Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Measure to Put Marijuana Legalization Before State Voters

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director May 3, 2013

    Representative Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngstown) has introduced a measure that would put marijuana legalization on the ballot before state voters. House Joint Resolution 6 would place a question on the Ohio ballot asking voters to approve allowing people 21 or older to purchase and use marijuana. Under this proposal marijuana would be sold only by state-licensed establishments and would be subject to a 15 percent excise tax.

    “With billions upon billions spent on the war on drugs with little progress to show for it, it is time for more-sensible drug policy in this country,” stated Representative Hagan.

    To be placed on the ballot, HJR 6 would need to receive a three-fifths vote from the legislature. The full text of the measure is available online here.

    If you live in Ohio, please take a moment to contact your Representative and urge him/her to support this historic legislation! It is time to let the people of Ohio decide for themselves whether or not it is time to legalize marijuana.


    113 Responses to “Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Measure to Put Marijuana Legalization Before State Voters”

    1. dan liston says:

      here in Denver its been a bunch of crap,deception,and lies.tax rev so we thought was for schools.sounds good olny to find later just the first year for schools. now the money is funding police departments. the weed is very low grade at best although looks good. its a cash crop packed with fertilizers for quick yields.you can get a halfe ass stone if you buy shatter hash at 63$ a gram yet stiil not the fast times at ridgemont high buzz you would expect at 63$ a bullshit gram not to mention d.u.i. laws another snag. the upside you can grow your own 6 plat max. don’t buy there clones its a rip off. dig up the seeds from your stash box and grow that way if you wanta get stoned. so in the end pay attention after all remember pot was a gateway drug that make men grow tits and destroy ones memory. yet now its marketed ass a health supplement. money grubben pussys do you get it. pay attention don’t get skunked like we did.

    2. j0shstrttn says:

      I say legalize and tax it BUT, not so expensive that the black market can undercut it. It’s not expensive to grow, there a reasons it is called “weed” because it grow ANYWHERE. I suffer though epilepsy and if I miss a dose I have a seizure, the meds I’m taking causes dizziness and damages my liver sometimes I forget to take or forget if I took them or not so my liver takes a beating. I would like to see research with either state or colleges to make “super” stains so each the problems. If you have children there a way to take the “high” away and there a already a product call CBD (cannabidiol) and available in Ohio. It’s a shot a the dark and might not solve the problem. Inclusion, Legalize for 21 and over and have medicinal for 20 and under. As for the “monopoly” for the “growers” wait 6 months or 12 months see how it goes, to much of a demand put more farms to expensive, break up monopoly and go for a free-for-all growers to keep prices down. Please vote and be mindful, take all the fact in before you say yes or no. I’m a proud Ohioan and don’t want to move to the state up north. ^^

    3. bruce r. says:

      this new law is all WRONG,WRONG,WRONG! it creates a new cartel,will create new regulations,and as far as taxes, it opens the door to all kinds of state involvement. i think by now anyone knows that once the gov’t. gets involved, things get screwed up. i’v already seen estimates of prices between 500-2000/oz! like cigs they will keep piling on every time they want money.plus the money never ends up where it’s supposed to.
      my proposal:treat it like jimmy carter did brewing beer at home; allow a limited no. of plants grown at home,rules the same:cannot sell it;personal use only (except small amounts to carry and share)for gods sake, keep the govt. out of it.it will be so expensive it will go right back underground and nothing will change. it will turn cops into tax collectors!

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