Study: No Association Between The Cumulative Consumption Of Cannabis Smoke And The Risk Of Lung Cancer

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director May 10, 2013

    In a recent presentation given at the annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research, investigators from the university of California, Los Angeles provided the latest data reaffirming that cannabis consumption is not associated with an elevated risk of lung cancer. Below is a summary of the findings from The Oncology Report:

    The study included data from six case-control studies conducted from 1999 to 2012 in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, with a subject pool of 2,159 lung cancer cases and 2,985 controls. All of the studies were part of the International Lung Cancer Consortium (ILCCO), an international group of lung cancer researchers with the aim of sharing comparable data from ongoing and recently completed lung cancer studies from different geographical areas and ethnicities.

    Dr. Zhang of the University of California, Los Angeles, performed two analyses. One compared all lung cancer cases and all controls, regardless of concurrent or past tobacco use. Then, to reduce confounding by tobacco, she restricted the analysis to those who had never smoked tobacco.

    … When compared with cannabis smokers who also used tobacco, habitual pot smokers had no significant increase in cancer risk. In an analysis of marijuana smokers that excluded tobacco smokers, there were no significant differences in any of the comparisons, including habitual vs. nonhabitual use; number of joints smoked per day; duration of up to 20 years or duration of more than 20 years.

    The abstract of the presentation, which concludes “Our pooled results showed no significant association between the intensity, duration, or cumulative consumption of cannabis smoke and the risk of lung cancer overall or in never smokers,” is available online here.

    Numerous preclinical studies have documented that cannabinoids possess potent anti-cancer properties, including the inhibition of lung cancer cell growth.

    20 Responses to “Study: No Association Between The Cumulative Consumption Of Cannabis Smoke And The Risk Of Lung Cancer”

    1. denise says:

      well with all the medical professionals taking away pain pills and calling the surgeries (nerve blocks, etc) experimental so we can’t get, I have been smoking since 15, now going to be 49, I have quit smoking cigarets (thanks to pot), handled my pain,(much as possible), for the last 5 years because of the government and they still want to fight about legalizing medical marijuana, they should look at their own and not take bribe money from drug companies that don’t want this to happen….

    2. Juju says:

      It’s time for our country to legalize weed. The hypocritical laws of keeping alcohol and tobacco legal while demonizing marijuana can’t be sustained any longer. I think society will soon accept marijuana, and will be better off for it. Alcohol = potential for death, drunk and reckless driving, and violence. Marijuana = none of those things. I’m tired of hypocrites who demonize marijuana, and tired of being told what’s moral and what’s not.

    3. Michael says:

      @Brandon. There are whole countries where street drugs are completely decriminalized. Read a minute.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Brandon, you should fight for what you believe in. Stop being a quitter and laying down. The more people who stand up and fight the better the chance of winning. Of course the government know what they are doing that’s why we have to show them we have the numbers to vote them out if they don’t listen to the people. They only care about themselves not about the millions of lives ruined. The government is counting on WEAK people like you to lay down. You must of forgot its WE THE PEOPLE!!!

    5. OldGuy says:

      Gene, stupidity is a disease and unfortunately the most common cure is death. I have argued with this mindset for a long time and have laid out facts and studies and examples with limited sucess.

      In my 30s I challenged a die-hard prohibitionist I me through a co-worker to drink one shot of whiskey for every joint I smoked. I rolled 20 smaller joints. I went from sober to stoned to barely capable of thought and back to damn near sober within a couple of hours. In the mean time he went from sober to drunk to passed out cold. He was hung over like hell the next morning and puking. I was making breakfast and laughing at him the whole time. He never again said weed was more dangerous than alcohol. We had many witnesses to the event and all felt I was more in control than he could have hoped to be. I was a regular smoker in those days and I know he drank almost every weekend by his own account. *shrug* Sometimes you gotta put it out there and let them see for themselves. Other times you gotta just mark them a lost cause and just pray they dont make thing worse.

    6. David says:

      I was recently told by a pulmonary specialist, whom I was seeing because I have emphysema from too many years of smoking cigarettes, that smoking grass (shows my age) might actually be helpful, as it is an excellent bronco dilator.

    7. Gene says:

      A guy I work with say this is not true, and that any marijauna smoke is just as bad as any other smoke. How do we change the minds of people who only think with a closed mind. He says this study is a lie just to promote making pot legal.

    8. Brandon says:

      Alcohol is by far the most dangerous drug on the planet. Marijuana is one of the least dangerous. Yet US laws have stayed the same for over 70 years. There’s been over 20,000 studies done on cannabis, yet it’s still a schedule 1 drug showing “no medicinal qualities.” Not much new is coming out about it. What makes you people think that they will ever change the laws? They will not allow cannabis to be legal, period. They know full well what they are doing, and they know full well what they will keep doing. Cannabis will never be legal and trying to appeal to the masses does nothing when neither candidate will EVER endorse legalizing a “harmful drug.” Is there a single place on Earth where all recreational drugs are legal? Didn’t think so. We appreciate your efforts NORML, we do, but stop fooling yourselves and all your naive followers. It’s not going to happen.

    9. rah lam says:

      Im just sitting and kaughing at the proverbial pie in these. Anti marijuana advocates faces

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