Maryland: Lawmakers Approve Measure To Establish ‘Medical Marijuana Compassionate Use Programs’

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 8, 2013

    Senate lawmakers today voted 42 to 4 in favor of House Bill 1101, which establishes a new 12-member state commission to promulgate medical cannabis research. House members had previously approved the measure, which now goes to the desk of Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is expected to sign it into law.

    House Bill 1101 establishes an independent commission within the state Department of Health. The purpose of the commission is to request applications from academic medical centers to operate ‘medical marijuana compassionate use programs.’ The commission will decide which patients will qualify for the programs and it will license growers to provide cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Medical marijuana patients who are not participants in an authorized medical center program will not be legally protected from arrest. (Existing state legislation allows certain medical cannabis patients to raise an affirmative defense of medical necessity at trial.)

    Full text of House Bill 1101 is available here. Once signed into law, the measure will take effect on October 1, 2013. However, media reports estimate that the programs are not likely to be up and running until 2016.

    25 Responses to “Maryland: Lawmakers Approve Measure To Establish ‘Medical Marijuana Compassionate Use Programs’”

    1. Anant says:

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    2. morkonow says:

      I’m 61 yr old. It has all been said before. BUT,one more time. I can not believe that cannabis is still viewed by our government with such ignorant unjust laws. I’m not a gambling man however, I’d be willing to say that the majority of close family members of our government do smoke cannabis,if not themselves. As we know it can easily be done.I’d even be willing to say that many official law makers smoke cannabis to include ,police,doctors,lawyers,teachers, athletes,stock brokers,bankers, priest and many peace seeking people.And believe me I’ve smoked with 99% of above list.Those people who accept alcohol,cigarettes and very powerful prescription drugs and think that it’s OK to destroy my family,my career,put me in jail because i smoke cannabis for medical reasons or for my right to personal freedom. You people need to get out of you state of paranoia and the others just need to get your head out of your ass holes.Simply put WAKE UP.I just want the laws to be in justice for all.WE need people to contact our elected officials to encourage them to do what is right for us. That’s why they are there.

    3. Pinkfloyd4life says:

      I live in Washington State and states that have weed legal already, I believe must start focusing on the drug policies for marijuana, do away with urine type-testing completely atleast!

    4. Pinkfloyd4life says:

      I think something must be done about drug testing in this country, it is too extreme. Im about to work at a aluminum company, pre-employment in june, and I have to skip using marijuana this week, but I will make 420. Its so bullcrap, drug testing what keeps me from marijuana, because I have to wait so long and its hard to wait so long when you can’t even enjoy your freedom.

    5. jimmy says:

      The FDA is corrupt like the NIDA (who officially grants federal funding for research for only the BAD effects of drug-war drugs, none of the benefits). The FDA has been cited numerous times in the Journal of the American Medical Association as a corruption based on money interests.


      “FDA advisers tied to industry

      An article by Dennis Cauchon, the USA TODAY Newspaper

      Sept. 25, 2000

      According to a USA Today study, more than half of the experts hired to advise the government on the safety and effectiveness of medicine have financial relationships with the pharmaceutical companies that will be helped or hurt by their decisions. These experts are hired to advise the Food and Drug Administration on which medicines should be approved for sale, what the warning labels should say and how studies of drugs should be designed. The experts are supposed to be independent, but USA TODAY found that 54% of the time, they have a direct financial interest in the drug or topic they are asked to evaluate. These conflicts include helping a pharmaceutical company develop a medicine, then serving on an FDA advisory committee that judges the drug.

      The conflicts typically include stock ownership, consulting fees or research grants.”

      Pharma drugs kill more people every year, from either accidental overdose or when used a s d i r e c t e d, than all the annual deaths caused by drug-war-drugs.

      Most FDA are experimental when they are approved by the FDA for kick-backs and self-enrichment. Think of the class action lawsuits and how some drugs have to be pulled from the market later. There is no way to test pharma drugs for birth defects because that would be unethical to test them on pregnant women.

      The FDA is corrupt. The USDA too. The DOJ.

      I would say that all drugs (alcohol, tobacco, pharma, OTC, meth, heroin) are all more toxic than cannabis. All of them.

      Forget that nonsense phrase “drugs and alcohol.” Alcohol is a drug. People tend to refer to pharmaceuticals as “medicine” or “pharmacy prescriptions” when they are drugs drugs drugs.

      It’s a war on some drugs, a war on a few drugs based on arbitrary BS.

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