Take Action to End Marijuana Prohibition!

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director March 12, 2013

    Last month, Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced legislation, House Resolution 499, which would effectively end the federal prohibition on marijuana and allow states to set their own policies.

    House Resolution 499: The Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2013, would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, transfer the Drug Enforcement Administration’s authority to regulate marijuana to a newly renamed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Firearms, require commercial marijuana producers to purchase a permit, and ensure that federal law distinguishes between individuals who grow marijuana for personal use and those involved in commercial sale and distribution.

    You can read the full text of this measure here.

    Congress needs to hear from you, please take a minute and click here to quickly and easily write your Representative and urge him or her to support the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2013!


    50 Responses to “Take Action to End Marijuana Prohibition!”

    1. Andy says:

      8/7/2013 and the status has not changed…=\

      We the people need to come together and show our ‘leaders’ what we want, how many people want it, and that we won’t rest until a national vote happens!

      Life is too short for us to be prevented from a better quality of life.

    2. Jeff Pappas says:

      If you are wondering what is taking so long on this bill http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/499/all-actions/02/28/2013 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.
      Type of Action: Committee Consideration
      Action By: Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations (looking out for our health and safety of course)

    3. Anon. says:

      While I CHOOSE not to smoke anymore, and I know and knew that tobacco use was not a good idea, I did it anyway.
      Further, I CHOOSE to consume alcohol. I enjoy a cold beer after working up a sweat in the yard or clearing trees from the land or a nice glass of wine with the right company.
      Along with my CHOICE not to smoke comes the CHOICE to not use cannabis or any other natural (coke) or synthetic (ecstasy / meth) recreational drugs.
      There has been lots of talk about the decriminalization of marijuana lately. My personal belief is that it should be completely legal in ANY quantity and potency… With the rider that the harder drugs (coke meth heroin x… etc) should be fully criminalized.
      NO three strike rule: busted? You’re gone for a decade, minimum. And you will do more time based on the quantity found in your possession.

      So, I say legalize now. I don’t smoke tobacco now, so why would I start smoking something else ?

    4. @Charles Queen >The big problem with this one is that it leaves it up to individual states and not nation wide which is the only way this can work.

      A good comparison on this issue is an examination of the end of alcohol prohibition. Congress can pass the Bill by a majority vote, but it’s then up to the States to decide. That’s how American prohibition politics work. http://bit.ly/14xzbH9

    5. charlie soroka says:

      Unless and until we get there, we have to protect ourselves. http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/11-564_5426.pdf The Supreme Court requires police 2 get aSearch warrant for a dog sniff at someone’s residence. The dog sniff is no longer God.

    6. Cana says:

      John Rambler, You are my hero. What you said in this thread of comments on March 14th about Cannabis and Schizophrenics is the gospel truth from my own experience. Please People have compassion on people who are sick when they claim cannabis helps them endure. I did 17 years on the “conventional” meds and all the side-effects you listed I suffered terribly. Cannabis is the very best relief and not the cause, at least for me I can speak because I was 55 years of age before I discovered that cannabis works far, far better and with No unwanted side-effects (except the social stigma and criminal risk which are very difficult to endure yet worth it compared to the torture of the disease itself). Oh the years of hell I could have avoided had people known and I tried that back in 2003 when I first began to unravel. Listen to one who has endured this. I am headed west. I have waited three years working hard as I could to try to get the laws changed here. Struggling to eliminate conventional treatments from my system (clean 1 1/2 years), and now dealing with damage left behind using in private in my own home, and paying more than the price of gold per ounce for it too. A PLANT I Could grow on my own for free, mind you. All the while being judged as a criminal at worst or morally weak at best. Making people feel bad and guilty for being sick is cruel by any measure. People suffering seek relief. That is human nature. For society, a health “care” system, and families who are suppose to love, trust & support a person suffering from a mental disorder (like schizophrenia or bi-polar) deny an avenue to that relief it is unimaginable heartache on top. Especially when it harms No one else, it is a real challenge to perceive it as anything other than complete Lack of Compassion on a Massive and even personal scale. If it were not for my radical faith, I would have never survived this far to tell you this. I walk a fine line between torment, faith and hope to deliver this message and thank John for his wonderful insight and beautiful loving compassionate heart.

    7. michael says:

      legalizing it is the best option. I have been smoking illegally for over 2 years now.

    8. Holly L says:

      for one it dose not hurt people. my boyfriend use’s it because the docters dont do there jobs. with out him self medicating his self he would have to roll out of bed. it takes him a half hour to get out of bed with out have smoked win he get up out of bed.

    9. Nick says:

      For the past like 3-4 elections Ron Paul has ran & dropped out for president. Why can’t he be president now? I sure of it that he would of sayed Fuck you federal & DEA we’re legalizing this bitch.

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