick says:

      I just signed a fucking email for pennsylvanians only and it went to a fucking guy who lives in my town and now knows where I live. Thanks a bunch. I’m never signing anything again, that’s if I’m free to express my opion next time

      [Editor’s note: Elected policy makers don’t turn in their constituents who lobby them to end cannabis prohibition. There is no logical reason why you should be paranoid about doing what it actually takes to reform the laws — being politically active.

      Lastly, elected officials often tell NORML’s lobbyists that they will not support law reforms unless they hear from more of their constituents who want it too.

      Cannabis consumers and activists can’t contact their elected officials enough on this important subject matter!]

    13. Cat Cassie says:

      Good for you PA. Don’t whimp out like Oregon did.

    14. Suriken says:

      Awesome! Now that we’re surrounded maybe New york will hop on the bandwagon.

    15. TheOracle says:

      Yeah, and the reaction to that was in Tuesday, January 8th’s Lancaster County newspaper. The local politicians pooh-poohed it. A few, however, did say that they would consider voting for a medical marijuana bill. Professor G. Terry Madonna, a political pollster, said that although the public supported medical marijuana with an 80% approval rating, they did not support outright legalization in the state. Outright legalization was low. I want to say 3%, but I don’t have the article in front of me.

      Can we get polls for outright legalization in Pennsylvania that are a true indicator of public opinion on outright legalization in the state? The average of a group of polls instead of just this one that Professor Madonna was using. I don’t think the article mentioned where Dr. Madonna got his percentage.

      I did the Action Center thing, but I already know the politicians who claim to represent me will not be voting for it. They won’t be voting for MMJ is PA either.

      One is going to have to throw better polling data at them, and you’re going to have to give them data and statistics that includes how much the state could realize in savings and how much estimated revenue it stands to realize.

      As I have ranted in the past, Pennsylvania is a corrupt state, with the marijuana distribution routes having been long established. The people who are currently making money off it illegally do not appear to want to come forward to make money off it legally. They’re either not going to come out of the closet before it is safe, or they’re not afraid of the big bad federal government monster but rather are afraid of the legal competition, probably put a lot of Mexican cartel distribution channels out of business.

      The states need the jobs and the money.

      Keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized.

    16. Dave says:

      St Nick, if you don’t tell your reps what you want, how will they know? Of course, they don’t want to have to listen to people from CA, which would be a waster of theirs and your time, they need to know you live in their district or they have no reason to listen to you.

    17. St. Nick says:

      Jesus, sorry. The guy lives down my block and I wasn’t expecting it to go to him. The thought of not smoking at all since it’s illegal and no more freedom to go through my guys? Yeah, I was nervous. Oh, plus I have paranoid schizophrenia. Sorry.
      Anyway, I don’t feel bad from it. I’m just glad you said what you said instead of just ignoring it. Sorry for spewing negative bs… I will not do that again. Easily done.

    18. […] are links provided for the 10 states before PE in the second link. Pennsylvania is the latest:PA State Senator Prefiles Marijuana Legalization Bill | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform The rest are listed here:Marijuana Law Reform Heating Up at the State Level in 2013 | NORML Blog, […]

    19. Jim Rogers says:

      There is only one way to stimulate this extremely sluggish economy,guaranteed,and we all know what that is. Scientists know it, economists know it, doctors know it, and everyone on the street knows it, even a large number of politicians know it(but they won’t admit it.
      Then can someone Please tell me why we still live by these harmful laws established by fear and greed. We really don’t need someone telling us what is good, and what is not, when it comes cannabis and hemp,the evidence and science speaks for itself.
      It’s time for politicians to s@@t and get off the pot.

    20. Dave Evans says:

      St. Nick, don’t worry about it. We all have plenty to be worried about when certain folks don’t play fair and aren’t required to.

      But yeah, we have got to move forward and not let fear get in the way of making our mark and fixing this mess.

    21. Aj says:

      I just want to like this a couple hundred thousand times.

    22. John McClane says:

      @ the oracle: write some editorials! The same thing happened in the daily news of Huntingdon, Pa. We have 80% support for medical and the local politicians kept saying there was no support for the bill. Recreational support is somewhere between 33-40% i believe, nowhere near 3%! We need to be louder, they cant hear us or they would be supporting it in the media!

    23. Denny Strausser Jr says:

      This may not work this time around, who knows. It’s possible, it might take State’s around us to legalize first, before PA joins along. We won’t know, until those times come. They are coming, no matter what the negative minded people want to think. Marijuana will be legal here in PA, probably before 2020.
      2014 or 2015 is when I am guessing. I am guessing it’s going to be when we have elections for a new Governor. People need to start realizing that marijuana Prohibition is ending. This has come up, because some people in PA just want to try to stay ahead.

      The End is really near, the End Of The World, in a matter a speaking. One of the largest & large scale wars is near to an end. What’s the Drug Lords to do, when there’s no longer a war to be waged? Then what!?

      Supply and demand is around 50 / 50. Closer to 50% already comes from within the US. Means the other 50% is brought across the boarders.
      They’ll be able to legally sell it, and then charge extra for imported, just like Beer.

      E-Mails these people, just like above, and then spread this. You want action, that’s the best way to do it. I posted this on a few places, including Twitter, and Facebook. The more we all do this, the more people that there will be pushing for it being legal here in Pennsylvania.
      I am about to post this one other place, as I haven’t yet. I posted a journal on Inkbunny, and will soon post one on Fur Affinity too. Two furry groups. With help, it just may pass this time around, instead of waiting for the next Governor that happens to come by.

    24. TheOracle says:

      been there. done that. now prefer the social engineering approach to implement legalization. recommend holding back on infusing the market with capital to produce and innovate new products for consumers, thus a trickle of new jobs is not created. job stagnation should persist, and be adjusted for the attrition from mortality. that can prolong the sorry economic state, even make is worse to keep running the economy into the ground until cannabis is legalized.

      They only way they will do it is if you leave them no choice.

      Leave them no choice.

    25. Dave says:

      Denny the government’s ban on _Cannabis_ and marijuana is the main way people learn to be criminals. The shadows, edges of our society is where most illegal things like “drug dealing” goes on. The lack of responibility and need to compete for profit turn what could have been normal people into animals. The our government is causing this by abdicting their responsibilities of their leadership positions. Our leaders have lead us down a very dark path here; they throw out their responibilities and all this teaches kids growing up to do the same. Just talk your way of the things you screw up and pay no mind to all the wreckage you cause.

      So happy this regressive style of thinking is being attacked from so many sides now.

    26. States rights says:

      34 days since legalization in Washington. No deaths, no killings, no mass psychosis, no Druids, just peace.

      Just a bunch of neutered cops looking for donuts …

    27. Richard Bank says:

      The anti maraj industry makes too much money. The prison industrial complex would lose half of its prisoners. Its just business.

    28. Laura b says:

      I just cant see how drinking yourself till you pass out or make an ass out of yourself can be legal but smoking a little bit of mary jane, which makes you happy, hungry, creative ect., after a long week of work isn’t. Its a plant not a drug!

    29. The time has come, no more lies about bogus effects of WEED!! ALCOHOL is 1000 Times more dangerous than ANY weed Ever Will Be !!

      Prohabition Does NOT WORK, Legalize it, Regulate it, TAX IT, and Let the People have what they want!! Watch the teenage weed useage drop off to lowest levels ever, once there is no more “WOW factor” involved anymore.

      GOV Corbitt, needs to be voted out of office, since he has no plans on seeing what the people want, only his dumb ideas from Years Gone by…

      Time to get some new blood in the Office, someone with a Positive Note on Weed Legalization..

      I was truthfull getting ready to move to Colorado! I sure hope I dont have to after all.. I will vote for any and ALL who are PRO Weed Legalization..

      It’s not just PA, the WHOLE Country NEEDS this !! The Taxes alone can fund so many helpful and needed projects and also create thousands upon thousands of JOBS in the process !!

      Let’s get with it people, we are ALL Very Intelligent, we can do this TOGETHER !!

      LEGALIZE IT ! TAX IT !! Let the POLICE focus on Real Crimes and Criminals !!

      So many PRO’s and not enough skin on my finger tips ! LOL :)

      John V…

    30. phrtao says:

      Well said Sen. Leach ! He has probably guaranteed a long term political career with this stance.

      As more and more states change it is unlikely that Obama and his drugs Tsar can do anything about it. If it had just been Washington and Colorado then I am sure the feds would have had a go at overturning things but I feel things have now reached a critical level and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. I can’t wait to see what the coming days will bring.

    31. Robert says:

      It is time that NORML and MPP invest their time and donations into PA. We are have had bills introduced on previous occasions but never get their support because we are not California.

    32. Frank says:

      That this happening in PA is absolutely fantastic … and if you think about it, the amount of progress made already on Cannabis legaliization, all around us … is even more unbelievable. And now it’s just starting in PA … KUDOs to all political leadres that have the GUTS to truely represent their consituents on this … THIS IS ONE FREEDOM WE ALL NEED TO HAVE … AND WE MUST BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT and WITH IT … Just my 2 cents :^)

    33. mark says:

      St. Nick : I have coined a phrase “Cannabis Prohibition Has Been a Masterpiece in the Art of Brainwashing”. You are living proof. I used to be just like you. Then I got busted one day minding my own business. And I’m a white guy! Not supposed to happen to us, right? Well then I started making pro legalization videos and posting them on YouTube. Emailed all my family and friends, may of whom are school teachers. Most of them freaked out and cut me out of their lives. I lost a lot of work too as people who used to hire me and my band for special events no longer call.
      So I have sacrificed a lot for fucking wimps like you. Now get the fuck off your ass and start banging on your neighbors doors you fucking crybaby!!!!!!!

    34. Anonymous says:

      I just want to say that this is great. If we all sign the petition it will help them push it through. So tell your friends and family. Get every one involved you know that would support it. Make your voice heard.

    35. Denny Strausser Jr says:

      Dave. I can not agree more. That’s just about all I have to say there. It is time to start taking responsibility for a more correct system.
      Even if that means less corruption.

    36. Matt says:

      I think getting a NORML College chapter started at each of the 19 Penn State Campuses and Penn College of Technology would be a great way to educate people and help gain support. It appears it is acceptable to form student organizations for the discussion of political issues and debates. http://studentaffairs.psu.edu/organizationrules/

    37. Johnny938 says:

      @mark The ending of your rant was uncalled for. Cool you’re pro legalization but your methods resulted in loss of work and a missed opportunity for a real conversation about marijuana with family/friends. You went about it the wrong way just like everyone else in the world. Way to be a hypocrite. :)

    38. Anonymous says:

      Drunks kill. Potheads love.

    39. jage says:

      Well it”s about time. Although the gov. is an ass we need to keep pushing them, they will come around . very happy jage.

    40. Dave says:

      LIBERTY……….the Liberty Ball is here in Pa the 2nd state to enter the union. And great news for the east coast

    41. emma w. says:

      <3….way more important things to worry bout then a plant..

    42. Dave says:

      Liberty bell……………..LIBERTY

    43. scott blow says:

      It is time for a 1 million person march to the mall in Wash DC on 4/20/2013 and for all of us to light up at once @ 4:20 p.m. sending a giant smoke signal to Mr. Obama and congress they will not be able to ignore !
      Where are you NORML ??? now is the time to assemble and put an end to the wrecking of peoples lives from this unconstitutional prohibition…
      I will continue to send out this message everyday asking for 999,999 other people to join me !!!!!!

    44. mark says:


      Apparantly you did not pass basic vocabulary in school.

      A hyprocrite says 1 thing and does another.

      I put my CAREER and FAMILY on the line to start a conversation about overturning an unjust law. What part of that is hypocritical?

      You dont like my delivery? TOUGH SHIT!!! Nice guys have ALWAYS finished last in the war on pot smokers.

    45. scott blow says:

      Mark, I started standing up & speaking out for, re-legalization in 1975 @ the age of 18. I was ignored & had people turn their backs on me. My family thought I was crazy when all I could see was the founding principals of America being made a mockery of. I applaud you for your outspoken manner, their is not enough of us getting off our asses and doing the hard work to end these lies. I have been @ this now for 37 years , & I’m ready for another 37 if need be. The truth must be realized.

    46. HydraGlide says:


      It’s time to sue the State of California for “Affordable Marijuana Medicine”.

      I spent $3,651.00 in 2010 on weed and pipe devices. Then, $6,310 in 2011, and 3,170. in 2012. I smoke 1-1/4 oz. a month, on average, from (6) double-perc bongs which are kept clean in rotation.

      Most recently, the local delivery collective has made the Blunt-E® available in a two-pen case with extra mouthpieces, and USB/AC chargers, for $90. The pens produce a full (choke-able) hit of vapor. They use Blunt-E proprietary glucose/tHc cartridges, or can be filled with PureGold (90+% tHc). The vapor pens lessen mucous when used in the morning and evening, instead of bong-smoke. Two hits of tHc vapor starts the day, instead of a lung full of smoke and reeking of it. Another company, makes the PureGold® 1/2 gram oil caplets that retail for $45. a 1/2 gram. Filling the pen takes two caps. That’s $90.00 for (1) gram of tHc oil.
      In 1936, you could buy a (1) gallon from McKesson Chemical, in San Francisco, for less than that.

      It seems like the MJ Collectives have found themselves on firmer footing (helped locally by Dr. Bob Filner [aka, Gutz]), now how about looking after the patients who depend on MJ for relief and can’t afford the healthier alternative available from modern-day conveniences. The patients who PURCHASE the meds can’t afford $340.00 ounces of weed and $90.00 grams of tHc. It can be subsidized by the industry or 3rd party entrepreneurs.

      Stand Up and Say Something.

      Sue the State of California for fair-marijuana (product) pricing! NOW!

    47. mark says:

      HydraGlide: It may be legal before any legislation gets passed, and when its legal, all prices will drop.

    48. Don Geffert says:

      I never thought in a million years that PA would be the third state to try to do this.

      Win or lose in the next election, this is huge!

      It may take two or three elections, but this will evenually happen in PA.

      There is no stopping it now!

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