Allowed: Cop To Lobby For Marijuana Legalization

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director July 5, 2013

    In St. Louis, Missouri Sgt. Gary Wiegert has been given permission by his chief of police to become an official lobbyist in the state to legalize marijuana for the non-profit organization Show Me Cannabis.norml_remember_prohibition_

    While there are hundreds of former law enforcement officers lobbying with the non-profit group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), having a currently employed  law enforcement officer being given the ‘green’ light by their command to lobby for marijuana legalization maybe a first. Regardless, it most certainly will not be the last!

    Article appeared from the AP in the Kansas City Star:

    ST. LOUIS — St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson has reversed course and will allow a veteran officer to moonlight as a lobbyist for a pro-marijuana organization.

    Dotson wrote to police Sgt. Gary Wiegert on Tuesday saying his request for “secondary employment” will be allowed.

    Wiegert filed a complaint earlier this year with U.S. District Court claiming the department violated his First Amendment rights to free speech for refusing to allow him to lobby on behalf of Show-Me Cannabis.

    Wiegert worked for three years as a lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party. In February, he submitted a new application to the department. The application did not require him to state for whom he would lobby. It was approved but revoked after the department learned Wiegert was lobbying for the pro-marijuana group.



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    1. Terri says:

      I believe this goes hand in hand with the subject of my petition to End For Profit Private Probation! Please help in my efforts to remove these companies from unethical and unconstitutional criminalization of our ypung adults! https://www.change.org/petitions/end-for-profit-private-probation-of-misdemeanor-cases-in-the-united-states

    2. BobKat says:

      @ Dave Evans

      On the one hand you have suggested something profound… publish ALL the crap used to demonize marijuana back in the 1930’s. As much as it’s a great idea, it would accomplish nothing. Few people would be interested, fewer still would make the connection to the “War on Drugs” created by President Richard Nixon in 1971.

      Nixon and many others knew the lies were a farce. And by 1971 Reefer Madness was already the biggest joke in our history. And perhaps the largest gaffe in history was that Elvis Presley wanted to be a DEA agent, and personally asked Pres. Nixon to be instated. That’s how convoluted the whole “Scared About Marijuana” War was back then.

      So Nixon invented a new tactic. Elvis was denied the job, and the Drug Control Act of 1971 was born. It was designed to use SCIENCE to establish which drugs were bad, and to place them into DEA Scheduling – 1 – 5. One being the most dangerous drugs known to humankind. Nixon’s plan… forget the farce that made marijuana illegal in the 1970’s and use science to prove it was one badass drug!

      He assembled an elite team of professionals called the Shafer Committee, which I’ve spoken of previously. Nixon had marijuana placed into Schedule One “temporarily” while his elite committee thoroughly eviscerated and examined every piece of science and all data related to cannabis.

      According to Nixon at the time, the status of marijuana was in the hands of his Shafer Committee. Based upon the committees findings after a thorough inquisition they found no reason other than the users of cannabis tended to be “unconventional” to prohibit marijuana whatsoever. Summary… regulate it like alcohol!

      Many people credit Pres. Nixon with ending the Vietnam war… and he did, but not because America was suffering. He simply signed the treaty that ended the war. And created a new one. The “War on drugs”, and he ignored his elite committee’s recommendations and saw to it that cannabis was permanently placed into Schedule One drug status.

      That was back when a human brain was compared to an egg, when monkey’s were forced to breathe pure smoke from cannabis and died from carbon monoxide poisoning, and their deaths were ruled as science supporting the dangers of cannabis use. Additional studies found that brain cells were destroyed and sperm mutated. Users of cannabis exhibited symptoms of opiate addiction, and a connection was established linking cannabis use to heroin and cocaine.

      Forget the 1930’s… Nixon reinvented the whole stepping stone equation that linked marijuana to drug abuse and death. He propagated the “fact” that all addicts to illicit drugs began with marijuana. He established “science based” logic that “proved” marijuana was – unlike the destroyer of youth in the 1930’s”, the modern day destroyer of youth in the 1970’s.

      So, whereas your idea to redistribute flyers with 1930’s propaganda is a great idea… Nixon rather screwed with all our heads on that one. Only president Jimmy Carter saw through the ruse! In 1978 he legalized home-brew beer, wine and cannabis. The DEA trumped him with the cannabis, but thanks to Mr. carter we can at least make our own beer and wine today.

      President Obama and his White House beer has never paid tribute to jimmy carter, but without him, Obama Beer would be illegal. See, when Alcohol Prohibition ended they neglected to allow home-brewing. So one could say, Carter righted the wrong imposed in the late 1920’s with repeal of alcohol prohibition, but failed to right the wrong imposed by the crap you referred to that brought about cannabis prohibition. And for that, we can thank Pres. Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

      Obviously there are those on Capitol Hill that profit immensely from the War on Drugs. And until we find a way to weed them out and make them accountable, cannabis/marijuana prohibition will remain a federally sponsored “act of terrorism” against the American people. I say “act of terrorism” as science in 1971 did not support a war on cannabis nor does it today. Do you think for a minute that 21 states would have medical marijuana laws in effect, and two states would have complete legalization if the federal stance on cannabis were the truth?

      Wake up America… I smell dead fish!!!

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