Members of Congress To Introduce Federal Measures To Legalize Cannabis, Regulate Sales

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 5, 2013

    rethinklogohd1Members of Congress will introduce historic legislation today to permit for the regulated production and retail sales of cannabis to adults in states that have legalized its consumption.

    Representative Jared Polis, (D-CO) is sponsoring legislation that seeks to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

    Separate legislation to be introduced by Rep. Earl Bluemenauer (D-OR) seeks to establish a federal tax structure for retail cannabis production and sales.

    Both Representatives, along with drug policy reform advocates, will discuss these measures at a teleconference this afternoon.

    “When residents of Colorado and Washington voted to end their state’s prohibition on marijuana last November, it was a watershed moment for our nation’s move towards sane marijuana laws,” said NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, who will be speaking at today’s teleconference. “But there remains a lingering conflict between state and federal law. These historic measures seek to resolve this conflict and empower states to dictate their own marijuana policies, without fear of federal incursion. NORML would like to thank the Congressmen for taking this brave step forward and encourages their colleagues in Congress to join them in calling for sensible marijuana law reform.”

    Both Representatives have also released a report today outlining the need for federal marijuana law reform, titled “A Path Forward: Rethinking Federal Marijuana Policy.” The report states that “it is time for Congress to allow states and voters to decide how they want to treat marijuana. The current system is broken. It wastes resources and destroys individual lives, in turn damaging families and entire communities. It is past time to take action and stop this tragic waste in the future.”

    Members of Congress will also call for the establishment of a Congressional Working Group on Sensible Drug Policy.

    You can read the full text of that paper here.

    Please check back the NORML website later this afternoon for further details regarding today’s press conference.

    91 responses to “Members of Congress To Introduce Federal Measures To Legalize Cannabis, Regulate Sales”

    1. poogoojoo says:

      Its this or in a decade or two the support while reach alcohol prohibition levels and the states well take the right away from the government to prohibit canabis, if they keep this kind of stuff up eventually all the civil rights groups well see there fighting for the same thing and we’ll see an amendemnt to grant us sovergnty over our bodies……..and we dont want that do we.

    2. Thread says:

      Obama will shut this down if it gets to him

    3. Sam Applebaum says:

      i just dont understand with some many benefits this plant offers, why is it such a problem to just do some research. it would show our government what good possibilities can come from this, and the wide range of people it can help.

    4. J.R.H94 says:

      If this bill were to pass, it would super-accelerate the rate at which states introduce and pass tax and regulation policies, for federal government intervention is one of the leading reasons states don’t want to be a part of this. Once enough states do pass legislation, Cannabis will more than likely be removed from the schedule 1 substance catagory and be moved to the same catagory as alcohol, officially ending this senseless prohibition.

    5. Ashley McC says:

      Each state will legalize in do time, I believe that President Obama may be open to this, IF. We people and government can come to some type of easy control and tax proposal and he can create some type of easy distribution without chaos… People tend to be irrational and chaotic when the plants soul purpose is to relieve so many genetic antagonists bipolar depreeion, fibromyalgia ect. Some people just like the cloud feeling…

    6. Mallory says:

      How on earth is a drug proven to help cure and relieve cancer patients, also the same substance that can ruin the life of a young adult that smokes in a state that doesn’t recognize it’s medical benefits? How is the government TAXING state governments with medicinal and legal marijuana, when they call it a “schedule one narcotic” ?! They shouldn’t collect a dime if they don’t agree to it! Also, if they can’t admit that smoking marijuana will cause zero harm to a persons health, then maybe they can look at it compared to other LEGAL substances that kill people daily, such as alcohol and cigarettes! End this silly war on drugs, it makes NO sense!

    7. dick justice says:

      one can only hope and fight!

    8. Bob Z says:

      2013 Legalize it!! And make me an American citizen again!!!

    9. Less Important than the Thought says:

      I just finished reading the paper, and it seems well-put. I am more concerned with the future treatment of those who would “home-grow” under this new legislation. Since it is insisting “all” marijuana be taxed, could home-growers be tried for tax evasion? Tobacco is regulated in this way, and so it is a possibility. Especially if the hoped upon amount of $50.00/ounce TAX to growers is the ends. That cost WILL be passed along.
      Not that I wish to belittle this document or those involved, as I am an advocate myself, but it is a concern we should have. I (in my personal thought and opinion,) do not want to purchase my greenery from a gas station in cigarette packets.
      If anyone has more information, I am very interested. I am 100% for legalizing, just 100% against being railroaded. It is important we ask and know the answer to these kinds of thoughts.

    10. Billy c Paul says:

      This Police State Nation of ours already uses Marijuana as a cash cow , the government is The Real Cartel. The Government uses Marijuana and any other thing thay can to control and inslave the masses. I am a former US Marine and Police Officer, I am going to keep skokeing Marijuana no matter what.

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