Marijuana Legalization Initiative Falls Short By 4 Votes on Maine House Floor; Senate to Vote Soon

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director June 9, 2013

    On Friday, marijuana reformers recorded the closest vote for a legalization measure on the floor of a state legislature in recent history.

    Rep. Diane Russell’s LD 1229, which would place the question of legalization before Maine voters this fall, was narrowly rejected in a 71 to 67 vote. We only managed to get this vote so close because of the outpouring of support via phone and email that Representatives heard from their constituents. Never doubt the power that making you opinion known to your elected officials has a very quantifiable effect.

    The good news is that the fight for legalization in Maine still isn’t over for this year. Representative Russell just informed us that she intends to continue the fight for legalization to the floor of the State Senate. The Senate will vote on LD 1229 as soon as Monday.

    [UPDATE: Unfortunately, Monday’s Senate vote fell short: http://bangordailynews.com/2013/06/10/politics/state-house/maine-senate-opposes-sending-recreational-marijuana-question-to-voters/. The Senate defeat ends the legislative effort for this year.]

    15 Responses to “Marijuana Legalization Initiative Falls Short By 4 Votes on Maine House Floor; Senate to Vote Soon”

    1. Dennis H. says:

      Pen Caps will take the lives of 50-100 innocent people this year, Fire Ants will take the lives of 30 people this year. TYLENOL will KILL almost 100 people this year, Where does Marijuana stand?? Well since the begining of time we have used hemp and Marijuana for many uses, our first American flag was made of HEMP and NO ONE has EVER even came close to dying from THC. America we need to lock arms, we need to DEMAND what is ours we need to show the GOVERNMENT we arent playing anymore. We have been pushed around like little ants for too long. ANARCHY 2014 will rise above, To get what is Rightfully ours…… OUR FULL FREEDOM!! When time comes and Americans wake up a little, I fear WAR will break out on AMERICAN soil. When we open our eyes we will see the whole time it was America fighting America. We have one chance and our time is now, TIME TO TAKE BACK WHAT BELONGS TO US… OUR FREEDOM.

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    3. Union man says:

      If it were legal all the chemical companies like du pont would loose billions from the benefits of the hemp plant. Even most politicians know mj is safe for responsible adults. It’s the big corporations that hold us back from legalization. Cartels also have a lot to do with it by paying politicians to vote against it because most of them are crooks to. If they let We the People vote it would be legal tomorrow.

    4. MJ says:

      You missed the boat again, Maine… Boo…

    5. Anonymous says:

      How very sad for the entire North East. For many, this would have been the first affordable opportunity, for a legal non-medical experience. Colorado and Washington are simply too far for some. Personally I would have considered taking a vacation both in spring and fall. If I liked the culture/experience, I would have considered buying land. A huge economic loss for Maine if another state in the North East legalizes before they do.

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