Study: Hemp Seed Oil Associated With Improved Clinical and Immunological Parameters In Multiple Sclerosis Patients

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director May 24, 2013

    The consumption of legal hemp seed nutritional oil, in conjunction with the intake of evening primrose oils and a restricted diet high in Hot-natured foods (such as pepper) and low in saturated fats and sugars, is associated with “significant improvement” in symptom management and immunological characteristics in subjects with multiple sclerosis, according to clinical trial data published this month in the scientific journal BioImpacts.

    Researchers at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Iran assessed the impact of hemp seed oil, evening primrose oils, and a restricted diet for a period of six months in 23 patients diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. Researchers reported that participants at the study’s completion “were healthier in comparison to baseline,” concluding that “clinical and immunological parameters showed improvement in the patients after the intervention.” They noted that hemp seed oil possesses potent antioxidative properties and also likely acts on specific signaling pathways that regulate inflammatory responses — two characteristics that would presumably make it beneficial in the treatment of MS.

    Authors concluded: “After 6 months, significant improvements in extended disability status score were found. … [O]ur study demonstrates for the first time in the literature a decrease in both clinical and pro- inflammatory disease activity in MS patients during periods of dietary intervention. Our data demonstrated that co-supplemented hemp seed and evening primrose oils with Hot-natured diet intervention may decrease the risk of developing MS.”

    Previously published clinical trials assessing the impact of inhaled cannabis and extracted organic cannabinoids in patients with MS have demonstrated that plant cannabinoids can alleviate disease symptoms — such as involuntary spasticity, neuropathy, and bladder dysfunction — and, in some subjects, may actually moderate disease progression. Nonetheless, the National MS Society shares little enthusiasm for cannabis or cannabis-derived products as a therapeutic option for MS patients, stating on its website: “[B]ased on the studies to date — and the fact that long-term use of marijuana may be associated with significant, serious side effects — it is the opinion of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Medical Advisory Board that there are currently insufficient data to recommend marijuana or its derivatives as a treatment for MS symptoms.”

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    1. ellie says:

      Any way to buy cannabis oil or hemp oil for treatment of MS

    2. Anonymous says:

      Who supports the National MS Society? Maybe big Pharma or the federal government, or the people out there that give them their hard earned money in hope that they are trying to find a cure or at least some relief to all the pain. Wake up and realize that their is relief out there and it it called hemp oil. Oh, but wait a minute. Hemp grow to fast, thus we could help so many more people in a shorter amount of time and the government could’t make gross amounts of money.

    3. Mark I says:

      The feds have agreed upon medicinal benefits of cannabis, only if your malady is terminal and your usage is done without published results, and you die quickly. Otherwise your consumption of cannabis is producing a criminal of such notorious consequences that life sentences and even death are handed out by global courts to eradicate the blight. In 1980 the mental healthcare professionals in the United States had available to them more than 50 thousand hospital beds for their patients care. Today that number is under 5 thousand. As gun prohibitionists search for their bandaid answer to dying students and innocents, the prisons continue their expansionistic development while the hospitals and schools close their doors. The information is available to those not suffering from law enforcement blinders that have allowed for theft and extortion by an agency that is supposed to protect and serve without a constitutionally guaranteed due process.

    4. J. W. says:

      A study from Iran..? Okay, I guess.

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