HuffPost: Obama’s Big Marijuana Mess

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director January 28, 2013

    Huffington Post reporters Ryan Grimm and Ryan Reilly publish one of the most comprehensive and insightful pieces to date on the current friction between state and federal laws regarding cannabis in America, and conclude that federal prosecutors at the regional level—not elected policymakers or department leaders in Washington—are largely creating an ad hoc enforcement policy from state-to-state.


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    1. peacemaker says:

      we have the right as an Americans to be free right , so all that sees this, ask around and free your state from politic we don’t need them anymore , so fire your stills up get your joints fired up and have life like we did 250 years ago AMEN

    2. peacemaker says:

      im sorry I didn’t have the best school to get educated in when I was growing up so what id like to know what is moderation mean ok, if that means rewright my words on the essue of medical marijuana here I go , mr Obama id like to not have to deal with the dealers on the streets to get my meds ok so if you could get away from politic and just think like a nomel preson like owr fore fathers did and smoke pot a grow it ,so America would then be free

    3. peacemaker says:

      Mr Obama , I think if you and the other people in the white house would put the pills and alcohol down and smoked some marijuana we the people for safe access for marijuana would all ready be legalized like alcohol and pill are , just think the debt won’t be in the shape that it is in now

    4. Julie says:

      Obama led everyone to believe that at the very least he would stop the feds from interfering with states medical marijuana laws. That turned out to be a calculated lie. One to insure he would get the youth vote. Lets not be duped again by the next presidential candidate. Anyone who would incarcerate a citizen for simply ingesting a plant that grows in dirt is not worth our vote.

    5. grandma3d says:

      Obama is a liar and a flip-flopper. You should have voted to Ron Paul like I did. No more picking the lessor of two evils. Don’t expect much from Obama. I don’t trust him now.
      He will reap his karma bigtime. Marijuana will be legalized thanks to NORML and supporters of NORML. Our government does not know how to regulate and distribute it.

    6. dk says:

      I expect Obama to do something, but closer to the end of his term. Now isn’t the time. Let the states prove that they can do this with no major problems and then it all falls apart. Legal weed.

    7. JC says:

      I agree with most of these posts, I did vote for Obama the first time with hope, and this time with fear of the alternative. I am sick of the two party system, but that is what we have. I agree with Scott, if we could organize a march on the mall, I would certainly be interested in participation. Perhaps we could reach out to other organizations like LEAP, DPA, SSDP, ET.AL, and see what we can do. I have given support within my means to the cause since prop 19, and I live in a state that sucks on this issue. I think it would be money well spent. Lets not rest on our precarious victories in Washington and Colorado, as no one knows how this is going to turn out yet. Thanks to all.

    8. Anonymous says:

      Peace sells….but whos buying?

    9. Mad Matt says:

      This president was voted in solely based on the color of his skin. He was (less than) a one term senator and a hypocrite. As someone who promised change and brought nothing but the same old show I find it bewildering that this man was reelected. All of the false promises and lies about being safe as a patient was smoke up our collective ass.

      Maybe he’ll rediscover his recreational “choom” and man-up and let medical patients be safe, and maybe hell will freeze over.

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