Industrial Hemp Reform Emerging From Marijuana Legalization Election Victories

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director January 20, 2013

    One of the major public policy and business fronts to end cannabis prohibition in America is to pressure the federal government to allow American farmers the same ability to cultivate industrial hemp like farmers in the United Kingdom, France, Russia and even Canada do under current so-called anti-drug international treaties. Ninety percent of hemp used in the United States is cultivated and imported from Canada.

    What sane reason can be employed by the federal government to ban industrial hemp cultivation when Canadian farmers can prosper from cultivating it?

    Numerous states–just like with decriminalization, medicalization and legalization–have passed industrial hemp reform laws that run afoul of the federal government’s anti-cannabis policies. This has created upward political pressure on Congress to introduce needed hemp law reform.

    Check out this recent Washington Post article profiling lobbying efforts to get hemp legalized.

    You can help out by signing the White House petition to bring the matter of industrial hemp law reform before the Obama Administration for a public reply.

    See the dozen or so state hemp laws here.

    To learn more about hemp and law reform efforts in states and Congress check out VoteHemp.

    22 Responses to “Industrial Hemp Reform Emerging From Marijuana Legalization Election Victories”

    1. jim says:

      Although most of the psychoactive properties have been selectively breeded out of hemp, there is a percentage of THC in industrial hemp that can only be detected using high technology like mass spectrometry and high pressure liquid chromatography. These methods range the level of THC weight percent measurement of THC, within industrial hemp to be on the order of 0.02% to 0.04%. The properties of cannabis that get us “high” also happen to be associated with genes for a lower quality, less-useful industrial hemp product. Good industrial hemp ideally has the lowest psychoactive levels, yet still contains CBD, which is not psychoactive but acts in synergy with THC and also is an agonist in CB2 receptors, demonstrated to improve immune function.

      Strains that have been selected and bred for recreational use (getting high, achieving altered states that are often enlightening) or plants bred for THC based therapy. These varieties or cultivars have up to 20% by weight THC, and are not suitable or practical as industrial hemp is, which is unmatched as a useful plant to us, a sustainable resource, an invaluable plant to our human survival experience.

      The best industrial hemp will have insignificant amounts of THC. It will not get anyone “stoned.” The plants are lanky and the flowering tops which would normally contain the highest percentages of THC are sparse, paltry, like a head on a pin. This is the polar opposite of marijuana flowers as they appear on psychoactive cannabis, pot, sinsemilla.

      But industrial hemp does contain significant amounts of CBD, which has been scientifically demonstrated in numerous recent studies, to have a beneficial effect on immune function, as well as muscular and peripheral nervous system function, and also digestive function.

      When petroleum disappears, and it will, because it is a finite and over-used resource that takes million years of geological processes to make (cannot be made by man), there will be a crisis. It’s looming on the horizon as you notice that people talk about being “green” and liberating ourselves from the oil cartel, nothing is really being done. The gamblers on wall street are frothing at the mouth at the coming crisis. Prohibition which was ended by the 18th amendment (alcohol) made a lot of money for bootleggers. Prohibition today, CSA/DEA/FDA/corporate special interests (mostly pot) is making people in petrochemical and energy, very wealthy.

      The coming energy crisis will surprise only the gullible and non-observant. Expect rampant price-gouging and panic. When hemp has been demonstrated already as a strong candidate as an alternative, to refined resources from thepetrochemical monster

      This is just like the “arms race” created obscenely wealthy weaponsmakers who schemed with their employee Reagan to spout nonsense, a sham excuse of mutually-assured-destruction, tens of thousands of nukes, costing billions each at taxpayer cost, when even though 10 nukes is enough to cover the skies and freeze the world in nuclear winter.

    2. Mike Nilson says:

      If we all yell louder and more often, eventually they have to here us. It takes very little reading and just a tiny bit of common sense to understand this country needs our hemp back more than ever. Here in my state,and others I’m sure, the gov’t pays farmers to not grow anything. I know that produces nothing.

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