Celebrate the Dawn of Legalization With a Limited Edition NORML Shirt!

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director April 12, 2013

    420shirtOn Election Day 2012, Colorado and Washington residents voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana. In the months that followed nearly two dozen states have introduced countless bills to reform marijuana laws locally, including an unprecendent ten measures that would legalize marijuana outright. In Washington, DC, more measures than any previous year have been introduced to roll back the federal prohibition on marijuana.

    On April 20th, 2013 celebrate our recent victories and support the ongoing fight to bring these reforms nationwide by buying one of these limited edition NORML t-shirts, available exclusively during this year’s high holiday. Proceeds go to help NORML in our mission to legalize marijuana in the other 48 states!

    Together, we WILL legalize marijuana.

    Click here to pre-order your shirt today!

    19 Responses to “Celebrate the Dawn of Legalization With a Limited Edition NORML Shirt!”

    1. dre says:

      I live in a rural community where they spot check yer doors in the hopes of making an arrest with no probable cause or warrant are these tactics legal or constitutional I feel.unsafe in my own home with the Gestapo tactics of the pike co police Illinois

    2. THCgramma says:

      I live in Pa.,Amish country and a big spot in the bible belt.I am planning to move to Vermont so I can use the medicine that works w/o worrying about going to jail.I’m 61 yrs.old and have medical problems and I have no desire for narcotics.PLEASE Pres. Obama give us your blessing. And people,BUG THE HELL OUT OF YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.MAKE THEM HEAR YOU. LEGALIZE NOW!!!

    3. roland says:

      Or publication musical lyrics suggesting throwin seeds out yer ride or into the river with a revelations tree of life trifector

    4. roland says:

      Why not print a t-shirt line coaching cannabis enthusiast to mass breed seeds an induce them into every stream an river an to throw yer seeds out the window while yer ridin in yer ride peace or even develope songs with these suggestive lyrics an make cannabis so mainstream in view it can’t be ignored burn the wheels off of the current system

    5. Jane says:

      Problem is everybody I talk to is scared to make their voice known to their legislature. Not me. They can’t arrest me for having an opinion. It’s the will of the people to legalize marijuana. Obviosly it has medicimal value, so what’s the problem? Cops are afraid they will lose control or their jobs. Who’s running this country, the people?

    6. Dan says:

      How many people were arrested for marijuana on April 15 in Boston?

    7. Oh Virginia,Texas, Tennessee all of us midnight tokers here in the Buckeye state feel your pain! Our laws here are so arkaic that when are legislatures go home at night they roll a rock in front of the hole in their cave.

    8. mark says:

      Stop the Lies, Legalize!

    9. Me says:

      For all of New York cultures much heralded liberalism and progressivism the political de-illuminati in NYC are still way behind the curve on this issue. These morons only just got around to de-criminalization and are now shittin their pants over MMJ. They remind me of the Burgermeister Meisterburger from the old Rankin Bass claymation Christmas TV special “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Watch it on Youtube. And the argument behind Mayor Bloomberg’s opposition to it is specious at best. He claims “Today’s pot is too strong”. Okay Mike so then outlaw 100 proof rum and 151 Vodka because a few stiff Martinis, rather than a few lousy glasses of 4% Piss ass Budweiser will get you messed up way more than a few puffs. But you know what, if they won’t listen to reason, then maybe they’ll listen to the sound of tourism dollars going to off to the West Coast or maybe they’ll start to sense that old sinking feeling as New York State falls way behind the national average on tax revenue because of prohibited industries related to Hemp and Marijuan ciultivation. Last year I went to Amsterdam for the first time and it was WONDERFUL! Next year! Washington or Colorado baby! Anyone on board?

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