WA Delegation To Feds: Clarity On Marijuana Legalization

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director June 20, 2013

    yes-we-cannabisNearly eight months after Washington voters passed a binding cannabis legalization initiative with an impressive 55% showing, the federal government is still yet to have made any definitive public statements as to what it is going to do regarding what is now such a clear conflict: between established federal laws and customs prohibiting any use, cultivation or sale of cannabis, for whatever reason–personal, medical and banning domestically-cultivated industrial hemp–and states whose citizens are leading the way at apparently dismantling a certainly failed 75-year-old federal prohibition against cannabis.

    Frustrated by a lack of federal response and political leaderships seven members of the Washington’s congressional delegation have written a letter to the Obama Administration (specifically Attorney General Holder, who told Congress in public testimony months ago that the administration would have public statements “soon”)  seeking guidance and clarity.

    The members of the Senate and Congress who’ve signed the letter are both Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, as well as Representatives Adam Smith, Jim McDermott, Suzan DelBene, Denny Heck and Derek Kilmer.

    Apparent opponents of reform, Representatives Rick Larsen, Dave Reichert, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Doc Hastings did not sign onto the letter.

    In other news regarding Washington moving forward with their cannabis legalization efforts as directed by the voters, the soon to be renamed ‘WA Liquor and Cannabis Control Board’, held public hearing yesterday that can be viewed and watched here:

    WA Liquor Control Board

    WA Liquor Control Board YouTube channel





    14 Responses to “WA Delegation To Feds: Clarity On Marijuana Legalization”

    1. brentandrews says:

      Who needs guidance or clarity from the Feds? The guidance and clarity have come from the sovereign voters – whose decision over rules the Washington bureaucracy. The message to D.C. should be: we are lining up our police to defend our laws, if you think you can take us, go ‘head on. F* the Feds and the horse they rode in on. Federal policy has been to lock up as many black people as possible. The message should be fighting words, not wormy pleas seeking tolerance. F* the DEA and the U.S. attorneys and the chicken headed dog they rode in on, too. What are these wormy state officials going to do if the Feds say, hey, we are going to challenge this? I say fight, take as many of them out as possible, we will come from all over the country to fight with you.

    2. dk says:

      It bothers me that the states feel the need to ask the federal government for permission to proceed. The voters of Washington decided already. The federal government needs to accept that.

    3. notSpicoli says:

      Commenting on Thursday, Alison Holcomb opined that perhaps the feds are waiting to see what the regulations look like and “how we’re going to do this responsibly [in WA state] before weighing it.” Perhaps the feds will show toleration if complying with state laws. But as to a federal legal challenge, she does not see this as likely now, reasoning the feds would have done so far sooner before states began implementation.

      Keith Henson
      Pierce County NOIRML

    4. Jimmy says:

      This guy we call president really is not about change at all. They operate by doing nothing they wait and wait hoping people give up. Same as holder wait wait wait. Obama the boom king what a joke and disappointment pretty sad.

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